New Skirt, New Sandals, New Sunnies.

Today's Outfit (which was worn on Tuesday) is all about new goodies: New Skirt, New Sandals, New Sunglasses. The Purse is new also, as shown in this shopping post, but not as new as the others. I purchased this Geometric-Print Midi Skirt for 9 bucks and the Adorable Brown+Nude Bow Sandals for 15 bucks. The Gucci Sunglasses were a Gift and they are currently my Favorite Sunnies. The Pleated Cotton-blend and Silky Tee was a perfect match with this Skirt since there is some Fuchsia on the print of the Skirt. I have also worn this Pleated Tee with a Similar Full Midi Skirt and Similar Nude Sandals (albeit they have flowers instead of bows) and it was during my Pregnant days. The Skirt actually ties in the Sandals and Top together. Vivian matched Mommy in a Fuchsia Top of her own. Aren't the bell-ruffled sleeves so cute and look she is posing for me - which is rare these days because she never stands still for pictures. We also both have Bows on: she in her hair and I on my feet. =D What do you think? Yay or Nay for Circle Midi Skirts this Summer?
Round, Maroon-Red, Plastic-frame Sunglasses: Gucci (Birthday Gift) (New) (identical sunglasses in Tortoise - mine have redish-pink plastic frames), (very similar), (similar, best deal), (similar by Gucci), 
Hot Pink, Patent Leather Strap Watch w/ Silver Rhinestone Face & 2 Pink Rhinestone, Floating Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique in Albania (very similar), (similar Hello Kitty, best deal),(similar, Kate Spade option, love this), (MK gorgeous fuchsia option, love this).
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Fuchsia, Cotton & Silk, Horizontal-Pleated, V-Neck Tee: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Brown/Beige Geometric-Print, Full Midi Skirt: A Local Boutique (New)
Navy Crystal & Silver Rhinestone Beaded, Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry (similar, great deal), (similar, square navy w/ gold tone), (similar, circle navy w/ gold tone, love these).
Red+White, Envelope-shaped Cross-body Bag: A Local Accessories Boutique (New) (similar, best deal), (similar, red + tan, great deal), (similar, Kate Spade option, on sale, love this).
Brown+Nude, T-Strap, Bow Sandals w/ Silver Rhinestone Embellishments: A Local Shoe Boutique (New).

Vivian's Outfit:
Fuchsia, Bell-Sleeve Tee w/ Silver Star Printed + Black Leggings w/ Silver Studs by the hem (comes as an Outfit together): Little Lass.
Hot Pink, Polka Dot & Pin-dot Hair Bow Clip: Wal Mart.
Black Sneakers: Babies R' Us.

I am linking my New Skirt with Skirts Week (below) hosted by Katie, Liz and Sarah. They are all showing their beautiful skirts this week. So what are you waiting for? Join them and link up yours. And speaking of Skirts, another New Full Skirt on the Blog tomorrow and more Vivian Cuteness!! Stay tuned.
Skirt link-up

P.S. Also linking up with Agnes, Bethany, Erin, Jacqueline, Renae, Madeline + Saumya (both for the first time), Sharon, Sherri and Tara.
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Love it Ada. Great outfit for a busy mom on the go!!!!!


  2. Boy she sure is cute and I can see why you love those sunglasses. ( and that bag....) I am torn on circle midi skirts but that is only because I wore them when I was 12 ( LOL)

  3. Love love love this! You look darling in that skirt with the gorgeous pink top! I really love that top actually it's really pretty! Most of those C/o item's are old from a while ago, but I like to reuse them in photo's! Anyways, love your daughter's outfit as well, you guy's are always adorable together! :)

  4. Don't you love new pieces? I do, too. :) Love the sunnies!


  5. I can't believe how big Vivian is getting! Love these new shoes!

  6. I love the picture of you and Vivian, so sweet :)

  7. Hi Ada good to see you linking up again! I like that pink top it definitely goes well with the sunnies. This is the perfect summer outfit. Hope to see you next week. Have a great week!


  8. Love your new sandals they are very very cute!

  9. I really need to get a new, glorious bag like that. Love those shoes too! Vivian is so cute.

  10. I really like the color of the shirt you chose to wear with that skirt!

  11. Those shoes are lovely!! So perfect for summer :)

  12. love the print of the skirt! cute sandals and your daughter adorable :)

  13. Love how you and your daughter match again :) I LOVE YOUR sandals with the BOWS! I want :) Also, I have a similar style of sunglasses, they are Burberry... thanks for the reminder to get them out again this summer! Thanks for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  14. It's always fun to have new stuff! Fun outfit. I love midi skirts.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  15. gorgeous post!

  16. Very pretty outfit, Ada! I love that bag!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  17. Sucha cute post! Your daughter is so adorable, and she definitely takes after you.

    Thank you for linking up! :)

  18. You are both so adorable! Love your skirt, the pattern and colours look fabulous.

  19. Oh your daughter is so sweet Ada!! I love a midi skirt ! I think you can pair it with a tee and have a chic, casual summer look!! Susan

  20. Ada that picture of you and Vivian wearing the same colour top is too cute !
    I also like the vintage feel your outfit has.

  21. I think that skirt is lovely! I really like it with the pink top. Your sandals are adorable! And Vivian is looking so beautiful! I love that picture of her 'posing!'

  22. I like your subtle pattern mixing and super cute pics! Great look!


  23. Love your outfit and beautiful pictures. Your
    I am your newest follower from Blog Hop and am following you via GFC and Bloglovin.
    Feel free to visit, follow me and leave comments @
    Stay in touch


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