Saturday is for Vivian's Party!!!

As I have mentioned before on this blog, my Baby Girl Vivian was born on a Saturday. Today she is exactly 33 weeks old. Saturdays have become special to me because of her birth. They are sort of bittersweet too, since each Saturday marks another week that Vivian grows older. But she also grows more clever, happier, more independent, smarter, sweeter and prettier each day. I can't help but feel Lucky, Happy, Content & Blessed.

Vivian and I have been to the States since July 12th. So, we have celebrated her 6-month and her 7-month Birthdays here so far. This month will be the 8th, we are also staying all through October. But then we have to go back home in Albania where Daddy is dying to see us since he misses his Girls. Since I didn't have a Baby Shower (it is not a tradition in Albania) and since when we celebrate Vivi's one-year Birthday we will be in Albania, My Parents wanted to throw a Party in her Honor, a Welcome Party if you will, since she will be leaving soon. They meant to do this as early as we got here in Michigan. But trying to get my entire extended family and some close friends on the same schedule was difficult. Finally we are having the party today and I am glad to say that everyone we invited will be able to attend. It will be about 40 of us altogether. I am excited and looking forward to it. I even bought Vivian a new dress for the occasion though the weather is Chilly and not collaborating. I will have to put her in a warmer dress with tights or leggings, instead. It is so fitting that this Party is today since today she is 33 weeks old and since Saturday is her day. I am sure we will have a great time. 

I will update later in the next week or so with some Photos from Today's Event & Cake. But, before I leave for today, I wanted to share a few late photos from the last month of Vivian & some Family. Enjoy them!!

Vivian: Happy and Healthy!!
Vivian trying out her Cousin's Swan, looking Adorable riding it.
Vivian with Mommy and her 2 Aunties: Lorena & Nula (they are Sisters) who love her very much.  
Vivian & My Parents (her Grandparents), celebrating my Dad's Birthday this August.
Vivian being her Happy, Sassy, Smiley Self. I love this Picture. Her Skirt & Hat are a set.
Vivian & I getting ready for a Dinner Celebration with Guests that My Parents had invited over.
Vivian & I all dolled up & ready to go out.
Vivian with her Cousin Mollie (who is 3 months older) having a Beach Day by the Lake (with their families).
Vivian & I spending a Morning at home, in front of My Parents' beautiful porch & front yard. I love this Photo. It looks like a post-card.
Vivian & I visiting Auntie Gloria, trying the new bed in her Brand-New, Gorgeous Bedroom.
Vivian and her Handsome Cousin Edward. Aren't they Adorable?
Vivi wearing a Cute Blue Outfit to match her Beautiful Blue Eyes. She is Stunning for sure.
Beautiful Vivian still smiling, even-though a day before she got 3 shots. Sweet Pea!!
Vivian with her Auntie Gloria. She is my Mom's Sister's Daughter who is like a Little Sister to me.
Vivian with Mommy, Grandpa & Grandma all Dressed up and Looking Pretty in front of My Parents' House, before going to a Wedding.
Vivian & I looking Pretty for the Wedding. This is My Most Favorite Photo of the 2 of us, from that day.
Last but not least, Vivian showing off the Gorgeous Dress she wore to the Wedding and looking Beautiful.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I hope you had fun at the party!

    1. We did enjoy the party, Inge. It was exhausting but great. =)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I hope you had fun at the party!

  3. Oh, I just love these photos! Vivian looks like such a happy little girl. She is getting so big. Love the photo of you and her at the wedding.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like the photos. I will be posting more about the Wedding soon. =)

  4. What a happy, beautiful girl! And you look lovely too Ada. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks so much for all the kind words about Vivian. My pleasure. =)

  5. That purple dress is gorgeous on you Ada. I know what you mean about each passing week being bittersweet. I feel that way about Aiden. He just started his second year of preschool. Great pictures Ada.


    1. Thanks so much. That dress is truly beautiful & special. I will post more Fashions from the Wedding soon. Stay tuned.

      And yes, babies grow up too fast. Time flies.

  6. I love, love, love the photo of you and Vivian at the wedding! You look beautiful in that shade of purple, and Vivian looks so darn happy! She really is a gorgeous baby!!

    1. Thanks so much Brynn. That by far is my Most Favorite Photo. I love Purple on me and yes Vivian is Gorgeous & Happy. =) We are truly Blessed.

  7. What q great time! Vivian look beautiful :)


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