Thursday Moda #77: Bridal Shower Dresses for the Bride.

Happy Thursday! I am so excited for today's blog post first and foremost because I get to style a Bridal Shower Look as if I were the bride, but also because I get to show you this Stunning Little White Dress which is a sheath style with an unique square-patterned crochet overlay on the skirt part, courtesy of Lars - a new store opening soon and they will be online as well. I am triple excited because I get to co-host today's linkup with the gorgeous CRISTINA of Memories of the Pacific who only got married about a month ago herself, so stop by her blog and congratulate her. I, on the other hand, got married in June 2005 but my wedding was in Albania and we had to rush all the preparations, so I never got to have a bridal shower you all. When I think of a Bridal Shower Dress for the bride, of course a Pretty, Elegant, Fancy White Dress comes to mind. Another great color to wear would be a nude with blush pink undertones, like the lovely Cristina chose and let me say her Scalloped Midi Light-Colored Dress is a stunner. Cristina and I both thought less is more in terms of accessories and makeup. We both chose colorful beaded bags - I love her clutch - and simple flawless makeup. And we kept our jewelry pretty simple.

I love this dress so much. I had the pleasure of choosing two gorgeous fancy dresses from Lars - the other one will be blogged next week - as well as a clutch, a necklace and a blouse. I think when you are the bride, it is your time to shine and wear a white dress to your bridal shower. But any white dresses won't do. Chose a pretty dress, something unique, or something romantic, something fun, or something fancy. Details like lace, ruffles, flouncy sleeves, a tulip-front wrap style dress, off shoulder fitted sheaths or something either asymmetrical or with a cold shoulder. Nothing cotton-y, think silk, chiffon, scuba material or something in a silk blend. 

I think my dress is definitely unique thank to the overlay crochet part on the skirt. Suddenly a very simple fitted, crew-neck sleeveless sheath turns into something worthy for a glowing bride. But to tell you the truth, for this post, I had in mind at least two other dresses too. I decided to go for a full monochrome look with touches of gold. My Nude Suede Pumps have 2.5 inch heels and they are super well-made, comfortable, easy to dance in - Albanian showers include a lot of dancing, trust me - and very affordable, by H+M. I borrowed some of the jewelry from my mom since the Silver Pave Dainty Necklace, Gold Oval Pave Watch and the Silver Oval Pave Cocktail Ring are hers. And I borrowed the Sparkly Mesh White Bow from Vivian. The other ring, the Blush/Ivory Kate Spade-like Square Studs (mine are from Charming Charlie and cost 5 bucks and they come in a million colors and I own them in 4 colors, already) and of course that Soft Leather Gold Mini Bag with the Multi-Colored Circle Crystals (I have had it for at least 6-7 years) are all mine. I went for dewy, simple makeup. A light BB cream, very little sparkly blush on the cheeks, black mascara, a little black eyeliner and a Peach Shiny Lipstick which has a little shimmer - it is called Frosted Apricot and it is my favorite Estee Lauder lipstick I own.

I will be honest, I am so self-conscious about the photos in today's post because of how fitted this dress is. My body is not a big size or fat (in general) per se, but it can use some toning and I can definitely use some time in the gym. My biggest problem area is the tummy. I need to tone it, gain some muscle and turn some of my weight/fat into muscle. I know it is easier said than done but I need to make healthy food choices more often and I also need to get to a gym soon and go at least 3-4 hours a week. Hopefully once Vivian starts pre-K, I will have more of a regular daily schedule and can fit gym in there 2-3 times a week. Any tips or recommendations for some at-home-exercise I can do, to get rid of the belly fat?!

 Due to vacation/being busy I haven't always done favorite looks from the previous week's linkup on my Thursday Moda posts in the last month, but I am back at it today. What is black, white and red all over?! My 5 favorite ladies from last week (when over 100 outfits were linked) that's who. These outfits are all different but I see some lace, feminine looks and ladylike styles in the mix. Some of these ladies are still dressing for Summer because let's face it: Fall is not here yet so why rush it?!
Kitty is 'Mommylicious' as she embraces her beautiful pregnant curves by wearing a chic, classic, black lace bodycon dress complete with go-with-everything black heels.
Lydia is not giving Summer the 'Cold Shoulder' just yet as her shorts and fedora prove. Navy, white and tan are a classy trio in this super casual fun look.
For as long as I have known Lorena as a style blogger - 6 years and counting - she has mastered her signature style like this 'Outfit Globalisation' compromised of pieces that are timeless and always feminine.
I love when bloggers get 'Inspired' like this retro, lady-like, floral red look Shelbee put together, as if she was cast in a movie from the 60s. I own and love those same wedges, too.
BiTi is in the most gorgeous 'Red Lacy Skirt' with matching shoes and a classic, crisp, white-button-down, but she also showed it with a chambray shirt. I happen to love a button-down tucked into a full skirt like BiTi's.

Today's Fabulous Thursday Moda Co-Host: Memories of the Pacific.
Cristina's blog is new to me, as we discovered each other a few months ago but this beautiful fashionista with a gorgeous smile, has a great blog full of fresh, preppy, feminine, colorful looks and amazing travel posts from her travels to Europe (where she resides), Australia and more. She recently shared about her engagement and then her honeymoon. Below is a snippet of some of her recent outfits I have loved. Check out her post today and show her some love!
From Cristina's Mouth:
"Hi everyone! I'm Cristina and from Spain I bring to you Memories of the Pacific is a lifestyle blog where I share my biggest passions: traveling, photography, fashion, food and books. You may wonder why I chose Memories of the Pacific as its name. Back in 2009, a year after I graduated from university, I set off on my biggest adventure so far. I moved to California for a year. It was an unforgettable experience that changed my life forever. The blog mixes my current life in Spain with flashbacks to my year in America. Nowadays I work full time as an ESL teacher in Spain. One of the goals of this blog is to help out ESL students who are also keen on fashion, food and traveling and want to practice their reading skills and learn new vocabulary related to those topics.

