Dress Week: Fit+Flare Floral and a Haircut.

My New Hair Style.
First things first, I got a haircut and I love it!! I cut 6 inches off my hair in early January before we had our pictures taken for Vivian's 1st Birthday and I hadn't cut it since then. I had been debating about a real cut (as in quite shorter) for a few weeks now so I too the plunge. I cut another 6-7 inches this second time around, with some shorter layers. What I like about it is that it is still pretty long to put in a ponytail or half-way back, yet when down it looks like a longer, layered bob. I wouldn't call it long hair, it is definitely medium length. Anyways, last time my hair was this short was in Summer of 2008. A part of me misses the long hair (already), but I think it will get pretty long by the time the Holiday season comes. My hair grows fast. What do you think guys? I took several before+after photos for you to see (my first time in many many years that I take before+after photos after a major hair change). 

Now on to the OOTD, Dress Week continues and I got a real Pretty one today. This might be My Favorite Dress I added to my closet this Summer. It is 100% Silk and it is washable. It is a Fit+Flare Style. It has a light lining underneath but it is airy enough for Summer. But I think my favorite part is the print. It's these pretty Daisy Flowers in Coral, Gray, Blue and Redish-Pink. I got this Dress courtesy of a local boutique which makes me love it even more. I seriously couldn't say enough happy words about it.

One of the best things I have done/occupied myself with while Vivian is on daycare for 4 hours each day (and while I am still without a job), is dedicate my time to some children in need and a couple of great causes such as AmcDSA which is a new organization formed this Spring that helps all the Down Syndrome Children in Albania, a lot of which have been abandoned by their parents, unfortunately. My first time to wear this Dress was for an event about this organization. There was a luncheon, a couple of auctions held, some tear-jerker speeches and some raffle prizes. We raised 4500 Euros for these children. The event was held at a fancy hotel and I thought this Daytime Dress was perfect for a Lunch/Afternoon Event. I dressed it up with Red Patent Leather Pumps, Red Statement Necklace and Red Lipstick, as well as Royal Blue Clutch and Royal Blue Stud Earrings, bringing out the Reds+Blues from the Dress. Do you like how I styled this Dress for a Dressy Daytime Event? Have you added a New Floral Summer Dress to your closet, this year? They are so Feminine and Pretty, no?
Floral, Colorful, Sleeveless, Fit+Flare, 100% Silk Dress w/ Scoop Neck: c/o "I Love Shopping Boutique" (New) (similar by Gap, best deal, love this), (similar gorgeous option by Jessica Simpson, on sale), (similar watercolor by Kensie, great deal).
Red, Briolette, Bib, Statement Necklace: E-Bay (similar, best deal, love this), (gorgeous Kate Spade option, love this), (similar, great deal).
Royal Blue, Small Circle Stud Earrings: Random Street Vendor for $1.00 (New) (very similar in lighter blue), (similar in baby blue+silver, love these), (similar in navy+gold).
Orange, Acrylic, Small Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor.
Red Matte Lipstick: Avon Ultra Color Lipstick (identical in "Perfect Red" - highly recommend it), (very similar by Revlon in "Really Red").
Royal Blue Silky, Envelope Bow, Wristlet Clutch: Express (similar, on sale, love this), (similar, dressy), (blue+pink gorgeous option by Valentino, great deal, love this).
Bright Red, Patent Leather, Strappy, Criss-Cross Stilettos: Carlos Santana (similar, great deal), (very similar Jimmy Choos), (similar red pumps by Guess).

P.S. Today is Ashleigh's Birthday and she asked some of her Favorite Bloggers to pay it forward for a special post on her BDay. By using my time to help children less fortunate than my daughter I am paying it forward and it is so rewarding. =)))
Also my Blogging Buddy Laura is starting a new Link-up today so I am joining her "Confident Twosday" and you should do. My new haircut makes me feel confident, by the way.
Last but not least, linking up with Ann, Erin, Lauren, Janise, Jen, Paige, Rachel, Saumya and Zaz.

