Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Snap-shots.

It is Summer 2014, Baby!!
Summer is ending soon - that is hard to believe and truly, I am a little sad. We haven't taken our Summer vacation yet (fingers crossed we can go for a week getaway on September 1st), but we have gone to the pool or at the beach a few times so far. As busy as Summer has been and I have had so much stuff to do around the house, volunteering, job-searching and add to all these a lot more laundry and dishes than during the Winter, the weekends we have spent relaxing under the sun, as a family, have been the best and most memorable. I figured since it is the middle of August already, I finally show you some snap-shots of what our Summer has looked like. This is a post heavy in photos but I hope you enjoy it. =)
I can tell Vivian enjoyed this season. She was too young last year to understand or really enjoy Summer and our Summer in Michigan (last year) was pretty cool and rainy too. But this year, she definitely understood and she loved the warm weather and the sunshine. If you leave her out outside all day, she would have a (beach) ball! LOL She is walking and running now so of course she loves being outdoors. What she loves even more is the water. We have taken her to a gigantic children's pool a few times and even to the beach a couple of times. It was her first time at the sea a couple of weeks ago and she liked sinking her little toes and feet on the sand. But at the same time she hated getting sand on her hands and every time sand would get on her hands she would show me her hands and would make a face - she wanted me to wash them. However, it is super hard getting her out of the water, be it the pool or the sea. Both times we have taken her to the beach, the sea has been a little rough and full of waves but she loved those waves. I would jump with her every time there was a wave and she laughed every single time. She loved the foam. She also loved sitting on the side of the sea, her little tush sitting on the wet sand as she reached for the water with her little hands.
And, of course since Vivian is a Winter baby, she turned a year and a half old on July 19th. Hard to believe that she will be 19 months old in just a few days. Of course she wore a Pretty + New Dress for this occasion. We had a little lunch as a family plus the grand-parents.

So, what have you been up to this Summer? Have you gone to any fun vacations? Have you gone to the sea or the ocean? Tell me in the comments.
Goodbye for now from my little Summer Baby and I. And enjoy this weekend!! We will be going to the Adriatic sea again for the next couple of days. =)

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  1. Your girls are soooo cute! The logo on top of your site is very creative, I love it.

    From Jing at

  2. Loving these pics! Looks like a great summer!

  3. What a fun summer you are having and it looks like Vivi is loving the pool! You are looking GREAT in your suit, too!! You have a red dress on in a couple of the pics and it looks marvelous on you!

  4. Looks like you had fun in the sun with your little one!

  5. So fun to see your summer pics! Vivian looks adorable and looks like she's having a great time!


  6. Looks like your family is having a fun summer! Very cute pictures :) I can't believe the summer is almost over either! It seems the busier we are, the faster it goes!

  7. Looks like you are really making the most of summer! These photos are all adorable!

  8. Yay, it looks like it's been a wonderful summer for you!

  9. Can't believe Vivian is getting so big! These are precious times and looks like your family is having a great summer!


  10. Looks like an amazing time, aww I need to go away :)

    Lovely pictures, so much fashion and fun :)

    Thanks for linking up



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