Flashback Friday: Blue Tops.

I have been wearing lots of Blue this week, and it wasn't planned. It just happened that way. Since it has been 2.5 months since I did this feature, I decided to bring you some looks from the past today, featuring Blue Tops. 2 of them are Simple, Casual, Girly Looks featuring Short Skirts, while the other 2 Looks feature Royal Blue Blouses paired with Pants, both of each are around the Holiday season, albeit during different years. What I am noticing from these 4 Outfits, I didn't wear a lot of Jewelry then, at least in these 4 particular Outfits I haven't. That is kind of strange because I have always owned and worn a lot of Jewelry. And what I like about this feature is looking back at Fashions from the past, brands I wore (most of which I still wear) and all the Hair Colors & Styles I have kept. What do you think? Which of these 4 looks do you like most? Let me know. =)

Wishing you all a Fantastic, Super Fun Labor Day Weekend!!

Light Blue/Turquoise, Ruffled, Cotton Tank Top: Express.
Lavender/Green, Small Floral Printed, Stretchy Poplin Mini Skirt: American Eagle.
Dainty, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Real Diamond Heart Pendant: Lord & Taylor.
Silver, Patent Leather, Lace-Up, Gladiator Sandals: Wet Seal.
When: June 2009.
Where: In front of our Apartment in Michigan, before a Lunch Date with Hubby.

Royal Blue, Silk, Military-Style, Button-Down Shirt w/ Rolled Sleeves: Express.
Dark Blue "Dirt Wash", Boot-cut Jeans: Express.
Chocolate Brown, Ruched, Flat Boots: DSW.
When: December 2009, around Christmas time.
Where: Our Home in Michigan, (not the apartment, we moved to a House in August).

Turquoise, Silk, Tulle-Trimmed, Girly Camisole: Wet Seal.
Mint, Flirty, Blue Floral, Chiffon Skirt w/ Ruffled Hem: The Limited.
Silver Necklace w/ Baby Blue, Pyramid, Rhinestones hanging: Express.
Turquoise, Cobalt, Green & Yellow, Stripped, Bow, Slide Sandals: Mervyn's California.
When: August 2007 (I had just cut my hair).
Where: Our Apartment's Balcony in Michigan (before going out for Dinner & Drinks with Husband & Friends).

Royal Blue, Silk, Wrap-style, Long-Sleeve Blouse: The Limited.
Black Satin, Dressy, Boot-cut Pants: Old Navy.
Olive Green, Pointy Toe, Wedge Boots w/Studs on the Wedge: Purchased in Albania.
When: January 2008.
Where: Our Apartment's Living Room in Michigan (before going for a Girls Nights Out with a couple of Friends).

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  1. Cobalt blue looks greats on you! My favorite is the second picture...love that top!

    Jess - J's Style

  2. You look great in blue, I especially like the deep blues in pictures 2 and 4.

  3. You look great in blue, I especially like the deep blues in pictures 2 and 4.

  4. Super fun looks - I love all the blues on you.

    1. Thanks Londyn. You too look great in Bright Blues and Cobalt. =)

  5. Ooh, I love the photo of you with short hair - what a pretty style on you!! I agree with Inge - I love the dark blues on you. The shade is really deep and rich - so lovely!


    1. I love a cute, little bob. But right now I am liking my hair long and all the sock bun options. ;-)

      I am loving Blue this year, especially lately. Cobalt calls my name all the time.

  6. Love your blue top retrospective. Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite


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