Thursday Moda #67: French-Inspired Outfits for Day and Night (Look 4).

We are half-way through the week everyone and the weekend is almost here. Happy Thursday! I am so looking forward to today's post for several reasons. First, I have been wanting to do a few French-Inspired Outfits on the blog and Summer especially is the perfect time for it. Secondly, I am debuting the 4th look of my Capsule Wardrobe which is my Casual Daytime Outfit for today, as well as sharing another outfit (the little black lace dress) that has been gifted to me by the boutique "Places to Go" a few months ago and I am finally debuting it on the blog as my option for the fancy or dressy night-time French-Inspired Look. I am so happy about how both of these outfits turned out because to me they symbolize things that I connect to France and Parisian Style: class, modern simplicity, classic colors, elegance, feminism, gamine, chicness, fashion, style, minimalism and feminine sophistication. Don't you agree?!

I even have the perfect co-host for today because my new blogging friend CHRISTINE of Bon & Chic Style is originally from France but currently lives in Washington DC. It is also her birthday today which makes this collaboration even more special. I have only 'known' Christine for a few weeks but I admire her simple elegance and the chic stamp she has added to every single look she puts together. All of her outfits are pretty simple in typical colors associated with France like black, white, light blue, light muted pink, beige and navy with nude, almond, red or camel accents. Not only does she have excellent style but her lifestyle posts also show her classy, modern and sophisticated French side, from how she educates her children, to how  and what she shops for, how she cooks, etc. I'd love for you to stop by her blog today and see the details of her elegant fancy outfit in full. That little blush-colored Cabaret style dress looks so fantastic with her red hair and she chose simple, delicate nude+blush accessories to keep the monochromatic feeling going.

French-Inspired Dressy (Night) Outfit.
While for my Dressy French-Inspired Outfit I am wearing this Gorgeous Lace-Patterned Black Midi Dress. You may have seen a version of this dress a lot in the last year or so. I have seen it in blush pink and baby blue a lot (wish I had the baby blue version too). I am so thankful to the "Places to Go" boutique for gifting me this beauty. I thought it would be perfect to style for my take on the Dressy French Woman. I had to stick with a few simple pieces of jewelry like crystal sunburst stud earrings and a black headband with a little flower (black headbands to me symbolize polished French women), but I also had to add a couple of colorful pieces like my magenta peep-toe mixed media pumps and my blush+coral "XOXO L'Amour" graphic clutch. You guys know how much I love color. I had to make this outfit very me still, so I added a bold, asymmetric shaped red-purple cocktail ring and a faux leather black wrap bracelet from Gap which has been in my closet for over a decade. I opted for no necklace but I added a tiny circle gold-ton pave brooch to one of the straps of my dress (you will see it better in a close-up photo, below). You will notice with both of my French inspired outfits that I chose classic-style sunglasses for both. Here I stuck with some skinny oval-shaped black sunnies (mine are unisex from Sun Hut). The way I styled this midi LBD today besides being very Parisienne, I believe would make a great outfit for a Summer Wedding and yes it can even be a Black Tie Wedding because this outfit is still fancy enough for that, don't you think?!

My daughter's comments about this outfit: "WOW Mommy, you look gorgeous. Beautiful dress. I love your giant ring." The giant ring comment made me laugh out loud. She pays attention to every detail.

Black Floral Lace Midi Dress w/ Double Straps: c/o "Places to Go" Boutique (New) (similar, Steal), (similar fitted option, Steal, love this), (similar, on Sale, love this), (similar, Small Splurge, my Favorite).
Black Satin Headband w/ Chiffon Flower: The Limited (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar, Splurge).
Black, Skinny Oval Unisex Sunglasses: c/o Sunglass Hut (quite similar, Splurge), (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite).
Sunburst Silver "Aster" Crystal Statement Studs: Perry Street via Rocksbox (similar, Huge Steal, love these), (similar, Steal), (similar, love these), (similar, Splurge, my Favorite).
Black Faux Leather Wrap Bracelet: Gap (Old) (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Small Splurge, my Favorite).
Asymmetric Red-ish Purple Large Stone Cocktail Ring: Charlotte Russe (Old) (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar, Small Splurge, love this).
Black, Faux Crocodile Embossed Mini Bag: My Mom's (Vintage) (very similar, Huge Steal), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar clutch, love this), (similar, Splurge, my Favorite).
Red-ish Pink Super Lustrous Lipstick: "Cherries in the Snow" by Revlon (identical, for a Steal, come in many colors), (similar, Huge Steal), (similar, Splurge, my Favorite).
Magenta/Plum Faux Python+Real Suede Peep Toe Heels: White House Black Market (quite similar, love these), (similar colorblocked, Huge Steal, love these), (similar in suede, Steal, love these), (simiar in zebra stripes, my Favorite).

French-Inspired Casual (Day) Outfit.
For her casual look Christine chose black leather skinnies topped off with a classic black+white striped tee, white blazer, black pumps, red lipstick, classic Raybans and a polished red designer bag. You can see the details of her outfit here - this post has so many tips on how to build the perfect Parisian wardrobe. My casual look was created by this blush pleated skirt and my striped "Tres Chic" tee that I am including in my capsule wardrobe for the Summer. The long silky blue geo-print scarf (which is also a piece by Gap, in my closet for over a decade) couldn't have made this more perfect for the everyday casual French look I was attaining. I love that my scarf is long - I chose this one on purpose - because of how it looks tied. Classic white leather sneakers, brown tortoise oversized sunglasses, a small but compact black crossbody bag, raspberry pink stud earrings and bright lipstick (a berry shade) completed my outfit. The neck-tie scarf, the colors of the outfit, the classic B+W stripes, the modern white sneakers, the bright lipstick and the little feminine pleated skirt are all elements you need to incorporate to a Parisian-like wardrobe. I think this is the perfect outfit to wear when you are traveling and strolling European cities as a tourist, especially to France or Italy. You will be comfortable and look totally chic and modern. It is minimalist yet has so many fun details. As a matter of fact I loved this outfit so much I wore it twice in the same week. Earlier today, for a visit to the dentist, I only switched my scarf and chose a brown+red patterned silk scarf (smaller-sized). What do you think of this casual look?! 

