Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October's Top 3.

This post - about last month's Favorite Outfits - is coming quite late this month, but that's due to me traveling/moving back to Albania and having scheduled a few guest posts ahead, also. I have enjoyed doing this feature monthly, reflecting on my Favorite Outfits from the previous month, so I am not skipping it. Better late than never.

I felt like October was another great month of Outfits for me. I was proud of so many looks. This month I wore everything from different styles of Jeans to Dresses (even re-styled 2 Dresses from "Then" into "Now"), from Button-downs to Bustiers, from Pumps to Flats. Coming up with these selected 7 was difficult, but ultimately (before even looking at my October archives) the Navy+White Outfit featuring a Plaid Skirt & my New Polka Dot Chambray stood out and I remembered it correctly. Hands down it is My Absolute Favorite, despite being the one Outfit with the fewest comments. That I think was due to timing and scheduling. I always feel that most bloggers take less time to read and comment on Fridays, let alone the rest of the weekend. It is the weekend, after all. It was definitely a Pink October since I had at least 9-10 Looks where I featured or wore something with Pink on it, in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I also participated at the BBCA monthly 'Wear and Blog Pink Challenge' and linked up with Amy Fashion Blog alongside other bloggers who wore Pink in October. All in all, it was a Great October fashion-wise. =) What do you think?

Just like last month, the very first 3 Outfits are my Most Favorite Looks (Top 3) in that exact order. The other 4 Outfits are more Favorite Looks from October, albeit in no particular order. Which are your favorite 2-3 looks from the ones I chose, here? And speaking of things I am proud of when it comes to my blog, Claire featured me on her Creative Mondays Blog Hop. I was very honored. It was the Halloween Post which was featured, where I am sure that Vivian 'stole the show'. Therefore this 'award' was for Viv.


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  1. I really like your geometric dress. A good wrap dress is always in style!

  2. Hi Ada! I love all your look! Those pink pants are my favorite!
    Do you know where I can email you? I was trying to find your email, but I am unable to locate it?


  3. Loving the fur boots! So fun and perfect for fall and winter!!! Your are right, better lat than never! Glad you shared your looks! And thanks for the sweet comment today. I tried to respond via email, but you are set up as a no reply commenter. I really appreciate your sincere and kind words!!! HUGS!

  4. Aww some great outfits here, thanks so much for the mention :) I'm going out tonight, first time in ages and you made me want to go dressed up now :)

  5. I think my favourite look is the pink print dress. Fits you perfectly and love it with the booties.


  6. I love those pink pants, they look so great on you! The fur shrug is a fun piece, too. You had some good looks this month!


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