Style Swap: Fox Sweater, Puffer Vest, Plaid Button-up and Dark Skinny Jeans.

Another Friday, another Inspired from Pinterest or Blogger's Outfit, another Style Swap. This week I am "copying" LAURA of I Do DeClaire. I have been filling my Pinterest Boards with a lot of her Outfits, and I can actually recreate several of them, so choosing this particular one was tough. But ultimately I wanted to show some love to my Fox Sweater and show off my New Puffer Vest. Laura always looks so cute in her Puffer Vests and they are quickly becoming super favorite items of clothing for me, as well.

It was fun doing this because it is totally My Style. I wore it last Sunday and got lots of compliments on it, starting with ones from My Husband and Mother-in-Law. This Winter I have loved layering Sweaters over Button-down Shirts, and when it is warm enough out I wear one of my Puffer Vests instead of a Coat. So this was a no-brainer for me. Plus I had almost identical pieces to Laura's: the same Old Navy Fox Sweater (which reminds me of that crazy-addictive "What Does the Fox Say" Song), My Husband's Red Plaid Button-down, my New Brown Puffer Vest c/o Bershka, Dark Indigo Skinny Jeans and my Gray Suede Boots which are pretty much a Twin version of Laura's Brown pair. I don't have a White Puffer Vest (but I want one badly). I could have tried it with my Off-White Faux Fur Vest, but I really wanted to wear it with the Brown not just because I wanted to debut it on the blog and wear it in real life for the first time, but I also love the combination of Camel and Brown, staying with Neutral Colors on top. I also love Laura's version with the White, to be understood. The little pop of Navy on the Plaid Shirt matches my Jeans well. The Red from the Shirt goes in perfect harmony with Camel and Brown, too. So how did I do? Do you like Laura's Outfit more or mine, or just about the same LOL? I can proudly say that I love both Outfits very much. =) And check out Laura's Blog today to see which Outfit she "copied" from me. Thanks for reading. =)
I took a couple of pics without the Vest to better show you how this Sweater layered over the Shirt.
Left Hand Jewelry:
Red Stretchy Bracelet w/ Large Plastic Beads & Small Crystal Beads: Express.
Real Gold Wedding Band and Real Gold+Diamond Engagement Ring: From My Husband.
Right Hand Jewelry:
Gold, Snake Wrap Bracelet: Bebe.
Square, Leopard-face, Gold-tone Watch w/ Brown Strap: New York & Company (NY&Co.) (Gifted; New).
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique (New).
2-in-1 Silver Ring w/ 2 Silver Circle Stones & 1 Oval Cognac Stone: White House Black Market.
Camel, "Fox" Statement Sweater: Old Navy.
Red, Navy+White Plaid, Button-Down Shirt: My Husband's (Meijer's).
Brown Puffer Vest: c/o Bershka (New).
Dark Navy, Skinny Blue Jeans w/ Zippered Ankles: The Limited.
Real Gold & Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Tiny Hoops: Lord & Taylor.
Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.

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Enjoy your weekend! It is beautiful and sunny here in the capital of Albania and it's a National Holiday. We celebrate Spring. So Vivian and I will be going out and enjoy the sunshine and festivities!


  1. You did an awesome job recreating her outfit. I still want that fox sweater. If they come out with on this fall I'm not playing around. I will order the minute I see it. Also I just last week heard the What Does the Fox Say song.

  2. I love this Ada! You look so polished and put together! Definitely one of my favorites of yours :)

  3. Totally Adrorable! Love this look on you both. Thank so much for linking up with the Style Swap!!

  4. This turned out so cute Ada! I like the brown vest with it, too. You really made it your own and you look fabulous. That red bracelet was the perfect accessory and sets of the plaid really well! :)

  5. Wow Ada you did a great job re creating her outfit, love your jumper :) Great look,,, thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop ...

  6. You're done a fab job at recreating her outfit and that jumper looks fab on you. I think this is my favourite look of yours that I've seen you in.

    Corinne x

  7. What a great way to style this sweater! I really like it with the vest!

  8. Love the fox on your sweatshirt! With the glasses she is so edgy chic!
    Thanks for linking up with Fab Favorites!!


  9. Hey Ada! Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday, I really enjoyed them! :)

    I love the gingham with this sweater, they go perfect together! I've been wanting a fun animal sweater!

  10. Such a cute look! I have a similar fox sweater from Old Navy last year. Love how you and Laura styled it!


  11. Love this look! It's perfect with the plaid shirt and your vest.


  12. Love this sweater! They were all gone when I went looking. You both look great in your outfits.


  13. I adore this outfit! This might be one of my favorites of yours!

  14. This is so cute! Definitely a favorite look of yours for me. I am all about layering and love button ups under sweaters. The puffer vest is the icing on the cake! Great job!

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  16. I like your version better. Very smart yet fun. :)

    I hope you won't take this the wrong way but I think your outfits could be better displayed if perhaps you used a different camera or adjusted the flash settings. Some of your photos seem a bit blown out which changes the way the colours look. I'm honestly trying to give helpful, constructive criticism and not at all to be mean.

    Great job on this outfit. I might see if I can find any animal picture sweaters here in the UK. :)

    Sorry, I accidentally posted using my husband's account above!


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