Mommy+Mini Valentine: Little Girls Rock!

Today starts a mini series of Mommy+Mini posts of how to wear/do different Valentine's Looks for me and my mini me Vivian. To launch the month of Love and a series of Valentine's-Inspired Looks, today I am also joined by my friend RACHEL from Garay Treasures. She is sharing photos with her two daughters Nevaeh and Elizabeth (who is close to Vivian's age). 

The collage above of our three girls side by side, is my most favorite. Aren't they adorable in all that girly pink?! I decided to title this post "Little Girls Rock" because as a mom to a girl (who is cute, sassy, sweet and little) I definitely feel that way. You can turn around (or not) the title from the collage above - "Little Girls Rock Casual Valentine" (as in they are rocking their Casual V-Day wear), no matter how you slice it, being mamma to a little girl is a special precious gift from God. This post will include 'reasons' as to why I think little girls rock, or in my case why my darling Vivi rocks! Of course this post will have photos of Rachel and I's casual Valentine wear (we are both in sweaters and skinnies and both wearing comfortable flat shoes).

I wore this outfit yesterday, but what I will wear on Valentine's day will be a similar Jeans+Sweater+Blanket Scarf Outfit since by V-Day will mostly be very casual. I will be away from my husband (since he will be working out of the country) and spend almost all day with my daughter Vivian. In this outfit I mixed+matched different shades of Pink on top: sweater, button-down and two-tone scarf. I love how the Marled Sweater meshed well with the Marled Wool Scarf - the newest cozy ginormous scarf in my Winter Scarf Collection. I kept the look very simple on the bottom with my Dark Blue Skinny Jeans and White Adidas-like Sneakers. But I did dress it up a bit with a Coral Red Lipstick and my latest pieces from Rocksbox: Gold Filigree Statement Earrings and a Pendant Statement Necklace. As I was editing these photos, I got reminded of a similar outfit I did last Winter around Valentine's. It is so funny how sometimes our sub-conscience works without us realizing it (more on that look on the bottom of this post). What do you think of a simple outfit of sweater and jeans (and some pink or lots of pink) for a Casual Valentine's day?! Here is another recent look featuring a sweater (also layered with a built-in shirt underneath), skinny jeans, these same white sneakers, a black coat and a blanket scarf. =)

Vivian's Outfit is simple, not in your face kind of festive but still hints at Valentine's. Her White Leggings have shiny gold hearts all over. On top she is wearing a Hot Pink Cable Knit Sweater with a White Layering Turtleneck underneath which has small hearts in a veriety of colors (same pattern as the leggings). Her Pup Control Sneakers are also White+Hot Pink to match the top and the bottom and she has on a "Hello Kitty" Multi-Petal Bow Headband in Fuchsia.
Vivian rocks because:
- She was sent to her dad and I as the best present from God and has changed our lives fabulously, since the day she was born on January 19th 2013.
- She is a smart, sweet, loving, caring, sassy, energetic, wonderful, amazing little girl!
- She is the best of both her father and I.
- She is beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside too. This girl kisses and hugs everyone and tells me she loves me dozens of times a day.
- She is our Joy De' Vivre, exactly like her name says.

Vivian rocks because:
- She is my girly girl who loves tutus, pretty dresses, pink, red, bows, hair accessories, necklaces, purses, pretty shoes and makeup.
- She poses for pictures without anyone ever teaching her. She is like a born model.
- Her favorite color is pink but she looks stunning in every color.
- She knows all of the princesses and her favorites are Cinderella, Belle and Ariel.
- She knows she too is a princess - our princess.
- Her smile lights up everyone and every room. It is the most beautiful smile. Her green-to-gray-to-blue eyes smile too.

Vivian rocks because:
- She loves to be tickled and to tickle you in return.
- She smiles often and laughs a lot.
- She makes you feel better even after you have had the worst day.
- Her nature and personality make you feel relaxed even after a very tiresome day.
- She is all the caffeine and adrenaline you need to keep you charged and on the get go.
- She is pretty much fearless. 

Here is what Rachel has to say about how she will be spending Valentine's Day this year:
"Our Valentines day is normally low key. Our school aged children will probably come home with Valentine cards and goodies from their classrooms and I will probably buy the kids some Hershey Kiss's. My husband normally treats me to a bouquet of roses and the little girls to a rose each. We look forward to what's in store! I hope you have a Happy Valentines day yourself!"

Vivian rocks because:
- She makes me laugh out loud every day with something she says.
- Having her in our lives, there is never a dull moment.
- Being her mom is a dream come true! She is a lot like me in many ways.
- She is one of a kind!
- She is bright like the sun!
- She is my Valentine always and forever!

Mauve Pink Button-Down, Long-Sleeve Poplin Shirt: NY&Co (Old) (similar, Steal), (quite similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar watercolor option, Splurge, my Favorite).
Pink/Coral/Baby Pink Colorblocked Blanket Scarf w/ Long Fringed Hem: Loft (New) (similar, Huge Steal), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar, on Huge Sale, love this).
Dark Blue/Indigo Stretchy Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 (New) (similar, Steal, my Favorite), (similar, on Huge Sale, love these), (similar, Splurge).
Gold-Tone Half Moon Geometric Pendant in Gold + Howlite Stone: Nakamol via Rocksbox (New) (gorgeous option, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Small Splurge).
Gold-Tone Chandelier "Emlyn" Filigree Earrings: Perry Street via Rocksbox (New) (similar, Huge Steal, my Favorite), (quite similar, Great Deal), (similar, love these).
Coral Pink Lipgloss Stain: "Princess" by Ulta (New) (similar, Steal), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (similar, Small Splurge, love this)
(topped with) Le Rouge Lipstick: 'L'Oreal Infallible in "Forever Fuchsia" (identical + I love it!), (similar, Small Splurge, my Favorite).

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink/Fuchsia Cable-knit Sweater: Gifted (New)
White Light Cotton Jersey Turtleneck w/ Multi-Colored Hearts: Wal Mart.
White Leggings w/ Sparkly Gold Hearts: Carter's (New).
White, Hot Pink and Aqua "Pup Control" Leather Sneakers: Target (New).
Fuchsia Satin Bow "Hello Kitty" Headband: Target (New).

Below is a similar Mommy+Mini Style Post from almost exactly a year ago. We are also wearing similar White Sneakers, Different Pink Sweaters and almost identical Gray Leggings. Also, it was my first post where I styled for the first time the first box of Rocksbox Jewelry. I have been 'borrowing' jewelry from Rocksbox for a year now (I just had my anniversary) and for the first time ever I purchased the entire box this time because I loved all three pieces (the necklace and earrings seen today plus a bracelet, yet to be seen). By the way, you can get your own first month of Rocksbox free using my code: ADABFF39.

My next style post will be another Mommy+Mini Look in a special collaboration with MONICA from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart. Stay tuned and thank you for reading this very long post, today.

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  1. Aw these photos are adorable! Love the pink on both of you ladies. I hope you two have a fabulous Valentines day. Cute photos!
    Rachel xo

  2. Such cute pink outfits! Vivian is getting so big!

  3. Love read all the reason why Vivian rocks.

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  5. Great look! love how you play with the pink color

  6. So adorable! Love the pink and red, and Ada, I love seeing you in casual wear too. I finally went and bought some white sneakers too!
    thanks for linking with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  7. Wow girls! You look so cute and adorable. Thank you for linking up with My Red Carpet.

    Anna xoxo

  8. I love all the pink! The girls are adorable :-) The jeans, sweater and white sneakers look great together.

    Emma xxx

  9. All of you look so lovely and cute! I adore that pink scarf!


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