Patterned Leggings + Morning Coffee and Limited Time.

Guys I am so busy, but I am ambitious. I have been posting almost every day this month of April and on top of that have found time (though it takes me different intervals of time & several breaks, sometimes I start writing it as early as Friday) to write my weekly Sunday Feature "Week's Best Looks" which is by far the most time-consuming, most ambitious post each week. Even if there were 28 hours in the day rather than 24 I would find something to keep me busy in all of them. Let's see first and foremost I take care of a young baby - the hardest job I have ever done so far, though the most rewarding. I also cook, clean, dust, do laundry, fold clothes, iron, organize, wash dishes, take care of my husband, grocery-shop, etc. And most importantly I still find time to eat, drink, sleep, use the restroom & shower myself. When I take pictures of my outfits (at home) and when I write my blog posts that is my Me Time. And let me tell you guys this Me Time is very rare and far more important plus crucial when you have a little baby. My Baby Girl is still very young & cries a lot. Let me tell you guys Babies are Needy! I love my Sweet Vivian to death, I would go to moon & back for her, I would risk my life for her, but I am just stating the plain truth & being honest here.

I live in one of the largest apartment complexes in Albania (in the capital city Tirana). It is a very nice neighborhood & a Gated Community. We definitely feel safe in here. The best part is the building we live in has several super-markets/grocery stores, a couple of fresh produce markets, a couple of different pharmacies, several different banks, a Money Gram, Western Union, a couple of clothing boutiques, a Spa, 2 hair Salons, a Pizza Restaurant, Fast-Food place, a couple of Bakery's & 2 Caffe-Bar places right there. There is even a place where children get to play inside (an indoors kids' entertainment area), as well as a Children's/Babies Boutique. You don't have to go far to get your necessities, run your daily errands, get your groceries & such. So, almost every day, especially when it was nice out (no rain) I would take my girl in her stroller and would go outside to have my morning or late morning coffee & even shopped for anything we may needed at the super-market or fresh produce market. Lately, I have worn fancier outfits even to go to such places, after all my life is simpler now as a Mom and I do want to wear my clothes, even if it means getting dressed up sometimes. But sometimes, cozy, casual, clothes that breathe & you would lay around your house in, are just what the doctor ordered. This is the case for the 2 outfits below. And I am playing catch-up because these are never-before posted looks from March.

The Patterned Leggings I purchased in January have gotten several wears each. I wore both outfits below to have my Morning Coffee and catch the first rays of Sun with my girl. The first outfit is Neutral between the Wheat, Off-White, Mocha, Latte, Olive & Brown Colors. The second outfit is more Colorful & more 'Print-Crazy' because there are polka dots, circles, stripes & flowers in the mix. Besides the Leggings, another thing this outfits have in common is the open, Fly-away Cardigans. The are both layered, also. Which pair of Leggings is Your Favorite?

And, did you check out this post? It is the latest on Vivian filled with a Lot of Photos & Baby Love. =) All of you who have E-Mailed me Your Styled Birthday Outfits for my Birthday Blog Post this week - Thank You Kindly. I am looking forward to more outfits & to that post. I will run the post on Sunday May 5th so keep the outfits coming & don't forget to link up that day or the next day when you post. You can also grab one of the Fun Birthday Buttons I created (listed below). Thanks.

Camel, Linen/Cotton Blend, Belted, Open Cardigan: Victoria's Secret.
Off-White, Cotton Tunic w/ 3D Flowers by the Neckline: Gruppo Fiori.
Brown/Beige/Olive Paisley-Print Leggings: Terra Nova.
Delicate, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Drop Earrings w/ Small Circle, Champagne/Pastel Orange Stone: Gifted from My Mother-in-Law.
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.

Blue Tank w/ Gray & White Circles & Dots: Gruppo Fiori.
Black+White Stripped, Open Cardigan w/ Ruffle Around the Front: White House Black Market.
Linen/Cotton blend, Gauzy, Gray Scarf w/ Purple/Green Watercolor Florals: H&M (Borrowed by My Sister-in-Law).
Gray, Zippered, Fleeze Jacket: Aeropostale.
Gray & Black Polka Dot Leggings: Calliope.
Brown & Beige, Micro-Suede Sneakers: Payless.


  1. I love your patterned leggings! They are so cute!

    I should have an outfit to you soon, I just need to get the pictures off my phone, it's a dress I also wore to a wedding :)

    1. Thanks Hun. I love them as well. I added 4 pairs of them back in January. Looking forward to receiving your outfit. =)

  2. I'm a fan of patterned leggings, too! :)


  3. Your complex sounds nice :) love the scarf you're wearing today too :)

    1. It is real nice. I love this scarf too. I wish it was mine.

  4. I can definitely relate with trying to find the time to manage things. Lately things have been so busy and hectic around my world. The girls and work are keeping me busy!

    I love these patterned leggings Ada :)

    p.s. Being busy, I still haven't gotten around to sending my birthday outfit pic to you. I will get it to you soon. Thinking of a great party outfit to celebrate with you! Heather

    1. Oh you don't have to worry about the BDay Outfit, just E-Mail it to me when you can. I know you can relate with being busy. You are a mom of two already and have been busy for many years now.

  5. Love the sweater! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, it will be so fun to watch her grow through your posts! My babies are big now (ten, eight and four), and although I don't want more of my own, I love to see other people's kiddos.

    1. Thanks. The Stripped Open Cardigan is one of my favorites. Though this is my 1st child & definitely am a newbie at being a mom, I think for us mothers our children will always be young, they will always be kids & babies to us. Do you have boys, girls, both or what? Let me know.

      And please start following my blog Alexandra so we can stay better in touch. Thanks again. =)

  6. cute leggings! love the fu look!

    1. Thanks Kelsey. I love both these pairs of leggings. I stopped by your awesome blog & follow it now.


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