31 of 30 and 32 of 30: Reversing a Cobalt Blue Plaid, Vivian and an Announcement.

Hello. It is yet another cold day here. Cold for April at least, about 50-55 degrees. It looks like rain is about to start at any giving moment. Ehhh, we have had PLENTY of it this April. Speaking of April, today is the 30th. Can you believe another month bids us farewell. 2014 is flying by. Though to tell you the truth, between all the rain and the cold and probably because I remixed my closet and wore the same clothes over and over, this month has seemed a little longer than the rest of them so far. Poor little Vivian cannot catch a break this year either. She has gotten sick so often. April's stupid weather didn't help her out, either. =( She is making more appearances on the blog today, again. Now that she is a very active, walking baby, her pictures are difficult to take, but they are fun nevertheless.

Here are my first two BONUS Outfits from my 30 for 30 challenge. I wore my Beautiful Plaid Button-down by Joe Fresh 2 days in a row. However for the first (Casual) Outfit I wore the inside part out. You see, this Button-down is two-ply and the inside is Gingham while the outside is Plaid. I want a Blue/White Gingham Shirt badly (currently missing from my closet) and I got creative with this and reversed it. I think I might have my tailor make this Shirt permanently reversible, because it looks like it can be an easy fix. I paired it with one of my New Scarves which mixes prints - how awesome is that!? I kept the look pretty in Blue Monochrome by adding my Jean Jacket and even a Light Blue Headband. There is a very subtle pattern-mixing going on here between the Plaid & Gingham (on the Shirt & Headband), the Polka Dots (on the Scarf & Shoes) as well as the Leopard (also on the Scarf). Since the Scarf is the main attraction of this ensemble and the Layers seemed to work out on their own, I skipped jewelry. What do you think of this Outfit? Do you own a Blue Gingham Shirt? Would you style it this way?
Pros: I love the Monochrome Look on top with the subtle Print-mixing. Plus a Blue Denim Jacket and Black Skinny Jeans are always STYLISH and two very versatile, remixable pieces.
Cons: I don't know how Creative this Outfit is, but some day call for K.I.S.S. Outfits (Keep It Simple Stupid) and that is totally fine.
This has to be my most favorite photo of Vivian lately. Look at that pretty long, wavy hair. Seriously. And this is what Vivian had to say "My hair is so pretty and I love playing with my shoes. But don't mind my red eyes. Mommy had to take this photo while I was spinning." LOL
This is My Most Favorite Photo of us from April. I simply LOVE it. We both look so cute but I adore Vivi's Smile. It brightens up the photo.
Cobalt+White, Plaid Button-down w/ Gingham Print inside: Joe Fresh (JC Penney's) (New).
Light Medium Wash, Classic Denim Jacket: H&M (Thrifted; New).
Black Skinny Jeans: Sublevel (New).
Cobalt Blue Mixed-Prints 100% Silk Scarf w/ Polka Dots+Leopard: A Scarf Boutique (New).
Baby Blue/White/Navy Plaid, Burberry-like, Pleather Headband: A Local Accessories Boutique.
White, Sea-Pearl, Silver, Heart-shaped Cocktail Ring: c/o American Fashion & Jewelry Boutique (New).
Navy+White, Suede Leather, Pointy Toe Ballet Flats: Gap.

Vivian's Outfit:
Pastel, Color-blocked, Peach/Yellow/Lime Cardigan: Carter's Collection.
Hot Pink Polka Dot Leggings w/ Gray Tulle Hem (part of a Set): Disney Baby (Gifted; New).
Hot Pink Mary Janes w/ Multi-Colored Chiffon Flowers: Target.

The next day which was a bright, warm and sunny day (after a mostly dreary, gray, cold, rainy April) I grabbed this Shirt again and paired it with my Cobalt Skirt. The shades are not exactly the same but they still go together quite nicely. Another Blue Monochromatic Look, this one slightly dressier. I also decided that the Navy Gap Flats were a perfect match too. To add to the Girly, Preppy, Nautical effect I was going for, I dug into my large box of Headbands and found this Metallic Gold Rope one. I added Gold Dangly Earrings and anchored the look with this fun set of Lavender Bracelets that have Stripes and Polka Dots. Vivian was super cute in her Minnie Mousse Dress and Dark Jeggings. She certainly was not digging the fact that we were taking photos though. LOL What do you think of this Monochromatic Look? Have you ever paired a Dressy Pencil Skirt with a Flannel or Plaid Shirt? I quite liked the results of this - my first time doing it.
Pros: I am wearing Beautiful Cobalt head to toe what's not to love? Plus the Rope Metallic Gold Headband and the Polka Dot Flats add to the Nautical+Preppy appeal.
Cons: I see none. Do you?! =D
Playtime at Daycare. She is the youngest of the group and it works for her because of all the special attention she gets as being just 15 months old.
Cobalt+White, Plaid Button-down w/ Gingham Print inside: Joe Fresh (JC Penney's) (New).
Cobalt, Ponte Pencil Skirt w/ Gold Buttons off the Left side (on the front): The Limited (New).
Gold Metallic, Silk, Braided Rope Headband: Pacific Sunwear.
Gold Teardrop-shaped, Dangly Earrings w/ Clear Beads: c/o The Limited (from a few years ago).
Lavender+White, Lucite Beaded Bracelet (set of 2) w/ Stripes+Dots: Borrowed from Sister-in-Law (she has received it as a Gift from me).
White, Sea-Pearl, Silver, Heart-shaped Cocktail Ring: c/o American Fashion & Jewelry Boutique.
Navy+White, Suede Leather, Pointy Toe Ballet Flats: Gap.

