Black and Brown with a Leopard Splash.

Hi there. I cannot believe that my Baby Girl is already 10 days old. She is a good baby for most of the part. I just wish she slept for longer intervals at a time. I think in all these 10 days, I have slept for 3 hours straight just once. But she is still very young - so it's normal. I love her so very much. She sure has changed my world. And in these 10 days I have been home in the comfort of pajamas, tees and sweats. Saturday is Vivian's doctor appointment (her second one; the first one was last week where the doctor came to visit her home - a service they offer in Albania for little babies), so on Saturday I actually plan on putting an outfit together for myself.

Until then, I still have some Maternity Outfits to show you, as I said, while I take a small break from Guest Posts. Thank You to everyone who has Guest Posted for me so far. I still have a few more scheduled and if any of you want to Guest Post, contact me via My E-Mail at Thanks Again. This outfit today is sort of dressy while still comfortable and I had to wear it to an appointment. The top is not Maternity but it has the shape just like a Maternity Top. And this Leopard Scarf is turning into a favorite of mine. Just simple Brown & Black but it works nevertheless. Throw away the rule of not to pair Brown & Black together. I don't really follow any "fashion rules" actually because I do NOT believe in any of them.

Brown, Comfortable Cotton, Baby-Doll Tunic: Terra Nova.
Maternity, Black Pencil Skirt: Liz Lange Maternity.
Leopard, Knit, Off-White & Brown, Fringe Scarf: Purchased on a Street Vendor in Tirana.
Cognac, Leather & Woven Belt (came with a pair of Pants): Koton.
Braided, Gold &Bronze Bracelets: Parfois (New).
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Dark Brown Leather Suede Purse: Old Navy.
Brown Puffy Coat w/ Faux Fur-Trimmed Hood: Weather Tamer.
Dark Brown, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

P.S. I am linking today's post with Shanna, Lindsey & & Savannah. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!


  1. I love your black and brown combo, and then throwing in leopard, awesome!

    The first few weeks are rough with a new baby getting into a routine, but obviously the little one is so worth it :) Heather

    1. I really like this outfit, too. It was a successful Maternity Outfit. =)

  2. I'm glad you all are doing so well! Miss Vivian will start to sleep longer as she gets older. It's hard work growing so fast, it'll tire her out eventually. ;)

    1. Thanks e Lot Megan and Vivian & I will always remember your beautiful drawing.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy. I wish she slept longer. I feel like she gets too tired.

  4. Love the scarf in the belt, so cute!


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