Friday, January 4, 2013

Charcoal Shirtdress layered with a Turtleneck.

Good Evening. Did you have a Good Friday? The first weekend of the year is upon us. I organized a bunch of my clothes today. I folded most sweaters and put them in my closet (they will be worn at least until April), I got out most of my cardigans and I also got out some tees and tops that I will wear later after my Pregnancy. I made ready my closet post-pregnancy let's say. I still have to do some more clothes organizing. We have a metallic, strolling big thing where you hang clothes too (like they do in stores) that we are closing off and putting away. Because that is the place where the baby's bed/crib is going to go. We only have a one-bedroom apartment so till we get another bigger apartment (probably after a year from now) we have to make do with the space we got. That is large city-living in Tirana, the capital of Albania. That is Europe living - I miss the space we had in USA. Space is a luxury here - a huge luxury. Sometimes I wonder where I fit/put all of my clothes. Thank God for plastic storage boxes & luggages.

This is the first time I unrolled the sleeves to this shirt-dress and let them hang down. To winterize the look and make it warmer, I added a thin turtleneck underneath it, to which I pinned a cute pearl/beaded brooch. Also my feet were kept warm with my faux fur-lined boots.

Comfortable, Cotton, Teal & Magenta Turtleneck: Calliope.
Black, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Dark Gray, Breezy, Empire-Waist Shirtdress: Calliope.
Multi-Colored Bobble and Beaded Brooch: Bijoutiful.
Leopard-Print, Navy, Beige & Brown Headband: Bijoux & Accessories.
Off-Black, Cozy, Leather Boots w/ Winter White Faux Fur Inside: Skechers.
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  1. Following back! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo

  2. My husband and I only share the one room. I use one of those roller racks too. I wouldn't have a closet without it! Space is a luxury no matter where you live. Love the layered look, hope you're doing alright!

    1. Well, in general space is a luxury but I also know of young couples who have 2000 square feet (or larger homes), with more than just one walking closet, storage closets, sheds, basements, etc. We are not one of them. The rolling rack was part of my closet. Now, just my actual closet is. I actually had to build a closet for our baby cause ours wasn't going to be enough for her, too.

  3. Space is a luxury( good reminder for me not to take it for granted!

  4. I love your shirtdress! I've been to Europe a few times...enough to know that you're right, space is a luxury! You look so beautiful and radiant, Ada..pregnancy suits you so very well. I hope you had an amazing Christmas! How special it must've been with your sweet baby girl safely snuggled in your belly :).

    1. Thanks. It has proven useful while pregnant. Yes, Europe is a place where space is truly limited - never take it for granted.


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