What to Pack for a Late Summer Vacation by the Lake.

We have been lucky and blessed to go on two vacations this year. Today we are driving to St. Joseph (Michigan) for our third vacation. The first time around we went with my in-laws (as well as my own little family) for a 9-day Vacation by the Adriatic Sea in early June. Then, in mid July we went for a weekend getaway just the my husband, Vivian and I somewhere different by the Adriatic Sea. This time around we will be near a lake. Vivian and I are vacationing with my parents. It is their "Welcome to Michigan" gift to us.

What to Pack for a Late Summer Vacation by the Lake.

Late Summer Lake Vacation
If this collage seems familiar, is because I did a similar one back in early June when we went to vacation at the sea (by the Adriatic), for 9 days. Actually several items I am packing are very similar. Last time I packed a Strapless Short Dress, a Maxi Dress, Flip Flops, Denim Shorts, a Denim Jacket, a Romper, a Patterned Scarf, Long Dangly Earrings, a Coral Cocktail Ring and a Plain Tank Top, as well. But, late June Mediterranean weather (even if it wasn't super hot) is a lot, a lot warmer than late August Michigan Weather, a little northern in Michigan. Plus, now the days are shorter. And if  last week is any indication, mornings are quite cold and evenings have been cool and chilly here in Michigan.

This time around, similar to the collage, I am also packing some flare jeans, a black cardigan, a bright-colored, light-knit sweater (mine is in a similar citrusy shade) and a kimono-esque floral blouse, just having more options for when it gets cool early morning and in the evening. I am also packing more shoes and jewelry this time around. My parents and I are planning on a lot more dining out than we did when I was on vacation in June. I was often in a bathing suit in June. We were at the beach for longer hours and we cooked a lot at our rented apartment. This time I want to have more options and since we are staying at a hotel, we won't be doing any laundry. All of mine and Vivian's clothes fit in a carry-on plus we are driving so it's OK.

I am packing 5 bathing suits in total, including a solid neutral one-piece (similar to the collage), and a striped one (similar to the collage). I am packing simple flip-flops, black sandals, white ballet flats and red slip-on sneakers (similar to the collage). I might even pack a second pair of sandals. Of course a neon statement necklace, a pair of dangly blue earrings, some colorful studs, a pineapple tote bag and a tassel scarf (like on the collage) are among the accessories I am packing. A brown tank top, a maxi skirt, and once again  both a romper (I packed a neutral one this time), a denim jacket (mine is in a light wash with a mandarin collar) are also coming with me. I also have some floral soft shorts, khaki shorts, a solid scarf and a couple more things coming with me. What do you think of my packing list? Are these any items you would pack for a lake vacation in late August? The town we will be staying has a cute down-town and we will be in the city more, that is why I wanted more clothes this time around. Oh and in case St. Joseph sounds familiar over here it's because it is Whitney's Home Town and her favorite town, back from when she guest posted for me, a couple of weeks ago.

Items on the collage, detailed:

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  1. Ooh I hope you enjoy your getaway, Ada! I love the dresses you picked and those pretty bright colors. Have fun!!

  2. What a thorough packing list! How fun that you were in Michigan! I was in South Haven a couple of weeks ago. Aren't the west shores of Michigan so beautiful?

  3. Great packing list! The wide selection is perfect for the ever changing weather! I love that off the shoulder top and tribal scarf!

    Doused In Pink

  4. This is a great packing list! My favorites are the swimsuits!


  5. Hope you have a wonderful time at the lake! Looks like you've packed enough to have everything covered! :)

  6. Did you get to use your swim suits at all?? I'm sorry it has been so chilly! I can't wait to see you again soon :)

  7. I always pack a ton of bathing suits, too and I usually buy 2 new suits every other year... I really need to work on getting more cover ups though and some floppy hats to protect my face from the sun. I can't wait to see pictures from your late summer vacation!


  8. What a great packing list! These are definitely all items I would be taking with me too!


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