April Purchases.

Another month fell off and here we are with my Monthly Purchases. How did I do? Did I go over budget? Did I stay under? Well of course I did. (My Budget is about 100-125 bucks a month in case you are wondering.) Once again, didn't add any new clothes this month though I can think of at least 10 things I need to add to my closet such as: Chambray Shirt, Chambray Dress, a Floral Tunic, some Maxi Skirts & Dresses, a couple of Colored Jeans & a Casual Stripped Black+White Dress (the one I wore yesterday got some very positive feedback, by the way). But see, I am currently working on the baby's paperwork and once that is settled the two of us are visiting USA for a few months, staying with my parents. There is when I plan to do all of my shopping & all the missing pieces from my closet will be added (hopefully).

What I added this month were a pair of Ballet Flats. I own a bunch of them already but I figured for 10 bucks, this Fun Green pair with the Gold & Pewter Hardware detail in the front, would come home with me. They even have cute stripes on the inside. They also came in Black & in White. I own a pair of White Leather Ballet Flats with a Crystal detail in the front, though I could use another pair of White Flats. Currently I only have 2 pairs of Black Ballet Flats. I am on the lookout for a nicer Leather pair, would love to get the Reva(s) by Tory Burch. So, of course I had to get the Green. I wanted to add some Fun, Summer Colors as far as Nail Polish goes, to paint my toes this Summer (I am also working on not biting my nails - it is so so hard, but I would love to have Pretty & Healthy Nails, though not very long) so these four polishes for less than a dollar each, also came home with me while I did some Grocery shopping. I love brooches and the Retro yet Classic appeal they have. Both of mine have crystals in them, one is a Green Leaf & the other a Sky Blue Flower (you already saw me wearing it last week on the lapel of a button-down). The Long, Plastic Beaded Necklace in Pastel Colors was a necessary & fun addition to my Jewelry drawer for the Spring/Summer. I have already worn it a few times & Vivian seems to love it, too - she likes to tangle her hands with it =D. I plan on wearing it a lot more. Last but not least, I added a Watch. A Fun, Cool, Everyday Fashion Watch (Dressy too) for just 6 bucks. The strap is White & Redish-Bronze Animal Print. It has a big Tan/Bronze Face with a Horse in the Middle which reminds me of the Polo of Ralph Lauren Logo. It looks very expensive. I don't own a lot of watches so this was great to purchase. And I have already purchased another watch this month of May. What do you think of My April Purchases? Anything you like? What did you buy last month?


  1. Cute shoes! I like the fun nail polishes too, I don't paint my fingernails, but I'd love these on my toes :)

  2. Ooh! I really like the green flats. A girl can never have too may shoes :) I have been really good and sticking to my wishlist. I think the only thing I bought in April were a pair of nude heels and black heels to replace my broken ones. Not bad for a shopaholic like me! Heather

  3. Great selection! So lovely:)


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  4. Those shoes are super cute! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again this Thursday!
    Penniless Socialite


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