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Nice to "Meet and Greet" AGNES.

Today's "Meet and Greet" is Agnes (Agi) that blogs at Vodka Infused Lemonade - a very Creative, Fun Blog Name I must add. Agnes is a full time Mom to her little boy. She is also a full-time baker, making some Gorgeous & Delightful Cakes & Cupcakes. Last but not least, she also works part-time on the weekends, as a Nurse nevertheless. Despite being so busy, she still finds time to always look Pretty, Polished, Casual, Cool & Chic. I must say I can relate to her Style the most, because as Moms we both prefer Simple, Easy Looks like Shorts, Jeans, Crops, Maxis, Girly Tees, Cardigans & Blazers. She loves Necklaces just as much as I do - after all they can dress up & girlify an Outfit. Agnes has a Link-up on Thursdays too, titiled "Tres Chic" - exactly what she is all the time. Agnes has had many Lovely Looks in the last few months since I discovered her Blog - many of which I have featured in my Weekly Series and she always takes time to Thank me, as well. I also did a Mother's Day Special including Agi. Even-though her Blog is already real Popular and she needs little introduction on my part, I am Very Happy to have her be part of this Series. 

Vodka Infused Lemonade
Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences.
I'm so excited to be guest blogging today here on Elegance and Mommyhood. My name is Agi and I blog over at Vodka Infused Lemonade. My blog primarily focuses on fashion and motherhood. I am a mother to a toddler boy who keeps me extremely busy. I am a Labour & Delivery Room Nurse, make cakes and cupcakes (Agi's Creations) and blog on the side. As you can see I'm not the type who can sit still for a long time. In a nutshell, I blog about anything and everything that inspires me. I like to include recipes of my favorite dishes, pictures of cupcakes and cakes that I have made and reviews of books that I have enjoyed reading. I also love to share my favorite must-have products. My fashion focuses on outfits that are versatile and that a mom on the go can easily wear. I believe that just because you're a mom, doesn't mean you can't dress nicely.
I also have a weekly link up called Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up where I feature a few of my favorite posts from the previous week and where bloggers can post their favorite looks. I like the idea of getting to know other bloggers.
Tres Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up
1. Why did you name your blog the way you did? I named my blog Vodka Infused Lemonade after a very difficult week. I posted my status on Facebook as "when life gives you lemons, you make vodka infused lemonade." I had been searching for a blog title for a while and this seemed quite fitting.

2. Why did you start your blog & when did you start it? I started my blog as an outlet for me, a way of expressing myself. It was also a way to find myself again after having my son. I battled a bit of postpartum depression, you can read about it here, and this was a way for me to start doing things for myself. I started my blog last July 13. I can't believe I'm coming up to my one year blog anniversary. Stay tuned, I've got some great giveaways coming the week of July 8.

3. What is your Every day Work Dress Code? I stay at home with my son during the week and on the weekends I work. I am a Labour & Delivery room nurse, so I wear scrubs at work. At home, my go-to outfit comprises of jeans, flats, a simple tee, and a cardigan or blazer over it. Below is a good example of what I would normally wear every day. I like to be comfortable yet stylish. I would definitely describe my style as classic/preppy.
R W & Co. Cobalt Blazer
4. What Colors do you incorporate more in your wardrobe & which ones do you stay away from and why? Since starting to blog, I have definitely branched out more in terms of adding colour to my wardrobe. I use to be a black, navy, white kind of girl, stuck to neutral colours. I've discovered that I enjoy colour and it does a lot for my complexion. I don't stay away from any colours really but I do tend to gravitate towards red and blue.

5. What are some of your favorite accessories & how do you use/wear them? Over the years I've definitely developed quite the taste for jewelry. I feel like no matter what you're wearing, if you add a statement necklace, earrings and some bracelets you can spice up any outfit. I also enjoy wearing scarves and I love my purses. I also enjoy a nice hat. My favorites are the fedora and the cloche hat.

