All about My Father.

I have never written a post about my dad. I have done so about my mom (more than once), my husband (more than once) and I have mentioned my brother and even my younger cousin Gloria, who is like a younger sister to me, several times, on the blog. Today's post however is all about my dad since Father's Day is only a week away. It might get a little mushy so you can skip it if you prefer.

My dad is a great guy. He is nice, kind and quiet for the most part. He is level-headed and often keeps to himself. But him and I butt heads all the time, we always have, at least since I was a tween or a teenager. I think it happens because in some areas we are exactly the same (very similar personality traits) and in other areas we disagree 100% (we have some personality characteristics that we are polar opposites in). So yeah, my dad and I can butt heads and disagree often in different conversations - it happens more often than we'd like and I wish it didn't but I am being honest. Despite our arguments, deep down there is an understanding, mutual love and respect by both of us. He has always worked very hard to be the bread-winner for our family for years and to make sure that both my brother and I got the best education we could possibly get. He has supported us always and has stood by our sides through thick and thin and continues to do so. My first (used) car was purchased by my dad and he actually taught me how to drive a car, as soon as we came to US because I was 16 years old then.

He is a very hard worker in and out of home, as well as at his work-place. He is dedicated, very fair, determined, just and kind. Since my parents have owned their second home in Michigan, my dad has become so handy towards the house. From lawning the grass and gardening to paving the drive-away and doing a lot of landscaping and decorating in and out of the house. His profession and field of study was architecture so it is also a passion for him to being such dedicated to the house. He also was a teacher for subjects related to architecture like Auto Cad for several years in a professional college in Albania. His students adored him and my dad was a very dedicated teacher, which as we all know is such an under-appreciated profession.

He is almost 66 years young now but keeps his body in shape by all the outdoor work and all the walking he does. Even-though he has had some heart problems and type B diabetes for years, that hasn't slowed him down. He is in excellent shape, looks younger than his age and is a very healthy eater and drinker. He eats a vigorous diet of several small meals each day including lots of fruits and veggies and drinks a glass of red wine every now and then (almost one a day). He has never smoked or been a drinker in his life. He has always followed a healthy routine and he will continue to work for a few more years still.

My dad is selfless and rarely does or buys things for himself. That is why I plan to spoil him and buy him a few nice things this Father's day. He deserves it!

My favorite thing about my father is his relationship with my daughter. He has taken both Vivian and I to vacation twice (the last two years in a row) and it has been such a great bonding experience and a nice beach Summer vacation for the three of us with many fond memories for years to come. I know Vivian will remember it too. My father loves Vivian so much and she loves and adores him to pieces too. 

Vivian is so fond of his grandpa or how she calls him "gushi" (which means "grandpa" in Albanian). We live with my parents since we sold our home when we moved back to Europe, so my daughter gets to spend a lot of time with her grandparents and they usually watch her when I have to work, until she starts full-time school in the Fall (hopefully). My mom and dad watch my daughter and babysit (always for free) Vivi all the time. Vivian asks for her grandpa (and grandma) every morning when she wakes up, but often they are at work because they start work very early. Vivi gets a little sad when that happens. She always wants all of her favorite people at home at all times. She loves her family. Usually my dad is off every Wednesday and that is a day he spends with Vivi while I work. It is like a little all-day date for them. He feeds her breakfast after I have dressed Vivian and done her hair. Then, he usually takes her out to an indoor playground and makes sure he brings treats or buys snacks and lunch for her every time. He reads to her and plays her favorite shows for her. They are so cute together and as soon as her 'gushi' announces that he is taking Vivian out, she gets so excited because she knows what to expect and they spend such a great day and quality time together.

I don't have many pictures as of late because my parents aren't into photos at all but here is one of the three of them (with Vivi as a 7-month baby) from 4 years ago. I love this photo.

I love my dad for all that he is and all that he does. I appreciate his tender, love and care and I accept and respect his opinions even if I disagree with some of them. My dad is an excellent father and an even better grand-father. Vivian is his only grand-child for now but I am sure he will adore and spoil all of his grandkids. My father is amazing and I only hope and wish he has many more amazing years ahead of him!

Happy Father's Day, dad. Love you!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing about your dad. What a blessing to have parents who are so close!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  2. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your incredible dad. I miss mine so much. I hope he read this!

  3. This was a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing about your father and all the ways he has been there for you over the years!! He sounds like a wonderful man! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So yes, that filled my heart, my friend. I too have a similar relationship with my father. We are identical in many ways yet polar opposites in equally many others and used to butt heads all the time. Now that I've lived 3 continents away from him for over a decade, things have changed. We realise the time we spend together is precious, too precious to waste over bickering and do our best to agree to disagree when the need arises :) as an adult, I found myself often comparing the men I dated with my father, and most times, they fell short. I know he isn't perfect but like you, he is a role model, an amazing man, and I hope both Eve and I get to spend many more years with him xoxo

  5. Such a sweet tribute to your dad, he sounds like a great father and you are blessed to have him in your life!
    I hope he has a wonderful Father's Day!

  6. Lovely posts Ada :) Thanks for linking up.


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