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  1. Love the new hair (gorgeous!), love the dress and I really love that you were working to help children with Down's. Awesome!!

  2. Love your new haircut Ada!! It's perfect for summer & looks so chic on you! Your dress is adorable & love how your paired it with the red heels & bag! Hope you are having a great week:)
    Marta, xo

  3. The short hair looks great! That's a pretty dramatic cut, all at once like that! And I'm a big fan of fit and flare dresses in general.

  4. Your haircut looks fabulous! I love it on you. I love the floral dress and am a big fan of red shoes yours are pretty
    From the link up,
    Please Stop By , jess

  5. Love the new haircut, I actually think it makes you look more youthful too!

  6. I love your hair! What a great look on you! And to answer your question, yes those are all my sisters! There are 5 of us in total!

  7. I LOVE the new haircut! I think it's really chic! Also, I really admire that you are spending some of your free time supporting a great cause! Were you the best dressed at the charity luncheon because this dress is GORGEOUS!?

  8. YAY!!! Really love this cut on you - freshens the look a lot and keeps a young feel :)


  9. It so nice of your to help a great cause out. Your hair looks great. I'm in need of a haircute myself.

  10. New cut looks awesome, Ada!


  11. Super cute floral dress and Love your red shoes! Your new haircut looks Fabulous! Love it.


  12. Oh Ada, your cut looks awesome! It definitely looks fresh and new and lovely. I think you made the right decision for sure!

    And that floral dress is so pretty - I think floral might be my favorite print!

  13. That floral dress is gorgeous, they´re perfect with your ruby red heels and oh, I love your new hair, Ada! I really really need to have a haircut soon, my hair´s gone so unruly already. ;)


  14. Your new hair cut looks great on you!

  15. Love your new haircut! Your dress is gorgeous and looks great paired with the red heels and statement necklace!


  16. Your new haircut looks fabulous and that floral dress looks stunning on you! Thank you so much for participating int #DarlingsPayItForward! I love that you worked with children with Downs - I'm sure those kids truly enjoyed your company!

  17. Love the haircut! Such a fresh look! It's amazing how good a new haircut can make you feel. That dress is awesome! Love it with the sassy red heels.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  18. I am loving your new haircut! It is always fun to have a new look! I love this cut on you! Fabulous!

  19. Love this dress and that haircut is so cute.

    - Jalpa

  20. OMG! YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD! I love, love, love, love it! It is soo flattering!

  21. Pretty dress and accessories, Ada & your hair looks terrific!

  22. Love your hair! I have been wanting to cut mine shorter... yet, I think I'll wait until I can make my mind up! I have a floral dress that I purchased from Stitch Fix that I love... yours is really adorable, too! You have great legs (and, no I am not hitting on you! lol!).

  23. Sorry I've been MIA on your blog. I have so much essays and math homework that I haven't been able to comment a lot. Summer semester is pretty insane with a short time! Anyways, love the new fresh look, your hair is darling!! :)

  24. Wow, your new haircut looks amazing, Ada! It looks so light and swingy and perfect for summer. I also can't get over this dress--I can see why it is a favorite in your closet because it is absolutely gorgeous.


    I hope you have a great long weekend!


  25. Cute new haircut! I like the shorter length and the side part on you! How wonderful you are taking you time to volunteer for great organizations! I love that dress. It was perfect for a fancy luncheon!

  26. I love the new haircut, and the floral dress is beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Mid Week Muse!! xo

  27. Cute look! Great haircut! Loving the change!


  28. This floral dress is so pretty! And Ada, I LOVE the haircut, it looks fabulous!

  29. Ada you look AMAZING with shorter hair! I also got a haircut couple days ago and our stories so similar, haven't cut mine other than trimming the past 5 yrs and so needed a change ( and my hair needed to breathe again haha). Doesn't it feel like a pound of weight has lifted off? :-) Looks so pretty. I also love the floral dress with those cute red shoes on you. <3 Have a lovely week lovely lady. XOXO, Elif


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