6. What is currently missing from your closet or what do you like to add to your closet & why? I definitely need something floral in my closet, but I don't want to end up looking like a couch. I'm on the hunt for a simple floral blouse. I also wouldn't mind adding some neon to my wardrobe. Again I'm afraid I'll end up looking like someone from the 90's. I would like something simple like neon heels.

7. Do you have a Monthly Budget, if so, how much is it? I don't have a monthly budget. I try as much as possible to buy things when they are on sale. It's not always possible, but I try my best.

8. What are some of your most favorite stores or brands, including shoes? My favorite stores are the Gap, Jacob, RW & Co., J Crew, Stella & Dot, Aldo, Coach, Sephora, Banana Republic. Would love a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, but that is not in the budget.

9. What have you yet not done in your blog but you want to? I would like to have sponsors on my blog and would like to work more with local businesses and do more collaborations with other bloggers. I love doing giveaways.

10. How has your blog grown so far? How many followers do you have? How do you work into growing your blog, Agi? My blog first started with a few followers, then grew to 100 by December and since January it has steadily grown. I have over 1000+ followers between Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Twitter. I basically started commenting on other blogs, in January I did a 30x30 challenge and I've done giveaways to help increase followers. I'm also advertising on other blogs to help increase readers.

11. Below include 7-8 different outfits you have worn so far that you have loved & give some quick explanations for each.
Maxi Skirt 
 Love maxi skirts. They are versatile and comfortable making it the perfect skirt for a busy mom on the go. Gap's Boyfriend Jeans 
 This is definitely one of my "momiforms"; my go-to outfit. Love my boyfriend jeans paired with anything really. What I like about this outfit is again it's not only comfortable but fashionable. I love the juxtaposition of the pearls with the boyfriend jeans. I wear these jeans a lot on my blog.
  RW & Co. Cobalt Blazer 
 This outfit is quickly becoming my favorite go-to looks for the Summer. I love the shorts with the blazer. The blazer dresses up the simple tee and pulls the outfit together. Rather than wearing my flats, I added these fabulous wedges which kick things up a notch.
. Black and White
I wore this outfit to see Oprah in January. This sequin polka dot top is one of my favorites. Loving the stripe skirt. This combination of different patterns came to by accident and loved it once I put it together. You can't go wrong with mixing patterns. Keep it simple by staying in the same colour family.
  Gap's Black & White Maxi Dress 
 I'm absolutely loving maxi dresses. I purchased my first one this Spring and I'm loving it. I totally have an affinity for stripes. Love the dress combined with the jean jacket.
  Olive Skinny Jeans 
I love everything about this outfit, the olive pants, the black vest over a simple tee. This pretty much describes my typical outfits.
 I bought this dress years ago and am so happy to have rediscovered it. Love how simple it is and easy to style it is.
I can't get enough of blazers. I wore this outfit to a blogger conference and it was perfect. Comfortable yet stylish. Love the necklace. Adds some sparkle to my outfit. 

12. What is one last thing you want to say to anyone who reads this? I want my blog to show that just because you're a mom, it doesn't mean that you can't dress stylishly. I want women to start feeling pretty about themselves when they get dressed in the morning, rather than just throwing on the first thing that is clean. I don't think enough women feel good about themselves or in the way they dress. It's about time we started feeling pretty about ourselves and felt pretty in what we are wearing.

Thank you so much Ada for allowing me to guest post on your blog.

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  1. Your articles don’t beat about the bushes these are actually exact t to the purpose.

  2. Yay, I loved reading about Agi! I wondered about the title of her blog, but never asked. Love this!

  3. I love it! Of Course I would love to be apart of this!! email me:!! Thanks so much for thinking of me :)

  4. Thanks Ada. Just wanted to clarify that I'm not a full time baker. I bake on the side. Thank you for this amazing post.


    1. I hadn't paid attention that I had written full-time baker. Sorry about that. Your Cakes are Beautiful & I am sure Yummy too. Thanks for your time and it was My Pleasure.


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