Sunday, May 22, 2016

$10 Budget at Target and what I got (May).

Ohhh, is it Sunday yet? One more Sunday left for the month and we move on to June. Crazy how years fly and our children grow! 

I mentioned just at my last post how Target is dangerous, especially LOL Well, for the second month in a row, I am doing these $10 budget at Target posts. Basically it is a monthly 'challenge' and a linkup hosted by Becky each month, where anyone is invited to share what 10 dollars at Target got them. It could be one item, 3, 5 or even 10. It doesn't matter how many, but it is fun to see what everyone got!

Today's $10 Budget at Target got Vivian a brand-new outfit: a pair of Thong, Flower Hot Pink Sandals and a Ruffled Neon Aztec-Print Dress. Yes, since it is two pieces, shoes and dress, they could totally make up an outfit. Both pieces are by Circo - which is a very reasonable brand that makes cute, everyday clothes for babies and toddlers. Give it a try! They also make toys and other accessories and necessities for toddlers and babies, like bibs, blankets, pajama sets and more. I didn't save my receipt but please take my word for it. This time, the total came up to about 9.83 cents plus tax. The dress was $7.99 and the sandals were half off for $4.99, but I had a 20% off coupon and on top of that I used the 5% off red Target Card discounts. With tax I paid about $10.40. Not bad for a head to toe outfit for Vivian. I will add a bow on her hair and she is done for the day! What have you gotten at Target recently?

And stay tuned because an entire week of Bohemian Looks for Spring starts tomorrow!

P.S. I am linking with Anne, Becky, Biana, Carly with Molly, Carrie, Claire, Erin, Good Random Fun, Katherine, Lauren, Monica, Rachel, Rebecca, Tiffany and the ladies of "Tuesday Talk"  StephanieJessicaMichelle + Whitney

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  1. What great finds! Both are so darling!


  2. Love these finds! That dress is adorable!

  3. Target is dangerous so this is a fun idea!! Way to work those discounts/coupons! Love that little dress :)


  4. Wow, you did great! I love that adorable dress you got her and those cute sandals. Target is the best :) Although I feel like they have a way better selection for girls' clothes than boys' clothes... that's probably a good thing for me anyway, or I'd buy too much!

  5. Aww these are too cute, and now Elizabeth and Vivian match as they both have the same shoes. Elizabeth lost one of hers under one of our couches but it would be fun to do an Elizabeth and Vivian style collaboration if I ever find her other sandal lol!

  6. Cute dress and sandals! You did good for just $10!!


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