The 6 Remix: Casual Mom, Summer Outfits.

Hello All & TGIF. I have been thinking about a post/feature like this for a while now. Back at the end of July, I had so much fun remixing 1 Piece in 7 Different Ways. I could have remixed that White, Sleeveless Button-down at least a dozen more times. You all enjoyed that post very much as you expressed through the many comments you left. So today, for the first time I bring you "The 6 Remix". Every month on the 6th I am going to remix my closet, according to the season that month falls on. I will either choose 6 articles of clothing (excluding Shoes or Accessories) that I will wear together into 6 outfits, or chose 1 item & remix it into 6 different outfits. You are more than Welcome to join me.

The 6 Remix: Casual  Mom, Summer Outfits.
(To make the collage bigger, just click on the picture, to see each outfit side by side)

I wanted to take advantage of the last days of Summer and do my first remix using Summer Pieces. I chose 3 Bottoms: 1 Pair of Mint Pants, 1 pair of Blue/Floral Pants & 1 Pair of Neon Plaid Shorts as well as 3 Tops: 1 Chambray Shirt, 1 V-Neck Tee, 1 Graphic Tee. I also didn't want to be too fussy and only chose 2 pairs of Shoes: 1 pair of Black Sandals, 1 pair of Neon Cap-Toe Flats. I added 2 Scarves in the mix, too. I also wanted to take advantage of all the new pieces I purchased this Summer, so excluding the Black Sandals, all the items you see here are brand-new. I bought them recently on huge Sale and they each cost about $10 or less.

I am now a stay-at-home Mom so I kept that in mind when putting together these Casual Mom, Summer Outfits. I would wear each of them when running errands or shopping with the baby. All of these Outfits were worn today. Then I edited all the photos. So I am sorry this post is later this Friday but I hope you like it. And I apologize ahead for the bad quality of photos. There was too much light I guess. I would have to pick a different location next time. Which are your Favorite Outfits and Why?

Below is a sneak-peek of each item in detail. And then you will get to see each outfit in detail. =)
White "Perfect V-Neck" Tee w/ Neon Green & Yellow Stripes: Gap (New).
Light Chambray Button-Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Meijer's (New).
Nude, Crew-neck Graphic Tee w/ Turquoise Print: Old Navy (New).
White & Turquoise, Leaf-Print, "Rock Star" Skinny Jeans: Old Navy (New).
Mint, Cotton Khaki Pants: Old Navy (New).
White & Neon Green, Geometric Plaid-Printed Shorts: Gap (New).
Rainbow Stripped, Linen-Blend, Frayed Scarf: Old Navy (New).
Heather Gray & Neon Green, Knit Cotton, Eternity Scarf: Gap (New).
Nude Canvas & Patent Leather, Neon Yellow Cap-Toe Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Sam & Libby (New).
Black, Faux Leather, Flower, Thong Sandals: Love Culture.

(not pictured above by part of the Outfits, are the 2 accessories below):
Nude/Coral, Sea-Pearl Necklace w/ Flat Beads: A Beach Vendor.
Stretchy, Silver Bracelts w/ tiny Different-Shaped, Pastel Beads: Avon.

1. Shades of Green and Yellow.
In this Outfit I wore the Mint Pants with the Stripped V-Neck. I added an Eternity, Neon Stripe Scarf. The Ballet Flats matched perfectly the Yellow Stripes of the Tee as well as the Scarf. Between all the Greens, Yellows & Neon Colors, every piece matches & mixes perfectly, here. 

2. Mint and Chambray.
In this Outfit my Mint Pants are paired with my New Chambray Shirt where the Sleeves are rolled up. The Black Sandals keep this look from feeling too Pastel.

3. Layered, Patterned, Textured.
In this Outfit I am wearing my Bright Blue, Floral Skinny Pants with the Chambray Shirt & the Rainbow Scarf. Between all the Colors, Patterns & my Flower Sandals I am loving this Textured Look overall. This would be perfect for September, right now.

4. Turquoise Floral and Graphic.
Here, the Floral Pants are paired with my Nude, Graphic-Print Tee. I love how the 2 Turquoise Shades play each-other from both the Tee & the Pants. This Outfit is both Neutral & Bright.

5. Geometry Graphic.
The Shorts, for the first Outfit are paired with the Graphic Tee which I half-tucked (tucked on the front, un-tucked on the back). I had to wear the Ballet Flats cause they match the Shorts perfectly. A very Simple but Cute Look.

6. Bright Shorts and Light Layers.
Last, the Short are layered with both the V-Neck Tee & the Chambray which serves like a Jacket or Cardigan, here.

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  1. Great remixes!!! Those floral pants are great!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

    1. Thanks Lena. I like all the Outfits. 1, 2 & 5 are My Favorites, I think. =)

  2. I love the versatility of a chambray shirt...I really like the alternative of wearing it open over a tee. I need to try that!

    Jess - J's Style

    1. I love it that way. It is worn casually but it serves as a Jacket or Cardigan.

  3. What a fun post!! Great outfits and I love how you've changed up the background or where you're taking photos!

    1. Thanks Noel. The Outfits came out nice. And I am now over my Parents' House so you are seeing their home on the photos, that's why it's a different background.

  4. this is an awesome idea, and well done you! whenever i think about doing a remix i totally chicken out lol!thanks so much for linking up to passion for fashion, hope you'll join us again on friday xx

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. I am glad it is getting a nice response and I will do it again. I plan to do it monthly. My pleasure stopping by. =)

  5. Love the six remix!! What a fun way to stretch the wardrobe and loving all the looks. Loving the graphic t and the neon shoes. Cute!

    1. Thanks so much Sherry. I am liking this challenge so far, also. I will link up again this Friday. =)

  6. I really like the printed shorts Ada - I have been seeing several garments i had not seen you wear before.

    1. Yes, these are all new pieces that is why you haven't seen them. Thanks a lot. =)


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