Lucky 13 and Mixed Geometry.

Who is Superstitious? Certainly NOT me, I have never been one to go after superstitions. Though one cannot help but feel like 13 is an Unlucky number. However, so far 13 is proving to be a Very Lucky Number for my little family. After all My Beautiful Vivian was born in the year 2013. Today was the 13th of June. Besides the number 13, looks like June is also a lucky month for us, after all it is the month I got married (8 years ago; our anniversary is the 19th). 19 is another lucky number for us, it represents both the Birth-date of Our Daughter and Our Wedding Date. So, why am I talking numbers and days today? Well, because as of today June 13th 2013, my little one (who is not even half a year old yet) is officially an American Citizen. She, clearly is an Albanian Citizen too since Albania is her birth-place. This is the thing that had me worried & frustrated lately because as a whole process took quite a bit and I hate waiting for something that is her birth-right (since her mommy is also American). Needless to say there is such bureaucracy when it comes to these things, no matter which country we are talking about. But enough, it's over and done with. I am just happy she got it and we are just waiting for her passport to arrive now. If everything goes as planned we might be in US before the 4th of July, or at the latest the second week of July. I miss My Mom & Dad and my whole Family soooo much. And they are dying to see the baby, dying... To all of you who have expressed concern about my life lately and to all of you who have prayed that everything goes well ...THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Vivian & I appreciate it!!

Now let's talk Fashion. I have been drawn to wear a lot of Black+White lately as you have seen and as I have said before. I also love Prints. I love Polka Dots & I like a Fun, Strong Geometric Print. The Dots on this Sweater are sort of Geo too, creating a pattern towards the bottom. I love how the Skirt & Cardigan pair together. I added not 1, not 2 but 3 pops of Color to this Outfit (4, if you count the Red Cocktail Ring). My Stretchy Cotton Tank is Cobalt, the Ballet Flats are Green & the Flower on my hair is Coral. I am glad to wear the Watch, the Flower Clip & the Flats from my April Purchases. What do you think of this Outfit? Also I think today's Title is Fun & Clever. Some Blog Post Titles come so easy and others do not. =) Is it the same for you gals?
3/4-Sleeved, Ivory & Black Cardigan w/ Integrated Polka Dots: The Limited.
Cobalt Blue, Stretchy Cotton Tank Top: Banana Republic.
Black + White, Geometric-Print, Flowy Skirt: White House Black Market.
Light, Pin, Drop, Silver Earrings: Express.
Bronze & Red, Faux-Alligator Band, Rose Gold Watch w/ Rhinestone Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique.
Dark Blue Rope, Braided Bracelet w/ Silver Cross: Purchased at My Church for Easter.
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
 Coral, Chiffon Flower Pin: An Accessories Boutique.
Skinny, White Belt w/ Chain Detail: Piazza Italia.
Kiwi Green Ballet Flats w/ Gold+Pewter Metallic Detail: Simple Shoes (New).
Vivian's Outfit:
White, "Daddy's Cutie", Cotton Bodysuit w/ Multi-Colored Polka Dots: Carter's.
Baby Blue/Floral, Cutout Bow Pin: Street Vendor.

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  1. Yah Ada! I am so happy Vivian got her American citizenship and now you can come to the States to see your family! I bet it was stressful and frustrating with the waiting.

    Cobalt or red has to be my favorite color with black and white so I really like this combo.


    1. Yes, finally. It took about ...2 months LOL. Thanks for writing & for caring. I am so excited I will get to see them in less than a month. It is surreal now. It will be 2 years this November, that is loooong.

  2. Aw! Congrats on your daughter's American citizenship! I have been reading, but have been limited in my commenting lately. Sorry about that. New jobs are very tiring.

    I love your cardigan a lot. Black and white are my favorite prints.

    I always find blog titles hard. I try to call it something from my day or about the outfit. Sometimes it's just whatever sounds good in my head.

    1. Thanks so much Megan. We are happy and it was a cause for celebration, yesterday. I know how it is about being busy. Just like you I have read but haven't had time to comment.

      You have a Great Weekend & take it easy!

  3. Yay for Vivan's dual citizenship! Love her bow today too :)

    1. Thanks Ginny. She is an Albanian-American like Mommy, now. =)

  4. Cute skirt! Love the black and white geometric print. Congrats on your daughter's America citizenship! Thanks for linking up with us again this week!

    xoxo Meghan

    1. I love that Skirt too. I wore it a lot last Summer & the Summer previous. WHBM has cute Black+White Skirts. Thanks for stopping by & My Pleasure linking up.

  5. Congrats on the Citizenship!!
    Love the pattern mixing with the top and skirt.
    Looks great on you.


  6. Hey,
    Nice post..
    Would you like to follow each other..!!!

    Keep in touch,

  7. Love this outfit Ada. Love the mixed prints!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I love your pattern mixing. The black and white looks great with the pop of blue. Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back this week!
    Penniless Socialite

    1. Thanks Sharon. I have been Pattern-mixing a lot lately. =)

  9. Hi, I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Especially loving how you include the little one, this could be a little "Mommy and Me" thing for a long time.

    I especially love the sleeper she has on in this post. If you ever decide to part with it, please let me know.

    1. Hi Blinkers, I am just reading this. Thanks for stopping by & for enjoying the blog. I do still have this sleeper. It's in Europe, however.


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