Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Post: Sherry of The Life of the Party.

Hello Ladies and Happy Hump Day. Tomorrow is Halloween, you got any plans? It is Vivian's very first Halloween. I sort of have a costume for her but you will wait to see her in it. But today I have my second Guest Post for this mini series of Guest Posts I am hosting this Fall, due to being busy and trying to squeeze as much time as possible with my brother and parents here in Michigan, before I leave. 

Today I have Beautiful, Tall, Blonde SHERRY of The Life of the Party. Her blog is about beautiful, warm, sunny Hawaii Style, Gorgeous Views, Palm Trees, Beauty, tips on Design, Fashion and such. She also hosts the Fashion Informant link-up usually either on Thursdays or Fridays. Take it over, Sherry.


Hello Elegance & Mommyhood readers and thank you to Ada for allowing me to guest-post today.

I'm Sherry of The Life of the Party and I've gotten to know the fabulous, inspiring and encouraging, Ada through my Fashion Informant linkup that I host each week and it's been an absolute pleasure.

I started The Life of the Party about five years ago as a way to document past parties and events for my family and close friends and over the last year it's morphed into a Fashion and Lifestyle blog. I'm glad I made the change because honestly, you can't have a party every day and I really wanted to establish a stronger connection with my readers and the new direction has allowed for this to happen.

My true fashion sense is mixing of high end items with low. I don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money to look good. The rules of my style are very simple; I regularly shop at Target and have found tons of great pieces over the years and I save and save for that perfect high end accessory, like a great statement necklace or fabulous handbag. Let's be honest those are the go-to pieces that go a long way. I also incorporate inspiration of others whether it be, accessories, shoes, handbags or mixing of patterns I normally wouldn't have considered.  I feel like that is what this Fashion Blogging world is all about, receiving inspiration, providing inspiration and just being supportive of women in general. 

Thank you so much Ada for inviting me to share your space today. I look forward to all of your fashionable ensembles and enjoy all of the photos of your sweet mini-me fashionista.


P.S. I am linking up with Lindsey, Shanna, Sarah, Alison and Kelly.


  1. Sherry is one of my favorite people in blog land. She's gorgeous, super sweet and I love her style! Thank you for your super sweet comments, Ada. I really appreciate how supportive you've been of my blog!

    1. Sherry is all of those things as are you. I look forward to both of your blogs and posts each day. You actually have similar blogs filled with lots of Fashion and great ideas on Beauty, Makeup, Shopping and more. It is my pleasure to support your blog, darling. =)

  2. Sherry has such fun style and does a great job of mixing low and high end items. Great post Sherry!

    1. She is great about high & low. She always looks divine!


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