Week's Best Looks: January 20th 2013.

Aren't you glad it's Sunday? Well I am, because I get to post one of My Most Favorite Posts of the week - My Weekly Feature where I SING MY PRAISES TO YOU ALL!! I read a lot of blogs, I love a ton of outfits, I discover new bloggers and beautiful, stylish ladies every day so picking these outfits weekly is not easy. I pick what I consider THE BEST OF THE BEST, CREAM OF THE TOP!! So to all your ladies featured here on Sundays, you should consider yourself 3 things: Fashionista(s), 2) Stylishly Beautiful & 3) Privileged. You are more than welcome to link this post to your blog and let your readers know you have been featured. It is an Honor (for me) after all. =)

This week I am attracted to lots of Beautiful, Fun Skirts & Girly Getups, as you shall see. Patterns and Fun Florals are also what attracted me this week. I am also featuring some Colored Pants' Looks with softer, lighter colors. Waiting for Spring, everyone? Pattern-Mixing is also a part of this Selective, Stylish Bunch, as are Jewel Colors especially Blues & Purples - what caught my eye, this week. Even some beautiful, dressy clutches in the bunch. And check out the Two Gorgeous Pregnant Ladies, both due around the same time, in a couple of Months. Being (STILL) Pregnant Myself I always look for pretty-styled pregnant mommies. It is a good thing there are a ton of Maternity Clothes nowdays and a lot of it is quite cute. =) So, below I present you this Week's Top Looks.

This Week's Lovely Looks:
(From Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

Keely who is about to become a Mom real soon, mixes striped with florals while showing us her round Baby Belly.
Sam is kicking butt with her 30 for 30 Challenge. This Boucle Skirt paired with Chocolate Boots, an Over-size Sweater & Simple Gray Scarf was my favorite look of hers, this week.
Jenna is wearing Pastel Lilac Skinnies with a Beautiful Ivory Blouse & Gold Heels. I love her Baby Pink Vest & little Cross Pendant Necklace with it. Casual but Dressy.
Heather is also doing a Pastel Ensemble with Skinnies. She paired her Blush-Colored Pants with a Beige Turtleneck Sweater & Leopard Loafers. She looks effortless.
Sarah is wearing Peplum & Chambray by mixing a Dressy, Floral Jacquard Peplum Dress layering it with a Chambray Button-Down underneath it. Definitely a Unique Look but one that works.
Franziska layers an Ombre Coral Scarf over a Pretty Black+White Polka Dot Blouse with Skinny Black Jeans and Cap-Toe Beige & Black Ballet Flats. So stylish, yet so simple.
Jess' Purple Paisley Skirt stands out with the rest of the Black in her outfit. However she brings in another darker shade of Purple - Eggplant - in her Pretty Cardigan.
Kacie "coppied" this look from another famous blogger but she looked even more adorable. Everyone needs a pair of Cognac Boots, Stripped Black+White Skirt & a Military Blazer. She mixed all these 3 Versatile Pieces to create a Beautifully-Chic Outfit.
Kayla's Fun & Girly Turquoise/Teal Dress features Chevron - a Hot Print for the moment. She toughens it up with a Lather Jacket yet wears Cute Ballet Flats & a Statement Necklace.
Brittany - a Brand-New Mom is looking Chic in a Light Chambray with Mustard Colored Pants and some cute Leopard in the mix. If all new moms looked this Stylish!
Stephanie's Dress has cute little ducks in its print. She also toughened it up with her Leather Jacket but kept things Elegant with Black Pumps & a Black Oversize Tory Burch Clutch. And of course the Fur Snood adds an element of Fun!
Alissa celebrated her 22nd Birthday in a Fun Silver Sequined Skirt paired with a Cobalt Blue Blouse. Her legs look a mile long in Black Tights & Black Pumps.
Emily wears a Water-Color Short Skirt with a Black Top, a Trench-Style Blazer & Cognac Oxford Booties. Her Oversize Turquoise Clutch and Long Necklace picks up some of the colors in her skirt.
Tiffany always looks Sharp, Sophisticated & Confident as a Law Career Woman and as a Lady. The Kelly Green Pencil Skirt is smartly paired with Chic Black pieces & some Stripes.
Natalie wears Off-the-Moment Wedge Sneakers (in Bold Gold even) with Jeans, A Military Blazer & Plaid Buton-Up. She looks so put-together yet casual, but so adorable! Love her Cognac Over-the-Shoulded Purse, too.
Doranda is triumphing through her Pregnancy in a Stunning, Svelte, Ruched, Body-Conscious Dress that shows off Her Gorgeous Baby Bump. And look at those Platform Pumps!

And My Own Favorite Look:
This may seem safe and boring but I find it easy-peasy and pretty, just like Comfort Food. I love a Sweater Dress, especially one that fits nicely. And I love Gray.


  1. Awww thank you so much for including me, Ada! You found some really great styles....I'm especially a fan of Kacie's look. So ready to "meet" your baby girl! You look great as always...I'm always looking for pretty sweater dresses and yours is perfect!

  2. Thank you so much for including me and Kayla this week! My favorite look is Sam's outfit. I love her skirt! Heather

  3. Can't wait to "meet" the baby!!!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award, Ada! :]


  4. Love all of these looks - what a fun feature to have every week on your blog! Looking forward to following along.

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

  5. So many pretty looks! Did you get my guest post e-mail? Let me know how it looks. Can't wait to see that little baby!

  6. thank you for another shout-out!!! i love checking your blog out on sundays to see if i've made the cut!


    1. Haha you are funny. You have great style. Very Deserving.

  7. Oh my gosh!! I am truly SO grateful for you featuring me in this post!! I am so excited to share this with everyone- you are so sweet!! Thank you sooo much!! :-)

    XO Jenna

    1. You are welcome. I really liked that casual yet dressy pastel look. I am glad you are sharing.

  8. That you so much for featuring me in this post!



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