Thursday, February 13, 2014

Primary Colors on a Rainy Day.

My Sweater has Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Stripes (the rest of my Outfit is Blue+Green for that matter). These are all Primary Colors. I feel like a Pretty, Bright Rainbow threw up on my Sweater, which is perfectly fine because super colorful & bright on a rainy day.  - that's how I roll. LOL  The Colors, the Crew-neck and the Soft Knit are the 3 reasons why I purchased this Happy Sweater. Then why oh why haven't I worn it since April 2013? I have no clue. It got lost in my closet. I am No Longer Neglecting it. Looking into that Outfit then, it is similar to how I am wearing it today. Different Jeans. And then I brought out the Yellow. Today I am bringing out the Green of the Sweater via the Puffer Vest & the Rain Boots. Today's Outfit is also very similar to yesterday's. I am layering an Outter Vest with a Sweater, even the same Jeans. It is those Outfit Formulas I talk about. And OMG baby Vivian was so tiny last time I wore this Sweater. She is almost 13 months now. Once again, she is in today's post. 5 posts on the row with Vivian - she is on a roll! How do you like this Sweater? Would you wear such Bright Colors on a Rainy Day? Do you prefer the Vest zippered or not?

Multi-Colored, Stripped, Color-block, Stretchy, Knit, Scoop-neck Sweater: Gruppo Fiori.
Bright "Nature" Green Puffer Vest: Thrifted (New).
Dark-Wash, Acid, Straight-Skinny Jeans: Pelinki.
Flower-Shaped, Turquoise, Stud Earrings: Parfois.
Winter White+Gold, Tiny Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor in Albania.
Green+Colorful, Flower & Birds, "Happy & Free" Rain Boots: Costco.

Vivian's Outfit:
White+Gray, Striped Jumper w/ Hoodie: Carter's.
Coral, Chiffon Flower Hair Pin w/ Brown Polka Dots: Bijoux & Accessories.
Hot Pink & Plaid Boat Shoes: Meijer's.

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Stay tuned for a Special Valentine's Day Post tomorrow. Happy Thursday!!


  1. I love your rain boot. I know you must be sick of the rain. It been raining here at night and some time in the day. In April we will get hit with are rainy season. I glad I have 2 pair of rain boots now.

  2. This look definitely brightens up a rainy day! Thanks for linking up today!
    Penniless Socialite

  3. i love your sweater, so pretty and colorful!

    xo brie

  4. Love the primary colors! That vest is so cool!! Make sure you link up with the Sit Down Style Session!!

  5. Love the bright colors here! What a great way to brighten up a rainy day. I like the earrings you paired with it, too! Thank you so much for your sweet comments today! :)

  6. I would definitely rock something bright on a rainy day! This outfit is just so fun and let's not forget Vivian, she is just so adorable!
    Ms Dee Kay


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