Oscars 2017 - My Picks for Best and Worst Dressed.

Over the last 3 years or so, I have recapped my favorite and least favorite (best, worst and on the fence) fashions at the major Award Shows such as Emmy's, SAG Awards, Oscars and Golden Globes. The thing is I start off full-speed every January and then I get busy and forget to review the award shows like I did last year. This year I have had a busy work season so far and haven't done any of these posts yet, until now. But, we are already half-way through March and the award season has been in full bloom. The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, People's Choice Awards, Grammy's and of course the Academy Awards  have already taken place and today I am recapping the most glamorous red carpet of them all: The Oscars 2017.

Below I have my picks/choices for Best Dressed, Worst Dressed and the ones I am on the fence about. I will also mention the Best Trends we saw this year at the Oscars. But before we see my picks, I wanted to say that I wasn't really wowed that much by anyone this year. 

The Best Dressed (top 5):
Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo
I mentioned that Hailee gets my Best Dressed Award this year. This gorgeous gown with applique flowers in a light chiffon in tones of lavender and blush pastels, made her look dreamy. It is like she was in a cloud. To top it off her simple up-do and stunning makeup were divine. Loved her smoky eyes. She is a gorgeous girl.

Emma Stone In Givenchy Haute Couture By Riccardo Tisci
My second favorite look was Best Actress Emma. Gold and metallics were a huge trend on the red carpet this year but no one did it better than Emma. Her dress has a gorgeous bustier and a fun fringy skirt yet it is in a fitted, elegant silhouette. Love her 60s style wavy hair brushed on one side, beautiful diamond statement earrings and dark red lips. Old Hollywood Glamour, for sure.

Olivia Culpo in Custom Marchesa for Stella Artois
The most beautiful silver gown hands-down and by far the best plunging neckline because it is sexy yet in a subtle, sophisticated way. I love the glamorous 20s vibe of this gown and that little thin bow tie in the front, perfectly matching her jeweled black clutch. She chose dark nails and some fun diamond rings to accessorize with. Simple makeup yet it was perfect.

Janelle Monáe In Elie Saab Couture
At first I was on the fence about this dress. The gown is very unique, a work of art really, mixing chiffon, tulle and stunning silver crystals. The huge skirt over the bodycon part made for a special WOW entrance. The collar choker necklace at first I thought it was so much with this gown but then I realized that the collar necklace and headband she chose were perfect for this gown. And that simple belt shows off her tiny waist. This was by far the most daring look and the most high couture look. I love that she dared and it worked!

Taraji P. Henson In Custom Alberta Ferretti
Talk about a WOW moment for Taraji. This Midnight blue velvet gown had a very classic and sophisticated silhouette in the trendiest material of 2017 - velvet. I think by far the best off-shoulder look and the best thigh-high slit because it all looked effortless and flawless. I loved her hair too and the simple clutch and shoes left room for her stunning diamond choker to sparkle the most!

The Rest of the Best:

The Best in White.
Sofia Carson in Monique Lhuillier
My Favorite look in white was the one above. Beautiful tiers of tulle with crystal beads inserted at the right places. This gown was simple yet different and perfect for the big night. Another simple French chignon style and bright red lips - two big trends we saw on the red carpet this year when it comes to hair and makeup, respectively.

Other Top Favorites in White.
(left to right):
Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney
Darby Stanchfield in Georges Chakra Couture
Priyanka Chopra in Ralph & Russo

The Best in Short Dresses:
Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein by Appointment
I loved this because it combined a modern style like cut-outs and featured the best of both worlds: short (knee length) on the front and long with a sweeping train, on the back. I also love pairing white with yellow - I find it fresh, pretty, Springy and modern. Her yellow with crystals stiletto sandals were the best choice to combine with this modern dress.

The Best in Red:
Viola Davis in Armani Privé
First of all, I am so happy with Viola. She is a phenomenal actress and finally won that Oscar. She is the only black actress that has an Emmy, an Oscar and a Tony - the three best awards of their categories (a triple threat). She was the one I was the happiest about as far as winners go and I loved her speech the best. I am a huge fan of red gowns and we see a lot of these on the red carpet each year. Viola's was fit for a nominated actress. Simple in many ways yet the cascading sleeves created a beautiful halter silhouette and I love that it was gathered on the top of the neck. The train was simple yet magnificent. I loved her short hairstyle - brushed perfectly - and her diamond-patterned gold clutch was beautiful.

Other Top Favorites in Red.
(left to right):
Ruth Negga in Valentino
Sara Bareilles in Romona Keveza
Ginnifer Goodwin in Zuhair Murad

The Best in Color:
Leslie Mann in Zac Posen
The lovely and funny Leslie had the best colorful gown of the night (other than red). Her marigold gown had a fun fluffy big skirt and a fun bow on the strapless bust. I loved that she kept her hair flowing and natural in waves and chose beautiful little earrings to accessorize with. Some critiqued her look but I loved it and would wear it in a heartbeat.

The Best in Metallics:
Jessica Biel in Kaufman Franco
Jessica's dress reminded me of fish skin, mermaids and that coveted Oscar statue. It was modern, completely covered but sexy in its own way. The little loft on top of her sleeves was a nice detail and that huge collar fringe necklace was meant for this dress. In my opinion Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were the best looking couple of the Oscars this year.

Other Top Favorites in Metallics.
(left to right):
Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad
Charlize Theron in Dior

The Best in Greenery:
Busy Philipps in Elizabeth Kennedy
I thought we would see more Green on the red carpet this year since 'Greenery' is the color of the year, but alas we did not. This deep emerald shade that Busy wore showed a column gown with a unique way to use polka dots without being too much. Her emerald statement earrings were stunning, too.

