Weekend Wants: Target Skirts for Summer.

I haven't done a Weekend Wants Post in ages it seems like (because I also refrained from shopping for two months, including May - my birthday month) but this Weekend Wants post is special and a little different because it is all about skirts - Target Skirts specifically. As usual Target is nailing it in their styles and this Summer they have the cutest skirts in all the styles, lengths, trends, prints, solids and patterns you can think of. As usual my favorite Target brand "Who What Wear" has some of the most gorgeous skirts you can think of priced between 25 to 33 bucks, but their newer brands "A New Day" and " Universal Threads" currently has some adorable skirts too, some are on clearance even for under 15 bucks and the others priced between $18 to $25.

This post comes at the right time too because Summer is half-way and most importantly because you will see me wearing a lot of skirts starting next week for "Skirtmas in July" a very special collaboration I am doing with my Skirt-Loving Friend and Super Stylish Mama Blogger and Professional ELSIE from Polished Whimsy which was our co-host for The Sunday Showcase linkup for July, with which you can still link up here. Coincidentally (or not), the fashionable Elsie also wore a skirt for the Sunday Showcase Linkup last Sunday. Her and I - starting Monday July 9th next week - will cover/style Ruffled Skirts, Wrap Skirts, Striped Skirts, Classic Black Skirts, Denim Skirts and Mini Skirts, then we will be back again next Thursday (July 19th) for a New Thursday Moda styling Pencil Skirts - the most flattering skirt style of them all. The best part is that we will style some of the same skirts we both own from Target and from Loft, too. As a matter of fact you may see one or two (or more lol) from the skirts in the collage below.

Asymmetrical Denim Skirt - beachy, fun and cool. Imagine it with a tank top and a cute bralette peeking from the tank. Since it is blue, it would look great with a red top and white sandals or sneakers for an Americana look.
Elastic Waist Comfortable Skirt - I own this one and it truly is the most comfy skirt, so easy to style, dress up or down too. Perfect for Summer because it is like a light linen. 
Paperbag Camel Skirt - what a chic skirt. A new trend in skirts as we have seen in pants and shorts too, but this paperbag waist style is very forgiving and is perfect for tucking in a blouse.
Black Button-Up Eyelet Midi Skirt - love love this skirt. You may see this soon *wink wink*.
Red Ruffle Pencil Skirt - so chic, elegant and a little trendy too. I have and love this one and have worn it to work twice already. Every woman needs a red skirt in her closet.
Gingham Maxi Skirt - a gingham skirt for Summer is perfect. Very Summery and cool.
Yellow Safari Print Wrap Skirt - unique, classy and I love the subtle pattern.
Grey Knit Wrap Mini - very very comfortable and very flattering on. Plus, grey goes with everything.
Striped Asymmetric Flowy Skirt - this is great for work and perfect on the weekends, too.
Zipper-Front Skirt - this is very elegant and I love the pink color, not too bright yet makes a statement.
Leopard Pencil Skirt - every woman needs a leopard pencil skirt in her closet. These are good for all seasons, trust me.
Black Silky Pleated Skirt - if you own just one pleated skirt make it a midi style and choose it in black. This can be worn to so many evening events and fun nights out (even to a wedding) but it looks just as cute with a tee and sneakers for a 'Mom Babe' look.
Burnt Orange Floral Skirt - such a pretty print, I own the camisole. This reminds me of the super hot Summer days and Indian Summers.

In her closet a woman should own first and foremost a pencil skirt, a black pencil skirt to be exact, a mini skirt, a pleated skirt, a midi skirt, a maxi skirt, a wrap skirt, a pleated skirt and a denim skirt. 
A woman should also own at least one black skirt, a grey skirt, a denim skirt and a bright-colored skirt, preferably red. As far as Summer patterns and solids go I'd say a medium-wash blue denim skirt, a white skirt, stripes, florals and polka dots. For Summer, especially this year, also think gingham and seersucker - these are both cool and refreshing for Summer. This Summer ruffled skirts and wrap skirts are all the rage and I can see this 'trend' continuing for a while since these types of skirts are very flattering and a forgiving on a woman's body, too. I have been loving and wearing wrap skirts a lot for a year now. Another trend we have seen in the last 2-3 years and still very stylish are the button-front or zipper-front skirts. We have seen these type of skirts in classic pencil styles, denim, suede, etc. You will see a lot of the skirts I mentioned on the collage of Target Skirts, above, too. Go get yourself a couple of these adorable and very reasonable skirts. You won't be disappointed! 

P.S. Thank you so much for liking my latest post where I showed  it all in a ...BIKINI! And it wasn't easy trust me. But being comfortable in your own skin is the best confidence a woman can possess!!

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  1. So many great skirt. I haven't worn a skirt in a long time.


  2. I've been purchasing skirts lately, the problem is I have not worn any of them yet-

  3. Love the skirts! I have been wearing more dresses lately, but there is always room for pretty skirts. Especially love the midi skirts and the red pencil.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  4. Great selection of skirts! My favourites are the striped asymmetric and gingham. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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