Once again last week there were over 120 outfits linked and so many looks I adored head to toe. I noticed that several of you linked outfits that were French-themed too. I am featuring those looks today for more inspiration for some Parisian-Inspired Style. They are all beautiful, classy and chic.
Today's featured blogger is BOJANA from Bo's Bodacious Blog who linked up the ultimate Parisian look in her midi skirt and Eiffel Tower graphic tee. What makes this French besides the Eiffel graphic is the black+white color palette, the chicness and modern simplicity that characterizes French style. She did monochrome head to toe perfectly. Plus each piece she is wearing: laceup wedges, skirt with pockets, Paris tee are equally beautiful and fun. Bo shares more than just outfits on her blog. I love her Friday style posts the most. Check out this Canadian-based mama. She is a sweetheart too.

Amber's colorless outfit featuring a 'Faux Suede Pencil Skirt' is from the previous week's linkup and I loved it so much. It is the ultimate elegant outfit for a French-Style woman. I am ga-ga over the scalloped sandals.
'In Gingham' and in blue denim culottes with a popular straw Panama hat and the it bag of the moment, Kelsey - whose blog even has the name "french" on it - is uptown chic.
'Give Me All the Bright Colors' Fonda says. They are all in that silky scarf around her tote and stunning pom-pom earrings she made herself.
'Sustainable Spring Stripes' is what Stefanie shared with us last week in two outfits. Each outfit was equally gorgeous and on trend. Love her striped dress with pockets.

Today's Fabulous Thursday Moda Co-Host: Bon & Chic Style.
Below is a glimpse of some of my favorite casual outfits that Christine has worn in her blog this year, staying true to her French roots and that classic, effortless, minimalist Paris style. Make sure you follow her blog too and wish her a happy birthday today!
From Christine's Mouth:
"Christine from Bon & Chic Style is French (a native from Paris and today living near Washington DC), mother of two, and digital marketing professional in the beauty industry who loves to blog about French Chic essentials. She started her blog less than a year ago and when she's not blogging about French Chic outfits, she blogs about her favorite chic travel destinations, jewelry (she has a thing for fine Italian jewelry) and homemade french recipes. Her style is simple, light and chic. Check out her recent post on how to dress like a Parisian.

P.S. I think so far both of these outfits in my post from today are my favorite looks of 2017. But hold on, stay tuned for my post tomorrow because I have a work-themed Parisian-style look to post (since I wasn't able to post it on time, for my Work Wear Wednesday). I think you will like that one, also.

Shop my Outfits (below):

French-Inspired Dressy (Night) Look

French-Inspired Casual (Day) Look

Happy Thursday Moda day, everyone!

Now join the linkup and make some new friends!


  1. Very pretty Ada! I especially love the second, Parisian look!

  2. I love the outfit with the French tee and pink skirt! So many things I love all rolled into one outfit!

  3. Love that pretty lace dress, Ada! :)

    Dawn Lucy

  4. That lace dress is incredibly beautiful! I love the fun straps!

  5. Both looks are so fun! That black dress is gorgeous, but that pink skirt is my favorite! I love how you made it work for a casual look.

  6. I love your French inspired outfits! They are so French! Have a great day! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  7. French inspired outfits? Yes, please! I just shared an outfit today that I wore to a French restaurant we went to. I just adore that pink skirt and that black dress is striking on you!


  8. Anything French is so chic! Love the black dress look. I like your styling ideas!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  9. Love both looks, Ada, but I think my favorite is the more casual of the two. Love the fun tee with that adorable blush, pleated skirt! So cute the way you've styled this look!


  10. Love both of your Parisian inspired looks! The striped tee is so cute with the pink skirt! Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of your week Ada!


  11. Love both of your French inspired outfits! Thank you so much for having me as your co-host! This is the best birthday present :-)


  12. The black lace dress is s stunner - I love the nude lining and the double straps.

  13. Hi Ada I like the casual version sans the scarf at the neck.
    Oh and thank you for all of your comments on my blog !

  14. The striped tee and pleated skirt is fun look, especially with the white sneakers. Well done!


  15. You always look like you are having the best time taking photos, I love your enthusiasm!

    1. Thank you so much!!! That is the best compliment. I try...

  16. You look great in the pink skirt and baby blue T-shirt! Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  17. Ada you look so so pretty, that ;ace dress is exquisite! Thanks so much for hosting, super happy to join you and i hope you'll join me for #passion4fashion today too!XX

  18. That black lace dress is beautiful, and your casual look is so cute! Loving that stripe tee!

  19. in love with your lace dress Ada! Beuatiful!


  20. Love the lace! A black dress is a must for a capsule wardrobe.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  21. Your black dress is stunning on you, and you look amazing as always..have a great weekend@


  22. Love both these dresses but that black one is stunning! I adore the see through lace.

  23. Such a beautiful black dress!!!! Happy Weekend!

    Trendy & Tidy

  24. Both looks are great and I LOVE how beautiful and elegant this black dress is. Looks fab on you!

  25. Lovely looks Ada, love both, especially the lace dress :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

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