Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I am Craving now from Old Navy: Shirts and Pants.

Last month I purchased a ton of cute things at Old Navy, mostly for me. I also purchased a shirt, a pair of shorts & a pair of jeans for my Husband and some cute Baby gear as well. I ended up buying many pairs of Shorts, Colored Bottoms, a V-neck Tee & a couple of Dresses. I have been meaning to post my Summer Shopping items in here but it has been an out-of-control Summer for me. I have bought way too much, though everything for a great deal. Anyway, while at Old Navy, I also acquired a bunch of coupons. They start today on September 12 and run for 6 days. I plan on doing some shopping for sure. Below is what I am currently craving from Old Navy. It is the perfect store for a Stay-at-Home Mom by the way. It has cute, trendy, chic & affordable pieces.

At $10 each, these are The Perfect Sweatshirts. 200% Cute & Chic. And I certainly don't have anything like them. I want all 6 of them but we will see. ;-)
These Fun Colored Sweatshirts are also cute. There are many nice Colors out there but ultimately if I bought any, I would settle for this Bright Lemon Yellow & this Teal Mint one. And they are also 10 bucks a piece.
The 4 perfect Button-down Shirts all on trend too: 2 Chambray Shirts, a Colorful Plaid & a Gorgeous Floral.
Some Skinny Jeans. I think the Teal & the Burgundy pair are perfect for Fall. I am also loving the Dark Indigo Floral Pair and the Small Dots/Bursts Blue Jeans.
I don't own any Boyfriend Jeans. I am loving these 2 Cropped pairs. Deconstructed Jeans in the perfect shade of Blue & a pair of Royal Blue ones (I love the color).
These Skinny Bright Pants can work for at least 3 seasons: Fall, Spring & Summer. I am loving the Polka Dot pair and I am on a Cobalt/Royal Blue kick this year. It is the IT COLOR for this Fall 2013, after all.
Last year I missed out on the Beautiful Sweaters printed with Animals on the front: such as the Fox Sweater. I do not want to miss out this year. I would love to get my hands on at least a couple of the Animal Sweaters. I am also loving that Geometric Print Royal Blue Cardigan, the Color-block Sweater (such Beautiful Soft Colors on it) & the Burgundy Sweater. I am all about Burgundy & Cobalt/Royal Blue this Fall. Most of these Sweaters are still 35 bucks each though, so I will have to wait these out.

Next week I will post what else I am craving from Old Navy. These are A TON of clothes already. Obviously, unless a lottery was won, I wouldn't buy all of these. A girl can dream, though and that is why this post falls under the Wishful Shopping label. But I'd definitely like to get at least some of them. I will keep you updated in what I get. =) What are you craving/wanting from Old Navy right now? Let me know.

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  1. Old Navy certainly has a lot of great things for fall. There is a black and white gingham button down I've been tracking there that I really like.

  2. Good picks. I was in there yesterday looking for the sweatshirt with the jewels on it and they didn't have any. That was the one thing I wanted. I guess I will have to go online. Old Navy has some great comfy and casual looks this fall.

  3. Old Navy has some great stuff right now. Loving all the fabulous sweatshirts!!!


  4. so many fun sweatshirts! i don't get to old navy enough...i need to go more often!

  5. Ada - I absolutely love that first sweater (I saw it in Old Navy the other day) and the floral jeans! Also, thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. I always enjoy reading them - you are too sweet! xo

  6. I really like the polka dot sweatshirt, so cute!

  7. There are a lot of cute sweaters at Old Navy right now!

  8. Great photos!

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx

  9. ohhh I like a ton of these things too!!! Great picks!

  10. Love the skinny jeans and the statement sweaters! Perfect for fall.
    your baby picts are adorable..those cheeks!


  11. Hi Ada! Love the ON picks! Thank you so much for linking up with What I'm Loving Fridays! Hope to see you back again!

    xo Lulu
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