5 of 30: Lots of Blue and Tropical Rain Boots.

Keeping it short and soft today because I have a sick baby at home (she is napping now, sweet pea). It has been a rough weekend for Vivian and I. Please say a little positive prayer for us. Thanks.

Today's Outfit features lots of Blue (and some White, Black, Green & Lavender too). These New Pants are sort of Equestrian, but at the same time thy have Tuxedo-inspired Stripes off each side. I do like the zippered ankles and their unique color between a Royal Blue and a Navy. The Plaid Shirt is Cobalt and White with Gingham lining and all kinds of Beautiful. Rain had to put e drench into the day though (pun intended) so I had to wear my Tropical Wellies. What do you think?
Pros: Cobalt is one of my Most Favorite Colors. Heck, I Love Blue in all shades. The Fish Necklace adds a little whimsy. But for the most part I like the simplicity and monochromatic appeal of this Outfit.
Cons: I am not sure the Rain Boots work but they had to be worn, since it was a very wet day. I think the Black Oxfords or Navy Polka Dot Pointy Flats (which were both included in my 30 for 30 items) would have worked much better.
Cobalt+White, Plaid Button-down w/ Gingham Print inside: Joe Fresh (JC Penney's) (New).
Navy Skinny Pants w/ Black Tuxedo Stripes off the Sides: Pull & Bear (New).
Baby Blue+Yellow, Gold-tone, Lucite, Floral Butterfly Clip: Bijoux & Accessories.
Silver Pendant Fish Necklace in a White Silk Rope: A Random Street Vendor (it was 2 Bucks!)
Green+Colorful, Flower & Birds, "Happy & Free" Rain Boots: Costco.

P.S. First, I'm linking up with Brynn+Co. who are doing a themed week of Florals starting Monday, and my Tropical Flower Boots totally qualify. Also, linking with Manic Monday, Trend Spin, Monday Mingle, Bloom, Monday Morning Gossip and Monday Must Haves. 
F.Y.I. My Must Haves (especially for April Showers as well as for Fall) are a pair of Colorful Rain Boots. They instantly make an Outfit more Colorful and Brighten up your mood on a rainy day. =)


  1. That fish necklace is fun!! And the blue plaid shirt is a classic!

  2. Cute outfit Ada. Loving the blue plaid top.



  3. Such a comfy cute outfit and just enought pictures and detail shots to be perfect :)

  4. Like you, I love cobalt too! To be honest I used to think it was sort of blah color but it suits my skintone well, so I just go with what works for me. Plaids is such an evergreen.. can never go wrong!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  5. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and it looks great on you! Hope your baby girl gets better soon!


  6. Aww, I hope Vivian´s okay right now. Love that blue gingham top and great pairing with the printed boots. :)

  7. Is that a fish necklace? Cute!! Hope the little one is feeling better soon.

  8. What fun boots! I love the colors. I sure hope your little sweetie gets better soon!

  9. I love fun rain boots ( wellies) these ones are great. Love the blue colour of the shirts

  10. I love all shades of blue, too! That's the biggest section in my closet! And those boots are so fun. Bright rain boots are so perfect for a grey rainy day. I'm so sorry Vivian is not feeling well again! :( I hope she is back to her happy self very soon!!

  11. Hope Vivian is better!
    The tuxedo stripe is great! Thanks for sharing with Manic Monday! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  12. The boots definitely do qualify for floral week! Thanks for linking up :)

  13. Those boots are so cute! I love a good rain boot... P.S. Your daughter is adorable:)


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