No Longer Neglected with 5 Date Night Essentials while Styling a New Dress.

Hi Guys. Happy Thursday! I love doing Style Posts where I learn more about my own Fashion Choices and Sense of Style, I show you ladies a Cute Outfit (hopefully) by which you can draw inspiration too, and I am also  keeping up with Fashion Challenges shown by different Link-ups. Today I Styled a Dress while killing 3 birds with one stone. First of all I wanted you guys to see my New Dress which I purchased last week for $22, but I am not sure I should keep it because A) it is quite big and loose for me, B) it is quite short on me (I was hoping to have it both for Date Night/Fun time as well as Work), and 3) the material is a little too shiny for my taste. But I do love the Print of Coral Roses & Brown Animal Spots, as well as the price. With this post, I also wanted to show you guys My Favorite Heels (one of my 5 Most Favorite pairs anyway) and link up with Elle + Jacqueline for their Spotlight Weekly Trend - Favorite Heels. Last but not least, with the way I styled my Dress, I wanted to show you guys my 5 Date Night Essentials which is the theme for this month's new monthly Link Up "Head to Toe Chic" with Ginny + Nikki.

So my 5 Date Night Essentials must be as follows. A Dress first and foremost. Not your Work Sheath, not a Shirt-Dress, a rather Nice Dress, maybe Silk-like, it could be Strapless, it could be an LBD or even Red or Lace. It can even be in a Fun Print like mine. I chose this Shift Dress for my Fancy Date Night. Some Pretty Dangly Earrings. They can be Long or not so-long, a Chandelier Style is nice but some fun Sparkly Drop Earrings would be great too. Mine are one of the Most Favorite pairs I own and are not as heavy as they appear. They have Pearls, Crystals & other Rhinestones and I love them. I chose Earrings as opposed to let's say a Sparkly Necklace, because some necklines cannot use a Necklace. Next we have a Clutch to go with the Great Cocktail Dress you chose. I chose to do some Pattern-mixing with my Gorgeous Magenta/Fuchsia/Orange Python-Print Leather Clutch. It stands out against the Pale Blush tones of the Dress. Of course some Great Heels are a must for me for Date Night, preferably Stilettos (like I wore), but some Nice Pumps, or High-Heel Peep-Toe Shoes would work great, too. Last but not least my only Beauty Must Have for Date Night would be Bright Lipstick. Red Lipstick would be my first choice but a Bold Fuchsia Lip or a Bright Magenta would be great too. I have on a Fuchsia-Red one from Avon. In styling my Dress for Date Night I added a Sparkly Cocktail Ring (one of my newest ones) and a couple of Fun Bracelets. If I were to make it 7 Date Night Essentials instead of 5, these two would definitely round up my 7. My Shoes & Earrings are also my No Longer Neglected Items, for today. To recap, my 5 Date Night Essentials are: Dress, Dangly Earrings, Clutch, Heels & Bright Lipstick. Coincidentally, Ginny had 5 very similar Must Have Essentials for her Date Night Look which I loved. =) So, what do you think of My Outfit? Should I keep the Dress? How was my first attempt at styling it? And, what are YOUR 5 Date Night Essential Pieces and Why? Let me know in the comments - I appreciate it. Please be honest about the dress - Thanks.

Blush+Gold, Triangle-Flower, Large, Sparkly Stone Cocktail Ring: c/o American Fashion & Jewelry.
Gold Band & Gold+Diamond Ring: My Wedding & Engagement Rings.
Silver Ring w/ Lime Green Square Stone: Kohl's.
Classic Pearl & Silver Diamond-cut, Beaded Bracelet w/ Crystal Charm: White House Black Market.
Silver, Crystal Stretchy Bracelet: White House Black Market.
Python-Print Purple, Red, Fuchsia & Orange Clutch: Nine West.

My Favorite Heels are from Baker's. I have had them in my closet for 7-8 years now and I remember paying around $40-$45 for them. I love that they are a Rose Gold and that the Strap has a Gold Chain detail and the circle button is with Silver Rhinestones. Despite their height and skinny heel, they are actually quite Comfortable. My Favorite Heels have taken me to Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Dates, New Year's Eve Celebrations, Girls' Nights Out, Dancing, Bar Clubs and even Church. They have traveled with me to different cities, states, countries and even continents. And they still look like new and (fortunately) are not scruffed at all.

Blush/Nude Silky, 3/4 Sleeve Mini-Dress in a Floral & Animal-Print Pattern: A Local Boutique (New).
Circle-Flower, Silver+White, Dangly Earrings w/ Large Pearls & Crystal Stones: Arden B.
Coral, Chiffon Flower Pin: An Accessories Boutique.
Black Fishnet Tights: Pompea (New).
Rose Gold, Faux Leather, Strappy Stilettos w/ Gold Chain Detail & Silver Buckle: Baker's.

Also, this morning as I was putting together my post - the over-achiever that I am, especially when it comes to blogging - I created a Polyvore Set of 5 Date Night Essentials with pieces from one of my Favorite Stores to shop at: Express (except the lipstick is a True Red one by Lancome). I chose a Fun, Girly Babydoll Style LBD with some Strappy Black Stilettos (very similar in style to my Gold Rose ones) and chose to mix it up with an Icy Silver Clutch and matching Cobalt/White/Periwinkle Stone, Sparkly, Dangly Earrings. I particularly adore the Earrings & Clutch, and you?!

My 5 Date Night Essentials.

Doll dress

Hologram purse

Colorful earrings

Sheer lipstick

P.S. I am also linking up with Tara+Sharon, Sherry (Gorgeous Shift Dress, Heels & Earrings also - Great Minds think alike, lady!!),  Kati+Elise, Renae, Lauren and Lena+Rachel.
Though it will come a little bit later than usual, I am doing another Style Swap Post tomorrow so stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading. This was a long one! Geez Louise!


  1. You look so GLAM! Stunning look girl!! Make sure to link up tomorrow with the Style Swap

  2. Such a fun look, I love this clutch! Way to kill three birds with one stone :)

  3. Cute dress! I like the print on the dress! The flower and earrings really look nice with it!

  4. I think the dress looks great on you. With the shorter length, the looser fit balances it out. I say it's a keeper.


  5. I actually like this dress on you. I think the fit is good and the length is good. Those dresses can seem shorter and until you get used to them you feel weird wearing them. I like your eye make up too.

  6. I love that lipstick color! And the dress is great!

  7. Aren't fishnets the bomb? I love them. Great pairing the clutch with the dress. Thanks Ada for your nice comment and for joining Fashion item Friday again this week. You are super.

  8. I think the dress is a keeper. I really like that it's not super fitted because it's a shorter length, but still looks great for a date night. I can see this in the summer paired with flat metallic sandals with a belt too. Very cute!

  9. Love the dress!! So pretty! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! ♥


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