20 of 30 and 21 of 30: Tiger Sweatshirt Remix.

It's another day, another two-fer post. Since you will most likely get more than 30 Outfits on a 30 day period of my remix challenge, I am trying to get everything posted by no later than the first week of May. So you will get a few two-fer posts. I tried to dress up my Tiger Sweat-shirt for these 2 Outfits. 

The first one came out OK - not my best, but definitely not awful, it's cute enough and the Brown+Black looks nice together. The addition of the Black Blazer and the Bronze Wedges was a good idea to dress up the Sweatshirt. The Long Black Beaded Necklace was just enough bling because the Sweatshirt is already a Statement piece on its own. The second one I am not pleased with at all and I debated about posting it. But I am all about keeping it real guys. After all one of the reasons why I did this challenge is to teach myself better ways to remix my closet and try things out, in the process learn to dress better. This Outfit sounded good in my head when I planned it. In actuality I like the Sweatshirt and the Burnt Orange Tights (which I thought would pick up the  colors from the top) and I love my Ponte Black Shirt-dress, but once I put them all on, something felt off. The Sweatshirt was too loose over a dress that is a comfy fit, not too tight. The Tights looked a little off too. Maybe it would have worked best with bare legs (too cold for those) or Black Tights. What do you think of each Outfit? OK, let's look at each Outfit a little closer.
Pros: It's simple and put-together without trying hard at all. It's nice for a Mom-on-the-go.
Cons: I am wearing Cords and the Colors Black+Brown which remind one of Autumn. It definitely feels more like a Fall Outfit than a Spring one.
Black "Tiger" Face Sweatshirt w/ Quilted Shoulders: A Local Boutique (New).
Modern, Black Blazer w/ Rounded Collar: White House Black Market.
Hazelnut-Brown, Corduroy Pants (come with Skinny Belt): Bershka (New).
Black Metallic Chain Necklace w/ Black & Silver Beads: The Limited.
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

Pros: I like that I thought outside the box, layering a Sweatshirt over a Dress. Also, the addition of the Neon Yellow Bracelet & Earrings was good to add some Spring into these Fall Colors. And the Leopard Watch works well with the Tiger/Leopard on the Top.
Cons: But, like I said this Outfit doesn't work. I felt like Mary Poppins LOL. I learned not to repeat it again, however.
Black "Tiger" Face Sweatshirt w/ Quilted Shoulders: A Local Boutique (New).
Black, Belted, Ponte, Elbow-Sleeve Shirt-dress w/ Silver Buttons & Chest Pockets: White House Black Market.
Nude/Beige, Pleather Headband w/ Gold & Skinny Pleather Bow: c/o a Local Accessories Store.
Neon Yellow, Plastic Globe Earrings: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique.
Neon Yellow, Chain Rubber Bracelet: A $1.00 Boutique (New).
Square, Leopard-face, Gold-tone Watch w/ Brown Strap: New York & Company (NY&Co.) (Gifted; New).
Black, Suede Oxford Shoes: Forever 21.

And, you may have noticed that over the last 3 Outfits I did a little remixing of "Take One - Pass it on". I took one piece of clothing from one Outfit and passed it to the second Outfit, like I did earlier in this challenge, also. Just look at the collage, below.
I promise next Outfit in the remix will be a lot more suited for Spring. Stay tuned.

Stay Stylish and Springy on this Terrific Tuesday!

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  1. You are such a great remixer! I love that sweatshirt!

  2. Fierce sweater & so perfect to remix a lot of looks with it!!!


  3. I always find myself doing "accidental" take one and pass it on posts. I think I just get so excited about certain pieces for periods of time that I just keep wearing them.

  4. I actually love the sweatshirt and the dress together, I concur maybe black tights would have finished it better but I really like the look. The colour looks great on you.

  5. I like the tiger sweatshirt with the pencil skirt. I would have done different tights.

  6. I like the sweatshirt with a blazer! And I think with some minor changes (more fitted skirt and black tights or no tights, maybe heels?) the second outfit could be really cute!

  7. I would totally rock that tiger sweatshirt. :)


  8. I concur with your assessment: the 2nd outfit would have a lot more impact without the colored tights. Bare legs would've made it super sexy while black tights would've made it look super chic. ;p Regardless, that tiger sweatshirt is fierce, and your remixing skills are enviable. Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. Hope to see you again soon.

  9. Love your tiger top, I have one too. You just reminded me to get styling mine :)

  10. Super cute tiger top! Really like it paired with the blazer!


  11. who knew a tiger top could be restyled in so many ways??

  12. I have been wanting a tiger top for awhile, love this one!


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