Poetry - Out There Waiting...

Today, I present you the latest of the poetry I have written. Another love poetry - I am on a roll. I think everyone can resonate to this. In life we lose a lot, including in love. We may lose someone we loved but the point is -- to never, ever give up. Don't you ever dare to give up on love! Don't, just don't!! Love may be on the other side of the street - so to speak. Love is out there for you to find again and touch and feel and grab and make it yours. Just like in life where things are unexpected, in love it is the same. ...Even more so.

So here it is and I truly hope you like it. Let me know in the comments.

Out  There  Waiting…
(March 2018)

In a glimpse of a moment your entire life can change,
love as you know it may never be the same,
you may fall down but not fall from grace,
you may break your heart and lose a race!

Every day you walk into a world filled with unexpected things,
you cherish the moments you once had, you once loved,
you think of the person you once loved and whose heart you gave to,
yet you hurt on the inside because you are now one, not two!

You try to make sense of it all
put your big girl pants on and have balls,
in order to move on and think ahead
you have to be strong, bold and brave!

You may have lost a love, two or perhaps more,
but your entire life will be filled with love
and love stories waiting to be created,
like books we read that were once written!

So, look up there into a clear blue sky,
find your rainbow, grab it and fly,
after a long tormented rain full of thunderstorms
there is a love story waiting to be told!

A love story starting with a kiss many years ago,
a love story of two who grew apart before they became one,
a love story which you will talk and gush about,
a beautiful sunshine that will light you inside out!

So go my friend, go, run towards that love story,
let your heart love and fall in love again in full glory,
find him, kiss him, grab him, make love to him,
love is out there, he is out there waiting…


  1. This is so true...especially it can come when you aren't looking for it. I love your creativity, Ada!

  2. Love is so special and even more so when it just happens. Isn't writing such a powerful tool? Your poetry is beautiful and it touches the heart.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. This is so beautiful, and so true. I think I will share this with someone who needs to hear it today. TFS!

  4. I am so in love with love right now...all sorts of love...self love, love for family, love for friends, just love all around!



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