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Today is Saturday and for over a year now, this is the day I normally post about Vivian. It has been over a month since she had her very first Birthday but I have yet to give you guys a 12-month update like I have done with all the previous 11 months. I am sorry. But, there are close to 200 photos we took that day (from different cameras and phones), most of which are taken with my crappy (but still working) camera. Don't get me wrong, the camera still works pretty well considering that I have had it for close to 7 years now, it has been dropped many times and even been touched with sticky or greasy fingers. But sometimes the photos are grainy or not bright, so I have to edit the brightness and perhaps the colors on every single one. Thank God I have my other camera. My little (non-professional) Cannon. For someone who loves photos as much as I do, I should invest in a professional, photographer's camera. But those are super expensive and it is nowhere in our budget now. Maybe one will become mine after going back to work and having a steady paycheck for a few months. Anyway, so still no 12-month update on Vivian though I have shown you several photos from her Birthday Celebration already here, plus I showed you photos from her 1-year Photoshoot here. 

Due to being quite sick in February for 2 weeks - both the baby and I - and actually not leaving the house for 12 days straight, I didn't get around to editing the photos, posting them on my personal Facebook or here. I love to blog and I spend a lot of time blogging. But at times I need to take a day or a weekend off. I don't want this blog to become an unnecessary, unpleasant chore, especially since I make absolutely no money from it. It is a big hobby that I'd like it to grow bigger and perhaps make a few bucks here and there from it, but then again, my home life comes first, my health is important and time with my daughter (and my husband as well) matters the most, too. So I don't fret over things like these.

So, February is coming to a close quickly and since I haven't had a non-fashion, non-Vivian post in a long time, I felt like dumping this all on you today. So today I am writing what is currently on my mind. February was an off month for me. I was taking some type of medicine or another for 17 days straight, including 12 days of antibiotics. I had Bronchitis, a slight Pneumonia and Laryngitis. Vivian only had Laryngitis but we both had high fever for about 5-6 days. Since Vivian was born, she had never gotten sick (Thank God). She experienced 24 hours of mild fever when she had her 2-month shots, and some fatigue & lack of appetite when she had her 6-month shots but that's about it. When we came back from the States, she also got sick for a few days but again no fever. I had never seen my baby sick and crying till she got red on her face, from high fever. It was sickening (no pun intended) and heart-breaking to see her that way, especially since I was very sick myself and I knew I couldn't take good care of her. Luckily my Mother-in-Law took off Thursday and Friday (that first week we got sick) and then the weekend came. By Monday at least my fever was gone for the most part, so thank God for her and my Sister-in-Law for helping us out, because My Husband was also sick, poor guy.

Thursday February 13th was the first day I went out with the Baby. I was so excited to get out of my Pajamas that I planned on a Cute Outfit too. I will blog that Outfit here probably on Monday. Then, on Valentine's Day we went to my Best Friend's Son's 1st Birthday Party so Vivian and I were out 2 days in a row and it felt good. After that week was over, I decided that this week (that's ending tomorrow) I should dedicate to some clothing that needed to not be neglected any longer. So, I showed some love to some old and some pretty new pieces that were neglected for close to a year or longer, not making it out of my closet. It wasn't just for the purpose of the blog either. I wore each Outfit in real life and I must say I loved every single Outfit I created. As a matter of fact, in two years that I have been blogging pretty daily, this is the one week that stands out in my mind where I HAVE LOVED (not just liked) every single Outfit. So much so, that I made a collage of the Outfits this week (below), for your pleasure and for mine, once again. You readers, fans and followers of my blog have also enjoyed my Outfits this week. I have even received a few nice E-Mails about them. It is nice to know also that some of my followers, follow me via E-Mail. Thank You.
1 + 2,  3,  4,  5,  6. )
I usually have at least 2 or 3 weeks worth of Outfits saved in my computer, from the current date when I post. In case I decide to take a stay-cation I should be good to blog my daily fashions even for a while longer. These Outfits accumulate due to several reasons: 1) I love clothes and I change them often (God knows I have a ton); 2) participating in Fashion Challenges (most of which I find out about at the last minute); 3) Collaboration Posts which I love doing by the way; and 4) I sometimes change Outfits in one day and I usually photograph both the day and the evening Outfit, because you never know. So, another new thing for this blog, is that for the first time ever this week, I posted Outfits the same week that I had worn them. Since there are 5 more Work Days left in February, next week, I really wanted to do a second week of Neglected Items. But, I have a lot of Outfits from the last 2-4 weeks that haven't been posted on the blog yet and that I'd like to show you before it is too late. So for now I am taking a week off from Neglected pieces and will resume to do so in March - that's a promise.

There are at least 10 more things that I can write about now, but that's a lot of brain dump for one post, so I will stop at this for now. I will do my February Recapping/Shopping post next weekend probably so you may get more reflections and brain dumps from me. If you made it this far, Thank You for Reading. I might not say it as often as I'd like but I sincerely appreciate every single word, comment, compliment (especially those for Vivian) and love you show to my little blog and to my outfits. 

One last thing: If you still don't follow me, please do so via Google Plus, Google Friend Connect (GFC) or Bloglovin. Thanks so much. I appreciate it.


  1. Love to hear your updates and great outfits overview :)

    You and family stay well now please!!

  2. 4 and 6 were my favorite outfit you were. I'm so happy to hear you all are doing better. Plus some time we all need a break from blogging.

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a rough February. Glad you and your family are all on the mend. It is hard when you blog all the time to take a step back but it is also necessary sometimes. I had to do it as well as I was feeling overwhelmed. Hang in there and take care of you first. Great week of outfits, im loving the grey dress and red blazer.
    Enjoy the rest of your week-end!


  4. I hope your whole family is finally feeling better...what a rough month!!


  5. I'm sorry to hear Vivian was so sick! I'm glad everyone is feeling better though!

  6. Glad you are finally feeling better and that Vivian didn't get as sick as you. It sucks when you are sick but it's worse when your kids are. Love the outfits Ada.


  7. I'm glad you had your in-laws to help you out a bit! It's such a horrible feeling when your child is sick!


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