THIS WEEKEND - volume 3.

Welcome to the Father's Day 2016 edition of "This Weekend". This is a bi-monthly post I do where I write up suggestions on what to do over that particular weekend (eats, drinks, shopping, games, sports, fun, etc.) Since tomorrow June 19th is Father's Day (and also my Wedding Anniversary - it will be 11 years for us), this weekend's edition is focused on the dad and that special guy in your life. So, let's get to it, shall we?

what to cook [THIS WEEKEND]: A BBQ Dinner outside on the grille - nothing is better, not even a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. I do not know any men or fathers who don't like a good grilled meat so throw him a BBQ Dinner and better yet make it a family event by involving him so you can all grille together outside. It is the perfect weekend to cook and eat outdoors, with temperatures of 80-90 degrees all over the country, plus I think Father's Day calls for a good ol' BBQ. Put that George Foreman to good use. What's on the menu, you ask? Hot dogs, ribs, steak, hamburger - all the meats he loves, some vegetables too like bell peppers, mushrooms and onions. Don't forget some cold beer (grab his favorite kind from the store) and corn on the cob. My mouth is watering as I am typing all of this lol.

where to take your dad or husband [THIS WEEKEND]: A Baseball game - the best idea for a fun afternoon together with your dad or your husband and the kids. I did just that with my father and my brother a few days ago when we went to see a Tigers' Baseball Game (outfit coming on the blog, soon). Baseball season is here and most dads like Baseball. I am a woman and not that much into sports and I even love baseball too.

how to treat your husband/significant other [THIS WEEKEND]: A Couples Massage - I cannot think of a more romantic and nicer treat. This sounds so great and relaxing and as soon as my husband is back from working in Europe, we plan to do just that in a few days, together. It will be the first time for both of us we have ever gotten a couples massage but I cannot wait. Plus this is the perfect gift from me to him for our 11th Wedding Anniversary. The appointment is already scheduled for next week and I cannot wait. My muscles and my entire body can use the relaxation, trust me.

what to do for your husband [THIS WEEKEND]: A Car Wash - let your husband appreciate how much you think of him and what a great father he is by washing his car for him. I think the nicer gesture here is for you (as his wife) to wash his car but if you don't want to do that, you can drive his car (without him knowing) to a car-wash instead and have it washed there. Better yet if you have it cleaned/detailed on the inside, too. Trust me, he will appreciate it so much. I have done this before for my husband as well as my mom and my dad in different occasions and they have all been very thankful.

celebrating [THIS WEEKEND]: Our 11th year Wedding Anniversary. That is a closeup picture of our hands with our Wedding Bands. The photo was taken a few years ago when we celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary, right before Vivian was born and when I was pregnant with her. This year we celebrate 11 years of Wedded Bliss and later this Summer it will be 14 years that we have been dating and been with each-other. I have no idea how time flew but it has been a lot of fun for the most part. Sure, there have been some bumpy rides along the way but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Happy Anniversary to my Darling Husband Piro and Happy Father's Day Sweetheart! You are the best daddy to the sweetest little girl. She is the best of both of us and I am glad that for the 4th year, I get to celebrate Father's Day with you. 

For some Father's Day Gift Ideas (it is still not too late to get him a few things if you haven't shopped for his gift yet), I shared my gift list last weekend ans most of you loved my ideas. Check it out if you haven't read the post yet. ;-) I tried to come up with unique and thoughtful gifts.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad too and my Brother who isn't a dad yet but is a great Uncle and will make the best dad one day! Happy Father's Day to all your Fathers and Grand-Fathers and all the Men in your life with whom you have created your little angels! What do you guys have planned this weekend for Father's Day?

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  1. Great ideas, the massage looks like a really great gift for relaxing!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Great Father's Day ideas! I bought my dad some comfy sandals from Clark's!

  3. These are great tips! My hubby has been gone all week for work so all he wants to do is sleep. :)

  4. Great plan! It is so cool that both our anniversaries are the same weekend. ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up with us. Don’t forget to come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to link up with me again!
    Take care and keep in touch! :)

  5. Hope you had a great weekend! Nice ideas for Fathers Day!

  6. Happy belated 11th anniversary - what a wonderful time to celebrate!! Hope you guys had a great weekend! xo, biana -BlovedBoston


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