Saturday is for Vivian - 3 Months Update and Lots of Photos.

Today on Saturday April 27th My Sweet Little Vivian is exactly 14 weeks old & last Friday on April 19th it was her 3-Month Birthday. All of the photos are from her Birthday, yes in two different outfits, one from the morning/afternoon & one from the evening. So bare with me but I truly hope the photos won't bore you. You will rather enjoy them! =)

Since my last 2-month update on her, Vivian has grown up a lot more. She has become a way better sleeper. Her bedtime is earlier, usually between 9.30 to 11.00 PM and she usually sleeps for 9-11 hours only with 2 breaks (for feeding, sometimes needs to be changed), sometimes even just one break and sometimes three times. The more Vivian sleeps, the more sleep I can get too, therefore the more relaxed I am to take care of her. She also sleeps more throughout the day. Her day sleep is still in short intervals usually 20-45 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour, but she takes several naps during the day. Now, she smiles a lot more as you can tell from the last times I have posted photos of her, too. She even laughs, she laughs making a noise (like a grown-up) sometimes, it is too cute. She is not afraid of being bathed in her bath-tub anymore. She rather enjoys it now, especially since I have added some rubber ducks & other rubber animals in there. She loves being outside & even if I take her out crying and such, as soon as I stroll her out, she feels the different change in the air & stops crying. Speaking of crying, yes she still cries quite a bit but not as much as before. She likes being in her stroller more now, too. She has started to react more to things, toys, moving objects, etc. Over the last week or so I have played different episodes of Tom & Jerry to her and while she doesn't understand them, she can definitely tell the movements & colors in them so I put her on the swinger and she enjoys some Cartoon time. And now I usually feed her every 2-3 hours, because when she was younger she would get crabby and I needed to feed her more often. She has gotten a lot stronger & she even talks (baby language) now. She also likes being talked to. It's if she understands us or something. As far as her growth stats, she didn't gain a lot this month, just a little over a pound, however she gained about 3.2 lbs. last month. This month she grew a lot more in height, close to 3 inches. Her eyes are still very Blue, they have started to get a Grayish undertone to them. And I must say (a Proud Mamma - very much so) everyone that sees her whether they know her or not compliments us on how BEAUTIFUL she is. Of course I have to agree, SHE IS ONE GORGEOUS LITTLE GIRL. We are Very Very Lucky, God has truly blessed both us & her! I am so proud to be her Mom!! Enjoy the Photos! =)

Her third Birthday Cake which says "Vivian Happy 3 Months".
The Most Beautiful Smile & the Most Kissable Cheeks.
Once again, here is that Pretty Smile again. It melts My Heart! I Adore it.
Aren't the two Photos above just Adorable? Vivian is surrounded by lots of Girls here where we reside. These girls are all neighbors of ours & they all love Vivian very much. My little Girl will have lots of Friends when she grows up. The two older girls are 9 & 5 years old. Their names are Sara & Stacy & they are sisters. The other Baby is 13 months old, little Ambra. I also love how all the girls (on coincidence) were dress-coordinated that day in their Skirts, Tops & Tights. =)
Her Proud Auntie (my Husband's Sister) who loves Her Niece Very Very Much.
Vivian's Outfits:
Magenta, Silk, Sleeveless, Puffy Dress: Okaidi.
Baby Pink, Long-Sleeve Onesie (under the Dress): Peter the Rabbit.
Baby Pink, Chiffon, "Hello Kitty", Bow, Ruched/Ruffled Headband: Disney.
Baby Pink, Stripped Rainbow Socks w/ Lace Trim: Carter's.
White & Pink, Bow-Tie "Happy Shoes": Gifted from a Girlfriend of mine.
White & Hot Pink Sneakers w/ Sparkly Laces: Gifted from a Cousin of My Husband.
Velvet, Orange, Lounging Loafers w/ Bear Heads in the front: Gifted from a Girfriend of mine.

Baby Pink Sweater w/ Embroided Lambs: Absorba.
Beige, Corduroy Skirt w/ Embellished & Sequined Flowers in the Front: Gifted from a Girlfriend of Mine.
Dark Red Leggings: Gymboree.
Big, White, Bow Pin: Made by Me.
White Socks w/ Coral Soles: Carter's.

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  1. Vivian is already a fashionista at 3 months old.. too cute! Not only she's adorable, she sounds like a cool baby too. Happy 3rd month, Vivian and congrats mommy!


    1. I try Mrs. C. Thanks. She is really easy to dress since she is already beautiful. She is a Good Baby for the most part. I love her to pieces.


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