You can follow me here Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin | Twitter "

Shop my picks for Bridal Shower Dresses for the bride, below. So many gorgeous dresses to chose from, no?!

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Love the cage detail on the dress, it makes it really unique! Exercise is important, but it's a small piece. Weight loss is about 80% what you eat so they key is what you eat. You'd be surprised at the difference changing your diet makes. I've only started working out regularly again recently, but I reined in my eating habits in June and have lost 11 pounds since then. That might not seem like much, but when you're 5'2" it's a huge difference!

    1. I actually eat pretty healthy for the most part like a lot of fruits and veggies, 100% natural juice, not a lot of sweets (if any), and rarely eat read meat. I think the times when I eat are bad as I tend to eat my meals late and sometimes I will will eat dinner between 9 and 11 PM right before I go to sleep. I also think I need to reduce coffee or start drinking it without sugar, better yet black. But thank you so much for your advise. I appreciate it, my friend.

  2. It's always fun to have a reason to wear an edgier dress isn't it? I agree with Debbie above's about 80% what you are eating especially around the middle for me as I've gotten older.

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  3. Thanks for the mention Ada - I cannot believe we have "known" each other for that long.

  4. This white dress is just drop dead gorgeous on you, Ada! I love the simple cage cut out on the skirt. Very pretty and chic! Such a great idea for a post theme, too!


  5. Thanks for inviting me to co-host, Ada! Your dress is lovely, the square-patterned crochet overlay is so much fun :)

  6. Such a fun theme this week and sweet co-host! I really like your pretty cage dress and cute bag. I really like kettlebells for home workouts. Lauren Brooks DVDs are my favorite and she offers shorter workouts for busy schedules.

  7. Ada, what a neat dress! Love the cage style. Fun topic as you should feel great for this occassion. Love both dresses on you both. The style is edgy and fun. The monochramtic look with white is one of my favorites.
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

  8. The cage skirt on this dress is so fun, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. What a pretty dress, I like the twist on the basic white sheath dress. You look fab wearing it :)

  10. I love little white dresses, for any occasion! The overlay on this one is so pretty and unique.

  11. This looks ia Haute HOT Ada!!!!

  12. Thank you for hosting Ada! What a sexy dress you are wearing! But stylish of course!

  13. That dress is so fun! I love the accessories you chose too!

  14. You look fab in this dress! Thank you for hosting Ada!

  15. I love the detailing on this little white dress, and it looks beautiful on you! It's perfect for so many events!

  16. So pretty! This would be perfect for a bride at a shower. Love how the bottom is see through.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. Ada I am obsessed with you LWD!! It's stunning! And its one of those dresses you can wear over and over for so many different occasions
    Thanks for hosting


  18. Gorgeous little white dress Ada! I love white and you look chic!
    Thank you for inviting me and thank you for hosting!


  19. Oh yes, Ada, that dreadful tummy area! It's my worst part, too, and I am always trying to hide it. But I also am making some healthy life changes so hopefully I can rid myself of it soon. In any event, you look fabulous in this fun white dress. It is super sassy and I love the longer caged layer over the shorter skirt. You are rocking this look for sure. And thank you so much for featuring me. It is always such an honor!


  20. What a pretty dress Ada, I love the windowpane overlay. I'm sorry that you never got to have a wedding shower--maybe if you renew your vows one day?? :) My stomach is the area of my body I'm most self-conscious about too and am always trying to cover it up. But it wasn't my favorite before kids either... it's just worse now, ha!! Have a good weekend!

  21. I have this dress in black and it is one of my faves!! Love it in white! BEautiful look Ada!

    xx, Elise

  22. As so many agree, this white dress is fabulous! :) You look beautiful in it...I too am working on a plan to get myself motivated and begin taking better care of myself. All this rush, rush is wreaking havoc on my system. We can encourage and motivate each other! ;)

  23. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party. Your bag is a great find!

  24. Love your outfit ada!!! Be sure to stop by and join my Sunday style link up!

  25. The dress looks fab on you Ada! I didn't have a bridal shower either, we just went abroad and got married :-)

    Emma xxx

  26. This really is an unusual dress Ada, and you've styled it very well with your accessories - nice one. x Jacqui

  27. This dress is so pretty and perfect for a bridal shower! I love the cage overlay on the skirt!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  28. Ada, that dress is absolutely gorgeous! So unusual and pretty - and it suits you perfectly. I love it!
    Suzy x
    Suzy Turner at Yogadocious

  29. That dress is so unique and beautiful. I love how you accessorized it (especially the bag). I found you at Sweet Little Ones link up party. Thanks for sharing and hosting!


  30. it's been a long time since my bridal shower or since I've even been invited to one. I do like your choice ... it's got a nice combination of sweet and sexy. Thanks for sharing with my Fine-Whatever link up.


  31. This dress is so pretty! I am going to be needing quite a bit of white - I will be keeping this post in mind


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