February 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

As I have mentioned before, writing the Top 3 post for each month and recapping the previous month Fashion-wise, is one of my Most Favorite Posts to write. Sure, it is time-consuming and it makes me think deep about my style progression and the Outfits I loved and in what order I loved them most, but it is Fun nevertheless. With that said, February flew by and I cannot believe today is March 1st. Holly Molly! Do you feel the same way? Like I mentioned last weekend, it was a month of sickness and bad health for me personally and for us as a household, so I am glad it is over. Though, a very bad flu virus is currently circling the rounds in Albania. I pray to God we don't catch anything, especially the baby. Keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

In February, I got in 25 Posts out of which you saw 29 Outfits. There were 2 Two-fer Posts where I remixed my Navy Collared Grandpa Cardigan in one and my Brown Cowl-neck Sweater on the other one. On the days I left my house and got dressed, I tried to make the most out of items I had neglected for a long time, so I no longer neglected many articles of clothing, mostly Cardigans. I wore a lot of Sweaters and Cardigans in February and lots of Pants and Black Leggings, mostly my Olive Green Skinny Cargo Pants by Gap (just like last month - seen 4 times in February). There were a few Sweater Dresses in the mix, too. I also wore lots of Hats and Scarves, especially my Gray/Red/Black Leopard Infinity Scarf (worn 2 times) and of course you saw my Mustard Coat a couple of times too. Since February was the month of Love you saw a lot of Hot Pink and Red in my Outfits. But at the same time, I wore a lot of Neutral Colors. The print of choice was Leopard, for sure. And with almost all of my Dressy Outfits I wore some type of Heels.

In February there were a bunch of Collaborations too, starting off with The 6 Remix which I shared with INGE of This Ever Evolving Life. I did a special Valentine's Day Post styling 3 Looks: Casual Daytime, Business/Work and Date Night, collaborating both with LORENA of Lorena's Every Day Wear and LONDYN of Blog Fashion. And last but not least, I did 2 Style Swap Collaborations with JESS of J's Style. I love collaborating with other bloggers and all of these 4 ladies have great styles of their own and I read their blogs, daily. As a matter of fact, some of the Outfits I put together for February's Collab Posts ended up being My Favorites of the month. Let me know through the comments if you want to do a future Collaboration Post, Guest Post or Style Swap Post. Thank You.

OK, so here are My Favorite Looks of last month:

This is by far My Most Favorite Outfit of last month. I re-created Jessica's Outfit (like I mentioned above, for the Style Swap) and the results were great. I am glad I chose my Black Stiletto Boots instead of my Black Flat Riding Boots. A Mamma needs to dress up, sometimes. I received many compliments on this in Real Life, and of course great comments on the blog, too.
This is on top 3 because I felt so Chic, Elegant, Sassy, Trendy and Totally European (which I am from, after all) in this. The Black+Gray Neutral Outfit in itself is simple. The little Leopard Infinity Scarf adds interest. But it is my Beautiful Mustard Coat and Black Fedora Hat that make it even more appealing. Great Outter-wear goes a long way, in this case. It was my first time wearing this Fedora and you will be seeing it a lot more.
This is on top 3 because despite the fact that I don't love how the dress fits me, I indeed love the Dress. I just wish it was a tad tighter and a tad longer. I love the Beautiful Print of Coral-Red Roses & Brown Leopard Spots. I loved how I styled this Beautiful New Dress also. It was Sexy yet Chic paired with the Black Fishnets, the Long Dangly Earrings and all the Crystal Arm Jewelry and of course my Favorite Rose Gold Heels. You too loved this Dress and I received many compliments so Thank You.
Other Favorite Outfits note-worthy of making my Top February 2014 list (though in no particular order), are as below:
Least Favorite Look: Olive, Navy, Baby Blue and Disheveled. I know many of you didn't think this Outfit was that bad and in actuality it is not. But between my knees looking capped and my Pants wrinkled, my Makeup sort of runny and the Boots a little dirty, I felt a little disheveled and not elegant. I will repeat this Outfit by changing just a couple of elements, for a successful result, of course.
Which are your Favorite 2-3 Looks from above? Tell me. =)
I, of course am looking forward to March, longer days, warmer days - for that matter - and looking forward to Spring in general. Stay tuned because sometime within the next 3 days I will be posting about my Shopping/Budget in regards to what I added to my closet in February. Thanks so much for reading and for your honest opinions.

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  1. I think the first look is my favorite, but I really love the floral dress too!

  2. You had a lot of really great looks this month!

  3. My favorite look is number 4, sporty and chic which is so on trend.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. I adore your mustard coat! Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday!

  5. I liked number 8 and 9 the best. You look great in red and pink!

  6. Definitely #9 as my fave!!! Also loved that you had a least favorite- made me laugh out loud :)

  7. Look #1 is my favorite of yours, and not just for February - all time on your blog! #9 is also flattering!
    Thanks for linking up! morepiecesofme.com

    1. And PS She isn't my daughter! No kids here yet! I should not have titled the post Mini "me" as I confused lots of people today! :)

  8. My favorite is outfit 1 with the grey sweater dress and red blazer. Great color combo and styling there. Thank you for linking up to Manic Monday!
    On the Daily Express

  9. So glad one of the swap looks was your favorite...I really love your version of it - the heeled boots are a great item with this outfit!


  10. I agree with Debbie, love your floral dress :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays ...


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