Neon Pink Monochrome.

Who likes Pink? The better question would be what woman doesn't? I will be honest with you - I like Pink but it is not my Most Favorite Color. Neither do I wear it a lot. As a matter of fact 5 years ago or earlier I barely had much Pink in my closet. Then, in 2008, it ended up being the Color of the year so BAM!! I bought a bunch. And, fast forward to 2013 when Neon is the biggest trend happening, I added more Pink to my closet: Neon Pink. In Jewelry and Shoes (like the ones I am wearing) - small doses. In Clothing like these Neon Dye Khaki Pants - big doses. And now that I am going through my closet like a mad woman and purging as much as I can, I am finding little gems including lots of Cute Blouses like the one I am wearing today. The Ruffles add more Girly appeal on top of the Bright Pink. Though the Top is between a Pink & Coral, altogether this is a Monochrome Neon Pink Look, perfect for this week's Trend Spin Link-up. And this Outfit was worn today. The day started out gray, cool & windy. It then got warmer, sunny & pretty - just like My Outfit. So, what do you think?

Coral-Pink, Chiffon, Button-Down, Ruffled Blouse: Casual Corner (really old).
Neon Pink, Dye, Khaki Pants: Gap (New).
Black Leather Belt w/ Square Silver Buckle: New York & Company (NY & Co).
Black Circle Stud Earrings w/ Silver Rhinestones: White House Black Market.
Neon Pink & Silver "Paris" Watch: Gifted (New).
Burgundy, Red & Silver, Sparkly, Stretchy Beaded Bracelet: White House Black Market.
Hot Pink & Purple Plastic Bangles: Charlotte Russe.
Bright Pink, Plastic, Jelly, Bow Sandals: DSW.

Vivian's Outfit:
Coral Velour Sweatshirt w. Embroided Flowers: Gymboree.
Blue Jeans w/ "Pebbles" Embroidery: Disney Kids.
Turquoise, Tulle, Sparkly Flower Pin: Wal Mart.
White+Baby Pink Gingham Mary Jane Ballet Flats: A Local Children's Boutique (New).

P.S. Linking up with Erin, Alison, Shanna and Amber.


  1. you are both so cute!

  2. I am loving those hot pink pants!

  3. I really like monochromatic looks and this is no exception! Very pretty and I love that you and Vivian match :)

  4. Love this monochormatic pink look Ada. Gorgeous and your daughter is too cute. HOpe you got my email and that it all works. Please let me know if it doesn't. Also please advertise the link up on your social media.


    1. Thanks for the lovely compliments Agi and we talked already. I am looking forward to tomorrow very much. =)

  5. I completely agree. What woman doesn't?! Love that you chose pink. Link was my first choice but them I changed to green at the last moment. ; ) Love the neon of the pants. And Vivian is too cute! I love when y'all coordinate! Thanks for linking up again Ada! Hope you have a great week! See you in leather next week.

    1. I know. No Woman doesn't like Pink. Especially a Blogger kind of woman. Especially a Fashionista. Especially someone like myself who loves clothes. I am looking forward to Leather next week. I will be styling a new piece. ;-)


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