Saturday is for Vivian - 11 Months Update and What I Wore.

In the Holiday Month of December this Feisty, Fun, Pretty Baby Girl turned 11 months old, on December 19th. Tomorrow on January 19th she will be the big O-N-E!! That makes me Happy and Sad at once. It is really a Bittersweet Feeling to see your baby turn 1, especially being the first child. But we won't talk more about that today. Stay tuned for a Special Vivian Post tomorrow on January 19th when the Princess turns one!! Today, you get her 11-month update (late as usual LOL). Read on and Thank You for reading!!

December marked the last Calendar month that Vivian had yet to experience. It was her First December. Her First Christmas. Her First New Year's. It was the 12th month of her life, before turning 1. As you can tell from these photos, just like last month, Vivian is a bubble of energy and doesn't sit still for a minute. It is amazing how I was able to shoot so many pictures of her. We did try different locations though: her boppy pillow as usual, her walker, her high-chair and this month since it was the Holidays we shot a few close to the Christmas Tree as well. A couple of my Bracelets (she loves taking them off of me when I have some on) and that Orange Rubber Ball (which has a light inside) kept her occupied for some of the photos as well.

At 11 months old Vivian still only has two little teeth (her bottom front teeth). She is always moving, crawling and cruising up and down her bed, sofas, chairs, tables, whatever. Her eating has improved and I don't think she has any preference between sweets and salty foods, vegetables and fruits. She still loves her yogurt. Some yogurt we have tried has cheese on it as well, besides fruit like peaches, apricots, strawberries & bananas. I can tell she likes sour foods though. We have been trying some mandarin oranges, orange juice & tangerine juice (both freshly-squeezed) and she loves drinking them. However, she hates drinking from the bottle. We have to feed her juice by the spoon, often. Vivian also absolutely loves Music and she loves to Dance. For the last few months now, that infamous Fox Song "What Does the Fox Say" is her absolute favorite. She dances to it and shakes her head when it is playing. She also loves the video. It is funny watching her when that song is on. Another favorite song (a totally different one) is "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica. This is usually the song that calms her down and usually puts her to sleep. She also loves Children's Music and I played a lot of Christmas Songs for her during the Holidays and it seemed that she liked those very much.

As I am wrapping up this post updating you on her 11 months, I am reminded that tomorrow January 19th marks her 12th month Birthday. It's a big one. We have a good size Family Dinner planned, a Pretty Cake and lots of Decorations, since she absolutely loves Balloons and Colors in general, satisfy her. I hope she has a fun time feeling like a Princess surrounded by her Family who loves her very much. She is very very special to us and every day that goes by we Thank God that she is in our lives.
The message here (in Albanian) says: "The Sweet, the Beautiful Vivian."
Playing with Mommy's Bracelets - she loves Bling - and looking straight in my eyes as I took this photo.

Her 11-month Birthday Stuffed Toy is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, since it was Christmas.
What I mean is Vivian was Our Best and Biggest Christmas Gift for 2013 (for my Husband and I).
With her Paternal Grandma and Auntie.
Love this photo. She already likes Red Lipstick. Am I in trouble? LOL
Her Gold+Baby Pink Birthday Cake with Green Christmas Trees that says "Vivian 11 months".
Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink/Turquoise/White/Red Fair Isle Sweater Dress: Old Navy.
White, Knit Tights: Carter's.
Black, Grosgrain Ribbon Headband featuring a Large Double Bow w/ Rainbow Polka Dots: Wal Mart.
Hot Pink & Plaid Boat Shoes: Meijer's.

And, so far last year I have never given you details of the Outfits I have worn every month for Vivian's Birthday. I actually have them photographed so I will maybe do a Flash-back soon. Since I love this Outfit, I am showing it with details. It is just a simple Taupe Sweater Dress that I layered my Long-Sleeve Magenta Tee underneath. I added some Blingy Bracelets and a Red, Plastic, Long Bobble Necklace, some Metallic Wedge Pumps and a Neutral, Nude, Bow Headband. The result was this Outfit. How do you like it?
Taupe/Gray, Belted Sweater Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Magenta, Crew-neck, Long-Sleeve, Nylon-Stretch Tee: White House Black Market.
Red, Green+Blue, Plaid, Wool Scarf: Thrifted (New).
Long, Red, Plastic-Beaded Necklace: c/o a Custom Jewelry Store (New).
 Black+Silver and 1 Magenta+Silver, Stretchy, Beaded Bracelets w/ some Charms: White House Black Market.
Nude/Beige, Pleather Headband w/ Gold & Skinny Pleather Bow: c/o a Local Accessories Store (New).
Camel/Beige, Real Soft Leather Jacket: Banana Republic.
Black Tights: A Local Hosiery Boutique.
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

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  1. Aww lovely pictures, Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl for tomorrow. Can't wait to see the pictures, thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop...

    1. Thank you so very much. I am so excited about tomorrow. It is bittersweet also.

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous! Have a happy birthday tomorrow, dollface!

  3. Her little boat shoes are just adorable! Hope she had an amazing birthday party!! Love how you paired the magenta with your dress!

    1. I love those Boat Shoes too. I wish they had them in my size LOL. Her Birthday Party was great but you already know that LOL. And, after I saw the photos of this Outfit I totally thought of you because I could see you wearing it. =) Thanks again.


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