Firmoo Giveaway.

Earlier this year in the Spring, Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses of my choice. Now, I do not wear contacts or glasses, but I wanted some fun, modern glasses and I am so happy Firmoo contacted me and I was able to pick up a non-prescription pair. Today, Firmoo has partnered up with me, so you can win your own free pair of Glasses from them and trust me you want to win a pair because they have gorgeous glasses: prescription or non, reading glasses and even stylish sunglasses.
Now, why you should own a pair of glasses from Firmoo (besides the fact that you can win them for free via my giveaway), today?

Firmoo is probably the most popular online glasses' company. They have a very large selection for both men and women, and as I mentioned they can be prescription, non-prescription or even sunglasses. On the plus side, they have an entire page of glasses specially selected for bloggers. But the thing I like most about their website and how they work is that you can do a free virtual try-on of the glasses prior to ordering them. Just upload a photo or 2-3 close-up pictures of you if you want to see them in a few different ways and pick the glasses you want to try on. I probably tried on about 6-7 pairs before I settled on my Burgundy pair. Mine are unisex and they are gorgeous. I absolutely love them on me. Once you are done deciding which pair you want (and trust me it is hard) then you can proceed with your order. The checkout process is not gimmicky at all. It is quick, professional and the shipping part takes a week at the most. They even send you an e-mail once you have ordered them. In case anything goes wrong or God forbid they get lost in the mail, Firmoo's excellent customer service is there for you.

But the number one reason why you should own a pair of Firmoo Glasses is because for the fantastic prices they offer you get excellent quality. A lot of bang for your buck. My glasses are very well-made, sturdy, so pretty and even come with a few little tools to maintain them. And, as a bonus part, the customer service at Firmoo is unlike any other I have ever seen. I mean I know this for a fact since I am their customer, but in all seriousness I know people in real life as well as a ton of bloggers who have ordered from them and have been very satisfied. Your pair of glasses will come with two cases, both of which are nice, well-made cases, a little screw-driver and a little wipe cloth to wipe them with.

Here is how I styled my Glasses earlier this Spring and as you can see from that earlier review, I raved about Firmoo then, also. My Glasses are currently on sale, by the way. They also come in Black.

This time around the Glasses looked so cute on a semi-dressy date lunch look, paired with my Tiered Yellow Dress and Black Patent Leather Peep-Toe Sandals. I also loved how the Turquoise Jewelry paired with the Deep Burgundy Color of the Glasses. What do you think?
Burgundy Frame, Non-prescription, Nerd Glasses: c/o (identical in Burgundy C2), (I also love these in patternthese in black/red and these in black/clear).
Black Patent Leather, Peep-Toe, Kitten Heel, Strappy Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Stretchy Real Turquoise Bracelet: A Local Boutique in Albania
Faux Turquoise, Teardrop Statement Earrings: Target (New).
Burgundy Frame, Non-prescription, Nerd Glasses: c/o (identical in Burgundy C2), (I also love these in patternthese in black/red and these in black/clear).
Bright Yellow, Ruffled Tank Dress: Express.
Black Patent Leather, Peep-Toe, Kitten Heel, Strappy Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Stretchy Real Turquoise Bracelet: A Local Boutique in Albania
Faux Turquoise, Teardrop Statement Earrings: Target (New).

So, did I convince you yet? Below there are 3 ways and 10 entries for you to win this giveaway.
The giveaway will stay open for exactly a week or 7 days. The winner gets to select a pair of glasses of their choice from the Collection for Bloggers page. The shipping to US is absolutely free.
Good luck!!

P.S. I am linking up with Carrie, Casey  & co, Carylee, Biana, Debonita, Doranda, Erin, Good Random Fun, Jac,
Also, linking up with Ann Luiza and Michelle for their themed Monday Link-up which next Monday is Summer Dresses. 

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  1. Pretty ruffled dress, you look lovely. Good luck to everyone!

    The Flower Duet

  2. I would LOVE a pair of Firmoo glasses. Maybe I would actually wear my glasses more often if I had a new pair :)

  3. P.S. I think I would want the E7008 or the E7025

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I love the yellow! Your glasses look great too! I have a pair of vintage styled cat-eye ones that I wear when I don't have contacts in.

  5. The glasses (Dress and accessories) look great on you! Thanks for the chance to win a stylish pair of glasse!

  6. Glad to hear you had such a positive experience working with firmoo, and those are such fun frames!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Love the yellow dress! Thanks for linking up to Fridays Fashions. :)

  8. Congrats on the collaboration and giveaway! Love your yellow dress! I have one pair of glasses from Firmoo and my husband just ordered his sunglasses. We both are very happy with them. I would like to get him another pair of sunglass because he just gave me some hint. ;)

    Take care and keep in touch!
    Please stop by every Wednesday for Color and Grace Fashion link up! :)


  9. What lovely photos Ada! I love your dress and glasses! I have been wearing my firmoo glasses like crazy and feature them in a post/giveaway tomorrow as well.
    Rachel xo

  10. Those glasses look great on you! I love your fun ruffle dress! You look so pretty in yellow!

    Doused In Pink

  11. Hi,
    Beautiful, love the yellow dress, cute.
    Have a great day!

  12. Love the yellow dress! I have glasses from firmoo and really like them!!

  13. You are gorgeous in yellow!! Love the dress on you!


  14. That's a gorgeous dress on you! :]

    I'd get #F1009! :D Thanks for this giveaway!

  15. what a pretty yellow dress and I love the outdoor pictures. You look great

  16. I love firmoo eyeglasses. I have a pair and they are super comfy and stylish
    The Color Palette

  17. Well, you look great in glasses, Ada! This yellow dress is so pretty and feminine. Nice look on you, Ada! Thanks for linking up with Whitney, Casey & Carrie. Hope you have a lovely week!

  18. Nice look:-)

  19. Looking lovely in glasses! The yellow dress is simply fantastic especially combined with turquoise jewelry!

  20. Glasses look great on you! What a fun way to switch up your look!

  21. Oh darn! I missed this giveaway! You look beautiful in that yellow dress and I am so used to your photos being inside, I love that these were taken outside! I really like you with glasses!


  22. Those glasses are so cute on you! And I just love that dress! The turquoise accessories are perfect!


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