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September was and felt like the shortest month of 2017, so far. Gosh every month this year keeps going faster and faster. I was so busy in September with a new work schedule for myself and adjusting to a new lifestyle schedule in general, since Vivian started school 2 weeks ago and she loves it - she is doing great. Just like in August, I was able to only do about 16 posts in September (same as in August) which is fine, that is still blogging every other day pretty much. However, October will be a busy and post-heavy month, since I am also doing a clothing challenge which was started and created by the lovely ALEX of The Cheerful Closet. I will be joined by 5 other ladies who have done capsule challenges before. I will talk more about that throughout this post.

styling: the 5 pieces I chose for my October challenge - which is called "The Common Threads" challenge and this is how it works. All of us 6 ladies participating get to choose 5 different pieces (it can also be an accessory as one of the pieces, not just clothes) and wear at least one of those 5 pieces we chose, with other items from our wardrobe every day. That is creating 30 different outfits that will feel fresh and new but having those 5 core pieces to remix. It is a great idea to do a 30 for 30 type of challenge which I love to do without limiting your wardrobe and narrowing it down just to 30 pieces.Every Wednesday starting next week on October 4th, we will have a linkup too and anyone can join. The linkup will go live in all of our blogs. On Wednesday I will be sharing the 5 items I chose and the first two outfits I will be wearing for this challenge, so stay tuned. =)


saving: money - I am happy to say that I have been shopping a lot less and it has been great to save up in general. It is easier said than done - let me tell you. But with the holiday season coming up and Vivian's 5th birthday in January, I need to save my pennies.

 books to buy for an almost 5-year old. Vivi has been more and more into books lately and loves reading. If you have a toddler or young children between ages of 4-6 what are some books you would suggest for me to check out?! I plan on buying her a few books now and will be gifting her a bunch for Christmas, too.

picking: the other items/clothes to wear mostly through October for "The Common Threads" challenge. It looks like it will be a lot of my new items lately purchased from LOFT as well as my purchases from the #NSale from earlier this Summer. But I will be mixing and matching a lot of items I have had for a long time in my closet, as well. Last but not least you will see lots of Red - because Grenadine is the color of Fall 2017, and Pink - in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

making: some Fall decor and decorations. I will blog those soon but my favorite seasons to decorate for are Pumpkin season and Christmas season, of course. 

Here is a walk down memory lane with outfits I have shared on the blog, during this time of the year, on previous years. You always love when I do recaps of previous looks so here they are for October. So, tell me your favorites!

In late Summer of 2014 I did a 30 for 30 remix challenge where I picked out 30 items (including shoes) to remix. This post shared outfits 29+30 where I styled an ever-versatile Denim Jacket with pencil skirts and beaded tanks (both times). Funny enough is that the Navy+White Diamond-Print, Tulip-Style Pencil Skirt (from the first outfit pictured above) was also one of the skirts I chose for my 30 for 30 Style Remix Challenge this Summer. The outfits above are a type of uniform for me. Black Bow Peep-Toe Sandals paired with Pencil Skirts, Beaded Tanks, a Bracelet Stack and topped with my Medium-Wash Blue Denim Jacket. I even wore my hair the same both times with one of my many headbands - also a signature accessory for me. I love these outfits and I would wear these over and over again because they are classy, stylish and very put-together. I will do one of these for Fall 2017 to be blogged this October - stay tuned.

Another remix outfit post featuring this Hunter Green+Navy Striped Ponte Dress by Old Navy. Old Navy always has the best ponte striped dresses and comes up with new ones each season. I styled this one from late Summer (left photo) to Fall (right picture). Both looks are quite different and unique making the dress look different each time. I remember I had just purchased this colorblocked dark neutral poncho in September 2015 and loved it - I couldn't wait to wear it. I wore it a lot that year and I plan to do so in 2017 and early 2018 (for Winter), too. I love the Fall outfit with this striped dress. If you check out the posts from this week, you will see a bunch of striped dresses, all styled differently.

We had some hot Summery days in September and early October last year - just like this year. Actually next week we are supposed to have some warm days in the 70s again - Indian Summer you all. I did this head to toe blue outfit and I absolutely loved how it came out. Those Strappy Suede Slide Sandals are both cute and comfy and that is the prettiest, softest Wrap Style Chambray Shirt - need to wear that soon. The Classic Panama Hat and Blue Mirrored Sunglasses were the perfect accessories.

What are you up to this October?! LOFT did a surprise sale this Sunday and they are extending it through Tuesday October 3rd. They have the best sweaters, leggings, skirts and sweatshirts right now. Everything is 50% off including sale items, oh and they are doing free shipping. Hurry and shop one of my most favorite brands. My next post will feature all Loft items in a try-on I did and with all of my haul. Stay tuned. =)

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  1. Oh I've been reading a lot about that challenge - it sounds like a great idea! I'm sticking to easy outfits at the moment as there's some craziness in life, but I think if things were a little more organised I'd be joining in with the challenge! I couldn't limit myself to a proper 30x30 challenge, this seems much more flexible like you said.

    Hope you have had a good weekend! I'm currently enjoying the long weekend as it's a public holiday today in Brisbane :)

  2. My favorite book when I was little was The Monster at the End of This Book and Another Monster at the End of This Book. It's extra fun if you do the voices! :)

  3. I totally got in on that LOFT sale! I ordered more ponte leggings, you can never have too many. :-D You are a blogging beast - I can only crank out about 8 posts a month and even that's a struggle!!

    pumps and push-ups

  4. Love these looks and thanks for sharing what's going on with your this month.

  5. Oh, I really love that blue shorts outfit, but I also love your side by side transition photos! Great post!

  6. Love the update. September did seem to fly by! The challenge sounds great. you do remixes so well.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. The look in the striped shorts and hat is superb Ada !
    You know, I've been shopping a lot less too and I've been focused on closet editing as you may have noticed. The idea is to get a grip of what i own.

  8. I love the idea of this common threads challenge - fun to see several bloggers I know doing it. And for an almost 5-year-old, I wonder about the Ramona Quimby series by Beverly Cleary. They're not picture books, but the character is right about that age and so spunky - might be fun books to try!

  9. You look so darling my dear! I love this cute outfit!
    Edwige |

  10. Thanks for joining the top of the world style linkup party.

  11. Love your top skirt Ada :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

  12. Great outfit recap - I love the orange hat and those striped shorts are fab! One of the books my daughter really loved - and still does - is The Great Dog Bottom Swap. It's very funny and adults love it too!

    Emma xxx


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