Christmas Home Decor 2013.

Merry Christmas Eve 2013!! I meant to post my Decor Post yesterday but I was so busy all day, cleaning, dusting, arranging, wrapping gifts and getting ready for Christmas. The day got out of my hands before I knew. This Tuesday I wanted to continue showing you another Holiday Look (like 1, 2, 3, 4.) but I decided to do that a little later this week or perhaps show you my last 2 Looks on Monday & Tuesday next week, since the one I had in mind for today I plan on wearing tomorrow for Christmas and I didn't really have the time to wear it, style it and take photos of it, earlier. Anyway, finally you get my Christmas Home Decor post, better late than never. Here are the Christmas Decor posts from Year 2012 and from Year 2011. Check them out. Each year looks quite different. =)

So let's start with The Christmas Tree and its Surroundings.
As you can tell from first look, it is not a Classic Tree. This is the 9th year that I decorate my own home (since I have been with my husband) and since this year we have the Baby I wanted a Colorful, Fun, Girly Tree. It is a Sweets+Desserts Tree and has Various Ornaments in many colors such as Red, Gold, White, Green, Silver, Purple, Baby Blue, Baby Pink & Fuchsia. Since we don't have a Mantle, next to the Tree there are 2 Stockings hanging. The big Red Santa one is for my Husband & I as a unit and the Pink one with the Bear & Duck is for Vivian: it says Baby's First Christmas and it has an Embroided V. Sometime in the next years we will get 3 Personalized Stocking, one for each of us. But I like hanging them by the Tree. They look sweet, there. What do you think?

Behind the Tree next to the Stockings, I put a couple of Red+White Picture Frames with Photos of Vivian with my Parents and my Brother. They may be far away but they are very close to my heart and they belong next to the tree. The Colors of the frames are definitely Christmasy like Peppermint Candy but they also match the overall decor & furniture of my living room.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Ornaments on the tree.
The Tree includes Ornaments such as: Peppermint Candy, Lollipops, Cupcakes, Wrapped Candy, Globes, Balls, Gingerbread Cookies, Christmas Trees, Bells, Snowmen, Stockings, Santas, Drums, Stars, Angels, Apples & Half Moons. There are Plastic & Glass Ornaments, Porcelain & Paper ones. There are sparkly ones with Glitter & Sequins as well as some non-sparkly ones.
The top of the Tree has most of Vivian's First Christmas + PersonalizedOrnaments such as the White Porcelain Shoes, the Pink Porcelain "Sugar & Spice" Dress, the Green+Pink Porcelain Wreath and the Silver+Red Frame with her photo inside. There are also 2 Snowmen that say Michigan, as a nod to my home far away from home. After all my whole family is there so a big part of my heart belongs in Michigan.

The Entertainment Area a.k.a. My Mantle.
Since we don't have a Mantle at home, I like to think/treat my Entertainment/TV area as one. This year I did it quite differently than last year. I added a Red Silk, Embroided Cover (there are 3 more of these throughout my living room) with a tree branch that had the Wood Pine Cones on it. I added the Red Poinsettia Flower and some Gold Pine Cone Ornaments as well as the Red Sparkly Apple+Pear branches to it. There are a couple more branches of Red Glitter apples on the side, more Family Pictures as well. On your Right side there are 2 Snow Globes. Unfortunately Vivian broke the Michigan one a while ago. On the Left side I have 2 Painted Glass Decorative Plates which I purchased in Vienna this Fall. It is actually a famous painting but cannot recall the name, now.
These Shelves are underneath the top part of the Entertainment Area, on each side of the TV. They each hold one of Vivian's Piggy Banks and I added a Bowl of Ornaments next to each one.

The Book Shelves a.k.a. My Mini Library.
I don't have a full photo of the Library area but it is 5 Bookshelves next to the Entertainment area on your left. Each shelf has a little bit of Christmas Spirit through it.
Here are some close-ups of the shelves. As you see I decorated with a lot of little Ball Ornaments in Jars and such. Those are my favorite ways to decorate around the home. They look sparkly and festive and do not take time at all. I mostly did Red+Gold. I have a lot of these tiny balls, perfect for Mason Jars and other Jars to put in.

The Rest of the Living Room.
The larger sofa & the armchair as well as the coffee table have those Red Silk Embroided Covers on them. On the table, one more jar filled with Ornaments and some (fake) tree branches and a couple of Candles to go with the Red+Gold touches throughout the Decor.
I thought this was whimsical & fun to put some (not all) of the rubber ducks+rubber fish collection of Vivian's on display with a Porcelain Swan Bowl in the middle filled with some Gold+Red Ornaments. But Vivian can reach there when she is on her walker so she broke the Swan. Actually it is my fault, I saw it coming. I am surprised she didn't break it sooner. LOL It looked cute while it lasted.

The Kitchen and Dining Room.
I know that is a Dresser in the Dining Room next to the Fridge but we live in a small place. We custom-built this Dresser for Vivian and it matches our other furniture in the Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen area. It is truly the only place in the house where we could fit this large dresser. I added a little Reindeer to the Middle Door's Knob. And of course the little dining table is decorated also.
A cozy, plaid throw blanket over one sofa.
The Refrigerator got some of Our Christmas Cards on the door. I had such a hard time choosing so I chose 5 different Christmas Card formats this year. The Middle one & the one on the Right are 2 of our own. The one on the Left (Red one) is one of My Best Friend's Christmas Card this year. They became parents to a Baby Boy on February 14th this year.

One Final Look. 
Besides little Gold+Red Ball Ornaments, I used some Reindeers & Poinsettia Flowers to decorate with. I have a few of these red porcelain little jars and stuck fake Poinsettias on them. The one covered in red aluminium foil is real.

Merry Christmas to you All!! 
(I will be back tomorrow for a Special Christmas Post.)


  1. Love your tree. I have to ask does the stuff on the heater get damage. Only asking b/c I'm afaird to put stuff on mine but I see people doing it all the time.

    1. I don't use the heaters. Those are gas heaters and we installed electric ones at home that we use. Gas is more costly and I am also afraid of it. So I wouldn't know. But, I would guess it would get damaged for sure.

  2. Christmas is such a busy time- there's always so much to do! Your home looks lovely and festive. :) Merry Christmas, Ada!


    1. Christmas is a very busy season, I agree. I am even finding a hard time blogging, this month.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments on my home and Merry Christmas Darling!

  3. Love all the festive touches all around your house! All the colorful ornaments on your tree are adorable! All the embroidered clothes you placed around are so pretty, too!

    1. Love the girly, sweets/candy tree. The embroidered cloths are beautiful & festive.


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