Guest Post: Lauren on Pattern Mixing and Layering.

Hi Guys and TGIF. I am kicking off a series of Guest Posts starting this Friday. You will see more next weekend, during the first couple of weeks of August and every Friday in August, actually. Today I have Lauren kick-starting my Guest Posts. She is a fashionista in her early twenties who recently moved from warm+sunny California to cold+snowy Colorado. This girl knows three things very well: thrift-shopping, casual looks that look put-together and layering. Today you can see many of her layered looks mixing patterns - which as you know is a favorite thing for me to do style-wise. She has some great advice for you. Take it over, Lauren.


Hello Elegance & Mommyhood readers!  My name is Lauren and I blog over at Exploring My Style sharing outfits, style how-tos, and thrift shopping adventures!  A Cali girl born and raised, I recently moved to Colorado where I've been learning how to dress for multiple seasons.  Come by and say hello! 

Ada is the queen of pattern-mixing.  She's not afraid to mix any number of patterns and colors--I envy that about her!  Since I'm not quite as brave, I thought I'd share an intro to pattern-mixing with a few easy ways to effortlessly wear more than just one print!

1.  Accessorize.   My favorite way to pattern mix is with the one piece of patterned clothing and an accessory.  A patterned accessory such as a scarf or belt can add just a small amount of the second pattern.
2.  Match the patterns.  If matching two different patterns seems too hard, try pairing the same pattern in either different colors or sizes.
3.  Use lace as a second pattern.
Lace is such a subtle pattern, it can be matched with anything.  When in doubt, choose lace.
4.  Keep the rest of the outfit neutral.
Let the patterns speak for themselves.
5.  Layer the patterns on top of one another.
Layering means one piece will be featured less, making them both look less busy.
6.  Choose patterns with a similar color.
When choosing your second pattern, choose a piece with at least one color that matches the first.  This way, they are guaranteed to match and look cohesive.
There you have it!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will stop by to say hello sometime!
Lauren Exploring My Style


I myself am a firm-believer on the 1st and 6th advice that Lauren mentioned above too. I loved her advise on lace too. I usually don't consider lace a pattern but she is right, Lace is both a pattern and a texture. Love the outfits with the Lace Coral Pencil Skirt and the Yellow-Striped Maxi Dress she has created here. And Lauren also always know how to pattern-mix with a scarf!


  1. So going to have to use these tips. To make more mixed pattern outfits.

  2. These are some really great tips! I especially love the heart sweater toward the end!

  3. wow learnt a lot

  4. Nice to meet you Lauren and I really like all of these tips! The lace one is my favorite and so easy. I really love the outfit of you with the yellow striped dress and that striped hat! So pretty!


  5. I loved reading these and getting some inspiration. Thanks Ada for featuring Lauren, will check her blog out.
    Rachel xo


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