Saturday is for Vivian: an Update and Summer Outfits.

When Vivian was a baby, during the first year of her life, I used to do a series on Saturdays called "Saturday is for Vivian". I would usually do this twice a month on Saturdays giving you guys updates on Vivian's growth  (whoever is interested to read these) and of course lots of adorable baby photos. My little a girl isn't a baby anymore, she is a sassy toddler full of spunk, attitude, smiles and yes lots of temper tantrums. Since, I haven't done a Vivian update since June, after her hospital stay, I figured I should do one today and try to keep them up monthly. I figured Saturdays are good days to do these, plus Saturday is for Vivian because my Vivian was born on a Saturday. She was born January 19th 2013 to be exact and today is Saturday the 19th which makes Vivian 32 months old, on the dot. Happy Birthday My Princess!!

As I have mentioned on my blog, a few times, Vivian has had a tough year health-wise. Winter was bad and Spring got worse. She was on the hospital for 10 days and 10 nights in May. That was very tough on both her and me as her mamma. She was put on some different medications after the hospital, as well. We did manage to go on a 9-day Vacation as a family on early June, and that vacation with the salt plus air of the sea and sand did her so good. Every now and then her allergies and her cough would be a little tougher than mild during the Summer, but in general we have seen huge improvement, especially past mid August and beyond.

Vivian is a touch and picky eater. Her appetite has been limited or non-existent most of the Summer. (She does like cupcakes though, especially the top frosting part). We have seen significant improvement in the last couple of months though. I will tell you though, changing countries and climates from Albania to Michigan, worked against her when it came to her eating and being hungry. She barely ate all of the first two weeks we have been living in Michigan. Thankfully, she started trying and eating a few more foods, as she got used to the new place, the change of climate, her surroundings and the different foods. We still struggle with her eating, especially true meals. On a good day she will finish up two meals and snack on some fruits, veggies, OJ and crackers or sometimes M+Ms, when she is not having a meal. She loves fruits and vegetables, especially apple, banana, watermelon, green grapes, cucumber and tomato. And she loves eating M+Ms. She likes the M+Ms because they have different colors too. So, learning most of the major colors this Summer, she likes calling the M+Ms by their colors. And so far, I can tell that Red and Blue are her two most Favorite Colors. Those are my top 2 Favorite Colors, also and my husband's top favorite is Blue. So, yeah, she might take that from her parents.

Vivian has spent most of this Summer outdoors. She loves going on slides (the taller, the better) and playing on the swings. She loves a lot of the other outdoor activities too. She is so brave and has a lot of courage when it comes to climbing, jumping, walking, sliding, even on the toys made for kids much older than her. When we lived in Europe we did a lot of walking, a lot of outdoor stuff which kept her busy and healthy. Plus it was a hot Summer which was both a good and a bad thing if you ask me. I love warm weather. I love Summer. But I wouldn't want 85-90 or more degrees every single day. 80 Fahrenheit degrees is perfect for me on a daily basis, as long as it is sunny. I don't mind a little bit of a wind, either. Vivian had a great time on our second major vacation of the Summer, in St. Joseph Michigan. She even got to meet Mommy's Friend Whitney, when we were at St. Joseph. This year, for the first time (pictures above) Vivian met her cousin Noela. Noela turned one on June 20th, this year. The two girls reacted so well to each-other for the first time. You can tell my Vivian is on the small side. She is at the 10-15% weight-wise for her age and at about 35-30% height-wise for her age. She is a little peanut, I know. And of course, Vivian has been wearing lots of Dresses, Bright Colors and Cute Outfits this Summer. Here are some of her looks, below! Enjoy and Thank you for Reading!

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  1. She is your little mini-me to be sure! I am so glad to hear her health has been better. I am praying that Autumn has a better winter with her asthma. Last winter was one of the worst. It is hard not to worry. I love all of these photos! I love the photo where you are both wearing pink. :)


  2. Such an angel!! Love all the pics and so glad your lil darling is feeling better. Ada you were literally an hour away from me in St. Joe! We go up there at least twice a month in the Summertime. Hope you and your sweet family are enjoying a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Adorable child! It is so much fun to dress up little girls, all those cute pretty dresses and skirts! God bless her and hope no more health problems for this little charmer.

  4. She is such a cutie! I'm glad she started to finally feel better! I hope she has a great fall! :)

  5. What a cutie pie Vivian is, and she looks like quite the fashionista like her mommy!

  6. What a sweet post dedicated to Vivian! I'm glad she is feeling better! She looks adorable in all of her pretty dresses!

    Doused In Pink

  7. SHe is a cutie!!!! my little one was born that same year but on Feb 19th... so we are pretty much on the same page!!!

  8. Aw she is too cute, and I love her hair in pig tails! My toddlers are so picky themselves, if its not veggies, fruits and sweets it's rough to get them to eat too. At least I am not alone in the toddler picky eater area.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  9. She's beautiful, and what a little model you have there! She's got style!

  10. So many cute pictures! I love that you got a few of her smiling! She's on the go so much!

  11. Aww Vivian has so many beautiful dresses too! Love the strawberry on the front one :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays


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