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Semi-Dressy Pastels.

This Outfit is from May 1st - one of the last ones featuring my Top 10 items (from my Top 10 April Challenge; you can see all the items from my Top 10 here). I started this challenge a few days after April had started so I decided to do it for exactly a month and finish towards the beginning of May. Posting this outfit late because as you know this has been quite the month for me. I have been busy, sad, exhausted, worried about Vivian, tired, overwhelmed, etc. But speaking of this challenge, I might do a recap of it soon, hopefully by no later than this Monday. So, in this Outfit I took 4 of my top 10 items (jeans, sweater, necklace and shoes) and paired them together effortlessly I must say since they are all in light Pastel Colors. Because it was cool that day I did add my Khaki Jacket for earlier in the morning. To dress it up more I carried a Clutch that day. I love how the Turquoise Loafers play off the Light Mint of the Sweater while the Bright Coral Clutch gets repeated in a l…