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink+White Minnie Mousse Dress w/ Polka Dot Tutu Skirt & Bow: Disney Baby.
Dark Blue Jeggings: Carter's.
Baby Pink, Rosette, Grossgrain Hair Clip: Buy Buy Baby.
Hot Pink Mary Janes w/ Multi-Colored Chiffon Flowers: Target.


Now for the announcement. Tomorrow I am co-hosting the Tres Chic Link-up with the Lovely Agnes from Vodka Infused Lemonade. So make sure you link up your fabulous outfits, follow us (it's the nice thing to do), visit some blogs and have fun! It goes live tonight at midnight Pacific Time.
And tomorrow starts May which happens to be my favorite Warm Month and my Birthday Month (it's in 4 days!!) I promise I have a great May ahead for this blog. I am looking forward to wearing lots of Skirts, Dresses, Girly Tops & Cropped Pants. I am also looking forward to wearing lots of New, Beautiful pieces. But the most important and fun thing I am looking forward to this May, are the fun & awesome collaboration posts I have in the works, starting just next week. So stay tuned and I hope you find some inspiration along the way. Thanks so much for making it this far. Whoho, this was a long post to write.

P.S. Linking with Carrie, Shanna, Alissa, Melaina, Sarah, Kileen and Victoria.

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  1. i love gingham shirts. i have 2!

  2. Gosh, Ada you´re getting to be an expert on pattern mixing! I´m loving all of the mixing that you did in the two outifts especially the 1st one with the leopard printed scarf. And isn´t that reversible button down neat? I´d buy that too if they´re selling that here because we can wear it two ways. ;)

    Hugs and kisses to Vivian!

  3. Love the denim jacket you added. So cute!! I am such a fan of the scarfs as well. What a pretty little girl you have. So cute!!

  4. I really like the second monochromatic look, so cute :)

  5. Vivian is so cute with all of her pink clothes!

  6. I like seeing the different ways you wore that shirt! The reversible style is very unique and it's like having 2 different shirts!

  7. So hard to believe the month is already over!
    You've been doing so great with the 30 for 30, I've never been brave enough to try one, because choosing a set number of pieces for the whole month seems like a daunting task and reminds me of packing for a trip, aka the thing I hate most. haha.
    chic on the cheap

  8. Your daughter is such a cutie! What a great concept to reverse the shirt! Both outfits are great but my favorite is the first outfit with the gingham, polka dots and leopard.


  9. Love love love that last outfit! From the patterns to the colors! I especially love your shoes :)

  10. love your polka dot flats. I can't believe this month is over with.

  11. I think these are my favorite outfits from the challenge so far! I love, love, love that shirt! The scarf looks so good with it. I would not have thought to pair it with the blue skirt, but the all over cobalt is great! Looking forward to next week. :)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. Love that shirt! That would be really cool if your tailor can make it reversible. Looks great with the blue skirt and polka dot shoes! Love Vivian's shoe collection! :)

  13. I have a similar shirt and I love it. It is great how you did some pattern mixing in the first pic and I love how you styled it with a skirt as well. I hear you about the weather, it is so frustrating. Hope Vivian is feeling better.


  14. Hi Ada. I don't have a blue plaid shirt! I need to add one. I saw one at Joe Fresh a few weeks ago and did not buy it :( I loved how you remixed it with the pretty scarf, and love the monochromatic blue! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    By the way, your little girl is adorable. Love her hair :)

  15. It's cool that this blouse is different patterns on the outside and inside, it makes the rolled cuffs really pop!

  16. I'v never been lucky enough to find something I like at Joe Fresh, however I like your shirt and how you have worn it in both outfits.
    I have not seen you in so long ! your hair and Vivian's has grown so much -


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