Two-fer Monday: Sweaters with Scarves and Skinny Pants.

Before I get to the 2 Outfits for Today, I want to apologize once again about the background of the pictures. Pardon all the clutter, especially as of late. We live in a very small apartment in the largest city of Albania. Those of you who live or have lived in Big European Cities totally get it - space is a huge luxury here. I miss my 1800 square feet of home space from the States and my walk-in closets (among other things). Anyway, since late February and continuing this March we have made some renovations and changes to our place. While we have done some little remodeling here and there and purchased some things we need, more boxes and other things have been shuffled in the living room. On top of that having a real young child at home who is always on the move, her toys and things are everywhere and now she is on so many learning and transitional changes. This definitely makes keeping things organized even harder. And to to top it off, I am also extremely busy with life in general. So bear with me and the messy background a tad longer, please. I am in the middle of a major cleaning and purging as I will get rid of a lot of junk as well as a lot of clothes. That's what Spring is for, after all.

Today's Outfits are quite simple. Sometimes I tend to over-style an Outfit. While sometimes that works, other times it totally doesn't. In the last couple of weeks we have had some cold weather and chilly days, so I have utilized a lot of my heavier Winter Sweaters and worn a few of them once more before it gets totally warm and Springy. These Outfits both feature Dark Skinny Pants. I actually quite like the first Outfit in the darker Monochromatic tones. Also, the Shimmer on the Sweater picks up the Shimmer of the Scarf. The second Outfit I am not so sure of. I do like that Lavender Sweater but I am not quite happy about how it looks with the Plaid Button-down underneath. You win some, you lose some and that's OK. Because of bad natural light, the photos aren't too clear either. Both of these Outfits looked better IRL. I shall say though that Scarves and Sweaters are such an easy combination to do for a a very Casual type of day when it is cold out, don't you think? Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!! Hope this new week (the last of March WOW!!) brings you lots of Spring in your hearts!
(Here are 2 ways I have worn this Navy Sweater, before.)
Navy, Textured, Shimmery Sweater w/ Loop Back tied w/ a Silk Bow & Silver Stone Chest Pocket: Koton (New).
Dark Teal, Shimmery, Linen-blend Infinity Scarf: Express (Gifted).
Dark Navy, Skinny Blue Jeans w/ Zippered Ankles: The Limited.
Black Silk Headband w/ 3 tiny Rosettes: The Limited.
Real Gold & Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Tiny Hoops: Lord & Taylor.
Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.

(This is how I styled this Lavender Sweater lately: 1 and 2.)
3/4-Sleeve, Light, Lavender Sweater, w/ Buttons across the Sleeves: The Limited.
Baby Blue+White, Small Gingham-print Button-down Shirt: Old Navy (Borrowed from My Husband).
Off-Black, Soft Velvet, Skinny Pants: Martin & Osa (I miss that store).
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Baby Blue, Heart, Circle Stud Earrings w/ White Polka Dots: A Local Accessories Boutique.
Faux Suede, Flat, Navy Booties: Forever 21.


  1. The shimmery sweater and scarf look really good together! And it's true, the camera isn't always the best at showing how an outfit looks in real life!

  2. Loving the blue sweater! Rachel xo

  3. Albania sounds like my hometown. Most apartments are small and the big ones cost millions! Anyway, the green scarf is pretty, in the prettiest shades of green!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  4. Love, love that blue sweater in the first outfit, Ada! The pocket made it more cuter. I think in the second outfit, it would look better if you wore a lighter colored pair of pants, say tan/beige? We´re both dark heads so I think, a lighter color palette all over would be fun for us too especially for spring! ;)

    And yes, I hear you about tiny apartments in Europe because I live in one too! :)

  5. You look adorable! I love love love playing around with layering sweaters. I really like what you put together.

  6. I really like that first outfit! The colors of your scarf and sweater are really pretty together and look amazing on you! Your scarf is really cute with the lavender sweater.

  7. I love how fun a simple scarf can make an outfit! Thanks for sharing with manic monday!
    Carylee |


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