Monday, January 6, 2014

Recapping 2013: Jeans, Pants and Leggings.

Hello. I started writing/posting this late Sunday night almost Monday. Today and tomorrow I will be recapping more of my Favorite Outfits from 2013. Last year I have probably shown at least 300 Outfits on the blog. I didn't blog daily. Many times there were Vivian posts too, but I did have a lot of OOTD Posts. There were days when I did two-fer's and there were days when I did remixes like "The 6 Remix". Today is also the 6th but due to the busy Holiday season, a very active baby and trying to get together the Recap of 2013 posts, I am skipping it this month but will resume it again on February 6th. Stay tuned!! =)

I wore a lot of Outfits in 2013 as I said. About 300 made it into the blog. At least 50 didn't. Anyway, I have divided My Favorites into categories. Today I will be showing you all my Pants, Jeans and Leggings. Let me know what you think? Which ones are your favorite?

First we have Blue Jeans. I normally do not wear many Blue Jeans, but as a new Mom and staying home with the baby, Blue Jeans became a closet staple this year. I think the 2 pairs I wore the most are the Dark Indigo Blue ones from The Limited (pictured on the 1st bottom left outfit) and the Acid Wash pair from Viggos - the only new pair I purchased in 2013 (pictured on the 2nd outfit from the left & the last top outfit).
This is my Favorite Look featuring Jeans. It features one of my favorite pairs of Jeans, a Plaid/Gingham Shirt in a Bright Color, a Faux Fur Scarf, a Leatherette Jacket, a Monogram Clutch & Sexy Alligator Pumps. Seriously what's not to love?! You loved it a lot, as well. I wore this for my Co-Host "Style Spotlight" I did with Elle and Jacqueline.
Next we have Patterned & Cropped Pants. This year I added to my closet several Patterned Pants. I also wore a lot of the Crops I already own. The Black+White Geometric-Print Pair from H+M (2nd left outfit & middle bottom outfit) and the Blue+White Floral/Paisley pair by Old Navy (1st outfit from the right) were worn the most. They were both remixed for a 6 Remix each. Both of these pairs of Patterned Pants were purchased this year.
This is my Favorite Look featuring Cropped Pants. I kept the look Neutral, Trendy yet Classic staying in the Camel+Leopard family with the Collar of my White Button-down Shirt peeking through. The Pants are from The Limited, by the way. This was also a remix post and out of the 7 Outfits I wore that day (styling a White Button-Down), you guys seemed to like this the most, as well. This is also my Favorite Fashion Post of 2013. I Styled my White Button-Down 7 ways but could have easily done 7 more looks.
Third we have Colored Pants. This is an area I was lacking (in Colors) but added Cobalt, Kelly Green, Neon Pink, Mint & Teal ones in 2013.  Since my collection grew and because I love Colored Pants, I wore a lot of Outfits with them, this past year. I wore a lot of Bright Pink Pants as you can see. Probably the Colored Pants I wore the most are the Olive Skinny Pants from Gap (first & last top outfits), the Fuchsia Jeans from Express (2nd top outfit from left & 1st bottom outfit from right) and the Neon Pink Khakis from Gap (1st bottom outfit from left & middle top outfit).
This is my Favorite Look featuring Colored Pants which were also on Heather's and mine Fall Must Haves for Moms' list. I paired them with a Cute Black Shell, a Black Blazer out of my large collection of Black Jackets, some Beautiful Jewelry from White House Black Market, some cute, Retro-looking Sandals & a Burlap Clutch. Heather loved this Outfit, you guys did and I did as well.
Last but not least we have Leggings. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love & wear Leggings. I have a ton of pairs and added more to my closet, last year. I wore even more Leggings this year since being a Mom. I wore a lot of Black Leggings as you can tell. (There are actually 4 different pairs of Black Leggings above.) My Newest and Best Pair I purchased in 2013 are the Ponte+Faux Leather Black ones by Forever 21, which made it into four Favorite Looks (1st left, 2nd bottom left, 4th top left & 1st right). I wore them more than any other pair, remixing them for a 6 Remix (which turned into a 7 Remix) and I also wore them on several other occasions, too. The Black+White Houndstooth pair (2nd top outfit from the right) also purchased very early in 2013, got worn a lot, too.
This is my Favorite Look featuring Leggings. Once again I am wearing my New Favorite Black Ponte/Faux Leather Leggings (could be Skinny Pants) from Forever 21 with a Cap-Sleeve Black Sweater & a Short-Sleeve White Button-Down Shirt, proving and showing once again how versatile & useful to a Woman's Closet, a White Shirt really is. I paired these pieces with my Favorite, Neutral, Easy-to-Remix Nude Pumps (which were also worn a lot in 2013), my hair pulled back to show off some Dangly Chandelier Earrings and done. This was another remix post using 6 items of my closet: 3 tops & 3 bottoms. Out of the 7 Outfits I created, I wore these Leggings for 3 of them. This was my second Favorite Fashion Post from 2013.

Next, I will be showing you guys Favorite Looks featuring Dresses and Pencil Skirts. Also, view all my Favorite Pregnancy Looks from 2013, in this post. Thank you for reading.


  1. Great recap. You wore a lot of cut outfits in 2013

  2. What a great recap! It's fun going back through the year to see all the different looks. I loved your jeans remix and the colored jeans one too. The jeans outfit with the striped tee and cuffed jeans is my favorite. It's the perfect stylish mom on the go outfit!

  3. Great recap! You had a lot of fun outfits to choose from!

  4. Hello Miss Ada and happy New Year! Loved your recap and wishing you all the best in 2014!

  5. Great look! I love jeans!

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  8. There are so many different colored pants! I am in love with all of them. If you are going to wear pants might as well wear ones that are memorable!


  9. Love all these collages! You have so many great pairs of pants, but I think I like your leather leggings and the darker pink pair of pants the best! Great recap Ada!

  10. Love the biker jacket! Great recap and fun idea for the new year. Yep, I've been slightly MIA of late, but don't worry, I haven't gone far :) You'll know why soon!


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