The Brightest Outfit.

This is by far THE BRIGHTEST Outfit I have ever worn. Can you count the Neon(s)? They are in my Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Necklace and Bracelet. I am wearing Neon Yellow and Neon Pink with some more Muted splashes of Ivory/White (Belt, Shoes and 2nd Bracelet). I have worn Neon before but usually in much smaller doses, maybe through a piece of Jewelry, a Purse, an article of Clothing or a Print. Nothing this Bold and Bright like this head to toe Neon Look. It is the first time, but you know what - I love it. =)

I wore this Outfit yesterday perfect for Laura and Erin's 1 year Anniversary of their Beautiful Trend Spin Link-up which today is NEON, exactly like a year ago when they both started this Link-up. So I want to congratulate them on their 1-year anniversary, speaking of. Are you wearing Neon this Summer? What do you think of my Bright Neon Yellow + Neon Pink Outfit? Too much? Would you wear it?
Neon Orange, Neon Yellow & Neon Green-Stone, Statement Necklace: A Local Boutique (similar neon yellow, best deal), (love this, great deal), (neon pink+neon yellow, gorgeous option).
Neon Yellow Chain Rubber Bracelet: A $1.00 Boutique (New) (very similar), (similar, great deal).
Ivory Plastic Bangle: Express (similar, love this), (adorable w/ bow, great deal).
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Bright, Neon Yellow, Silky, Button-down Utility Shirt: Express (very similar, best deal), (similar, linen-blend), (sleeveless option, on sale, love this).
Skinny, White Belt w/ Chain Detail: Piazza Italia (very similar, best deal), (very similar, great deal), (similar, on sale).
Nude Canvas & Patent Leather, Neon Yellow Cap-Toe Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Sam & Libby (very similar tan+neon orange), (similar, striped + adorable), (oxford option, great deal, love these). 

And speaking of Neon, there is a Blogger - whom I have a little Girl Crush on - DANIELLE from For the Love of Leopard who always looks adorable in Neon whether in small or big doses. As a matter of fact girlfriend is wearing a Neon Necklace & Neon Espadrille Flats on her post today. Below I am showing 3 of my favorite late looks of her in Neon, that I personally loved.

P.S. Linking up with Andrea, Bre, Lauren, Lindsey, Melaina, Paige and Zaz.
Also linking up tomorrow with Kileen for Color Brigade (I cannot think of a More Colorful Outfit!!) and on Friday with Renae for Fashion Item Friday (since I am wearing Pink and Renae is fighting Breast Cancer so that's for her). 
And stay tuned tomorrow for week 5 of Spring Must Haves. I have Bows and Sequins - Oh My!!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. So lovely this style I love how you dare colour!!

  2. I love it Ada!!!!!! Great colours and outfit.


  3. What a bold outfit! I like the pants and shoes together, but if I wore it, I would probably do a neutral top. I tend to shy away from lots of color though. Love the white belt with it!

  4. Ada you are so sweet - thank you for featuring me!!! You know how I LOVE my neons (wait until you see tomorrow's post!!) I love that you went a little out of your comfort zone and wore so many great bright colors. My favorite pieces are those pants - seriously loving that shade of pink - and the flats! xoxoxo Danielle @

  5. It's bright but so fun! I love how your smile makes it even brighter.

    P.S. Of course you can copy! :)

  6. What a bright, fun outfit! That necklace is too cute and goes with this look perfectly.


  7. You are rocking all those colors hot mama! Love how bright and cheery it all is!

  8. Loving your colorful outfit, girl! Hope you are having a fabulous week!

    elle | Living in Color Style.

  9. You are certainly very colourful today! I love yellow in the Summer. Not many people seem to wear it over here in UK. You look well!

  10. You look so summer! So fun, bright, and bold! Go bright or go home... right?! You look great, I think it's one of my favorite outfits of yours so far! You know I'm a sucker for color...ha! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  11. Yep, this totally works for the neon link-up. Those flats are so cute!

  12. Love your brights! I have those pants in a different comfy! So perfect to feature Danielle. She is beautiful!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  13. This outfit is fantastic, Ada! I love that you paired these brights together, you should do this more often!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  14. Loving all the neon! So fun and bright! I am lusting over your flats! So cute!!

    Hope your having a great week Ada!

    xo, Erica

  15. Pink & yellow is such a great color combo. Love your touches of neon!


  16. Thank you for stopping by Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! I love your neon look!


  17. I'm obsessing over all the neons on this post! I love it!!! Those flats are perfect! Love love love it!

  18. I'm obsessing over all the neons on this post! I love it!!! Those flats are perfect! Love love love it!

  19. What a really fun outfit! I really adore the pop of neon in your shoes!

  20. Great job on the neon trend and you look great in yellow. You were talking about shirt being a pre-Portofino (though the portofino has different pockets on the flap), and you're so right that they basically made the shirt before they gave it The Name and it became A Thing. If you know what I mean. :)
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  21. Neon-tastic! I love that you have so much fun with what you wear!! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou


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