The Best in Black and White:
(left to right)
Michelle Williams In Louis Vuitton
Emma Roberts in Armani Privé
I loved both of these gowns by these two talented actresses. Both of them rarely miss when it comes to the red carpet. Each gown is simple yet stunning on both of them.

The Best in Black:
Brie Larson In Oscar De La Renta
2016's Best Actress wowed me in this Black Gown. By far the best black dress this year. The rich velvet material looks even better in this architecturial voluminous ruffle that starts from the front on the waist and ends into a beautiful train. Her sweetheart neckline was over the top in a good way. I loved her hairdo too and beautiful red lipstick. I must say though I also loved Kirsten and Alicia's looks below and had a hard time deciding my most favorite black gown but I loved Brie's slightly more.

Other Top Favorites in Black.
(left to right):
Kirsten Dunst in Dior
Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

The Best in Embellished Gowns.
(left to right):
Zuri Hall in Uel Camilo
Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé
I particularly love Zuri's Gown, so stunning. The top and skirt part are different but equally beautiful. Nicole's halter gown is beautiful but I would have loved to have seen her in something different, this is too much of the same thing she always wears.

On the fence:
Dakota Johnson in Gucci
Dakota is beautiful and talented and currently has one of the hottest movies out there "50 Shades Darker" yet she decided to cover herself completely in this champagne satin gown. The gown itself is pretty (that is why I was on the fence) and a part of me loves it on Dakota. I like the fun sleeves, high collar and that unique fan-like bow on the front. But I also think the gown would look better on someone older (let's say 45+), doesn't need the big necklace because the neck part is the most beautiful part of the dress and I didn't like Dakota's plain hair, here. She could have kept the hair down but styled it differently. Her hairdo feels old and not current. Perhaps with a bright red lipstick, a fun youthful updo and some gorgeous pave studs (and no necklace), this dress would have put Dakota on the best list, instead.

Meryl Streep In Elie Saab
I love that Meryl has a signature style like in this year's Oscars. That neckline and long sleeves are definitely Meryl's thing. I also love that she chose a bold jewel tone and matched her teal satin dress and shoes exactly. I also love that this gown combined sleek trousers with the train part on the bottom. But we have seen a version of this gown for the past 10 years or so on Meryl, just different colors or slightly-different style. Meryl is one of the best actresses (if not the very best) of the last two decades and she still got it, she needs to make bolder choices next time.

Halle Berry in Versace
This gown is beautiful and I love the sparkly ombre effect. Definitely not the best Halle has worn but it is pretty and high fashion. I think the gown and especially how she styled it with the curly Afro-style hair would be best for a less formal event like the Grammy's, the Emmy's or People's Choice Awards, however. Also, we have seen Halle in many asymmetric styles through the years and similar trains. A different style next time.

Kelly Ripa in Carolina Herrera
Pretty gown but not for the Oscars. Plus the butterflies aren't special enough to make it anything we haven't seen before because we have seen this identical style for two decades now, on every red carpet event. I did love that this deep blue flatters Kelly's blonde hair, but that bustier doesn't flatter her already flat chest and the gown is too big for such a petite body.

The Worst Dressed:
Scarlett Johansson in Azzedina Alaia
This chiffon watercolor dress in pink and gray tones is suited for a beach vacation, dinner on a cruise, a wedding or even your own engagement party or bridal shower. It was too much (or not enough - depending how you look at it) for the red carpet at Oscars. I also think the gown makes Scarlett look 15 pounds heavier and her funky rocker short hair doesn't help matters. I can see this gown on a much thinner wispy scarlet but it doesn't look right on Scarlett, not at all.

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen
Just like Scarlett, Salma is a busty lady. She doesn't need a dress like this to highlight what is already obvious. Again a pretty gown but definitely on the wrong actress. Salma's smile is beaming but that hairstyle is dated and a little too juvenile. She should leave it to twenty year olds.

Pharrell Williams in Chanel and Mimi Valdes
Just because you wear Chanel, doesn't mean the suit looks right. Pharrell is very thin and petite for this suit who makes him look even smaller. And what are those multi-strands of black beads around his neck?! As if the tuxedo neckline of his shirt, bow-tie and flower on the lapel wasn't enough. I also think the jacket is too tight on him and a size too small. And his producing partner Mimi's gown is pretty but all I can look at is that insanely awful hairdo and all gray?! She should have dyed it. I also think those little silver Mary Janes are not right for the dress.

Blanca Blanco
Atrocious, awful, ugly and leaves very little to the imagination. Those are all adjectives I would use to describe Blanca's Dress. That slit almost shows her VG (ewww!), it is too much and far too sexy. Definitely not worthy or appropriate for the Oscars. Is she even wearing undies? The fact that her gown is patterned and has those drastic bows on the sleeves doesn't help matters either and her shoes are just as busy as her dress. She couldn't avoid an awful wardrobe malfunction, either. This was by far the worst look of Oscars 2017. I couldn't even find the designer's name of the gown, but that is for the better I think.

Who were the best dressed at the Oscars for you?! What about the worst?! Do you agree with my choices?

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  1. Love your recap and I totally agree on your on the fence and worst dressed, except for Scarlett. I know what you mean about it not being dressy enough, but I just love her! = )

  2. Definitely don't like any of the worst or on the fence ones but there are a few "best" that you listed that I would not have chosen either... just glad I'm not a star where other people would be rating what I'm wearing... I can't imagine trying to justify a few of the outfits I've picked over the years. I don't watch any of the award shows but i really enjoyed this glimpse at the fashions.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  4. Viola Davis is my favourite, I love a red dress!

    Emma xxx


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