Like Branches of a Tree - Poetry.

I am literally just now writing, typing and blogging this poetry. I m so proud of it and I hope you love it too, because I do. I love the tree metaphor I used throughout it. =)

Like  Branches  of  a  Tree.
[Midnight, around 12.13 AM of August 22nd 2018.]

We live in a crazy, wild cutthroat world,
where the streets we walk each day are literally stone-cold,
filled with people full of troubled souls,
mistakes from the past, hearts filled with faults...

Prisons filled with criminals and bad guys,
drugs, guns, sliced wrists and robberies everywhere,
forgotten smiles and abandoned houses,
people paying the price for what they did once...

People and cars running east and west,
stars not aligned when the sky is overcast,
some standing on the edge of death, wanting to end their lives,
some smiling through triumphs and successes they achieved in the past...

Are we the prey or the hunter?!
Are we the leader or the follower?!
Are we brave enough to breathe through the smokey air?!
Are we free enough to do whatever the hearts desire?!

...Stripped from the misery we want to be,
naked and still like a Winter tree,
seeing each vein like the tree's branches,
embracing our frozen fates in these cold stages...

Yet a leaf as shaky as it may be,
brings a glimmer of hope to the tree,
your heart is filled with red blood and it beats strong,
no matter how much this life did you wrong...

You breathe through an oxygen mask if you have to,
but continue to live as full as the sky is blue,
through each person that wronged you
and each misery that passed by you...

You sleep and start dreaming again,
you start feeling the joy despite still having pain,
you start believing in love and joy you once experienced,
you start smiling through the tears your eyes cried...

In just a split second there you are,
feeling as sparkly, shiny and on top of the sky like a star,
you will have moments where you will fall down again,
but like a phoenix you will rise from the ashes and survive!

Because you and I are human beings,
faults, failures and fears are part of our daily lives,
we will surpass them together, or alone,
each tree branch will bloom again and you will shine!


  1. Ada, that is very powerful and very beautiful. Ever so moving because of all the truth in it. Well done, my friend. Very well done.


  2. Ada I am always amazed at how you come up with your poetry, it really is a gift! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Wow. I can't even write poetry on my very best, wide awake, kind of a day. Hahaha. This is a lovely poem reminding all of us that even though we have dark days, with support and love, we will feel the sunshine once again. Hugs friend.

  4. Ada You write so beautiful

  5. You have such a wonderful way with words!! Such a talent I hope you never stop creating!!


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