Linen, Leopard and Love-Lettered Purse.

You guys I am exhausted. Husband and I have gotten very little sleep last night (it's not what you are thinking if you are thinking what I am thinking you are LOL). Enough word playing. But seriously if you have children, you know that at least until they are 3 years old, there will be several sleepless nights. Vivian keeps me so busy during the day, she sleeps for several short periods of time & barely let's me sleep or nap during the day. I am still posting this outfit today though to follow with the Pantone-inspired Challenge and once again link up with Marissa and Heidi.

I wore this outfit last night, just for a walk & coffee with My Husband & My Girl. I hadn't worn heels in forever and speaking of forever I have had these since Mervyn's California days. Is that department store still in existence anywhere? I used to love it & shopped there a lot when it was around. I liked it better than Kohl's & JC Penney. Well, these are slides, in a Leopard Print w/ a Skinny Leather Cognac Bow in the front & the heels are Cognac Leather also. Real cute & versatile, pretty comfortable too - what's not to love!? It goes to show you that Leopard has been stylish for at least a decade or so & I don't think it will ever go out of style. The color of the challenge today was Linen and I couldn't have found a better shirt for it. This Soft, Rayon, Girly Tee with the Beautiful, Large Chiffon Rose on the neckline is not quite Gray, not quite Off-White, not quite Ivory, not quite Taupe. If I wear to call it a color, I would have called it Linen indeed. Speaking of things 'not quite', I love the pattern of my Skirt. It is not quite Animal-Print, not quite Geometric, not quite Safari, not quite Leaf-Print, not quite Abstract. The two together plus the shoes three, make a perfect combination. I added a Large Bow Headband - my signature accessory, some Earrings, a Leopard Plastic Bangle, a Cognac Leather Belt & Makeup so I was good to go. This is an Outfit from The Limited pretty much, with my Jewelry being Forever 21. This is definitely a lot dressier than what I wear these days. It makes me look & feel ready for the corporate world... almost. I don't miss it. Being a Mom is the best job in the world. It is exhausting & it only pays in smiles (for now) but very rewarding, there is no corporate or other place in the world I'd rather be! I did put my hair up later on though. And Vivian looked Lovely as usual, don't you think?

The Most Adorable Little Face. Little Missy is wearing Jeans, mind you... =P
Soft Rayon, Linen/Off White T-Shirt w/ Chiffon Petals/Rose in the Front by the Neckline: The Limited.
Black+White, Leaf Print, Pencil Skirt: The Limited.
Cognac, Leather, Braided, Skinny Belt: The Limited. 
Leopard Print, Plastic Bangle: Forever 21.
Silver Wreath Stud Earrings w/ Rhinestones, Pearls & Bow on top: Forever 21.
Ivory, Grossgrain Ribbon Headband Featuring a Wide, Double-Bow: Forever 21.
White, Plastic Sunglasses w/ Gold Rims: Ann Taylor.
Dark Brown, Faux Leather, Over-the-Shoulder Purse w/ Stitched "Love": Meijer's.
Leopard-Print, Faux Suede Top & Cognac Leather Bottom, Slide Sandals w/ Heels: Mervyn's California (at least 7 years old - but I love them).

Vivian's Outfit:
Pink Cardigan w/ Different Colored, Pastel Buttons: Old Navy.
Baby Pink "Thank Heaven for Girls" Bib: Carter's.
Dark Blue Jeans w/ Canvas Floral Belt: Okaidi.
White, Satin, Bow Clip: a Random Boutique.
Velvet, Orange, Lounging Loafers w/ Bear Heads in the front: Gifted from a Girlfriend of mine.

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  1. love this outfit, Ada! Vivian is getting so big- such a cutie!!

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Thanks Jenna. Vivian grows a little more, each day.

  2. Great skirt! I like the brown belt with this look too. Of course Vivian looks adorable too. Her little shoes are so cute :)

    1. I figured the Brown/Cognac Belt would look well with the shoes. And of course Vivian looks Adorable! Thanks Heather.

  3. ohh Ada sa po me plqenka fundi, dukesh shume ne forem. Vivian cdo here behet me shume e adhurushme.

    xoxo Lulu.

  4. Nice outfit! I love the pattern of your skirt and the brown accessories. I applaud you for keeping up with the challenge even during a busy week!

  5. Hi Ada! Love your outfit!

    I have an outfit picture to send you for your Birthday Blog Party, but I can't find a link to your email on your blog. Can you send it to me? kslatton827 (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Style Diary

  6. Oh I am living that skirt on you! Yes- I'm super late but will email you a birthday look today!! :)

    1. Thanks. I love the skirt too. I know you have a similar one. I am looking forward to your outfit especially. =)


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