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Recapping 2015: June.

There are still 7 months to recap from this blog of mine from 2015. Today I am talking about June and early next week I will recap July and August. But yeah Summer of 2015 was so busy for me and filled with a lot to do, so many people to see, visit and meet up with, so much to get ready for. June in general was a busy month as Vivian's health improved a lot and we enjoyed a 10-day Beach Vacation by the Adriatic sea with my husband, my daughter, my husband's parents and his sister.

Busy Busy Summer, indeed. In the second weekend of June we started with our Beach Vacation and then celebrated our 10th Anniversary; we had my cousin's arrival from USA and a wedding in July; and of course lots of packing and getting ready to travel in August (first coming back to Michigan and later on for our lake vacation in St. Joseph, MI). Due to all of this, I didn't have time to photograph every single outfit I wore. And in Summer time especially, I usually change twice a day. From the o…