Nice to "Meet & Greet" INGE.

So, I am always coming up with ideas on what to add to My Life & Style Blog to make it more interesting to all of you. Since my blog is newer & small, I figured I should honor bloggers just like myself, who have only been blogging since 2012. Technically I joined Blogger in 2010, but really I didn't start it until January of last year. 2012 was the year I really started to blog & found time for this little Blog of mine. It is a passion & leisure-time activity but a Great Hobby. I love to Write after all & I especially Love Fashion & Shopping. So, about 3 times per month, either Wednesdays or Thursdays, I will be introducing you all to New Bloggers who like what they do. I even created a button for this feature & everything. =) That is because I AM PASSIONATE about starting this new endeavor. If you want to be part of this Special Feature let me know in the comments or E-Mail me at ada.furxhi(AT) The questions below are the same for everyone so you are more than welcome to grab the questions, answer them & prepare your post. And, the in invitation is extended to bloggers who are not Style & Fashion bloggers. However, make sure you Follow My Blog and let's support each-other intro growing all of our blogs and showing the Blogging Community, what our Blogs are about. =) And by the way, your blog could be about Food, Photography, DIY, Shopping, Interior Design, whatever. It doesn't have to be a Style Blog.

I wanted to start off this feature with a girl named INGE whose Blog is linked below in her answers. I wanted to welcome Inge first because she has only been blogging for a few months & her blog is still very little, but she is as real as can be. She is true to her self & her style, in her teaching profession. For more on Inge read the interview below. Thank you Inge for the time & dedication you took to answer the interview questions. It is My Pleasure to have you GRACE MY BLOG today. So here it is My 1st Official "Meet & Greet". Enjoy!!

Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences.
Hi, I'm Inge (pronounced Inga) and I blog over on This Ever Evolving Life.  I'm a middle school special education teacher living in central Pennsylvania with my boyfriend, Jim.  My blog focuses on my personal style while I try to figure out just what that is, exactly.  I also include some lifestyle things and share a recipe or two (actually, no, just one so far haha).

Why did you start your blog & when did you start it? Why did you name your blog the way you have? 
I started This Ever Evolving Life on January 1st of 2013 because I'd decided to set goals instead of resolutions this year.  I wanted to focus on making purposeful decisions with my style plus I'd been following style blogs for a few months and wanted to jump in on the fun!  Choosing a blog name is hard, you guys!  I decided on this wordy names because I felt like it really fits my outlook on life (at least as it is right now).  I want to always be working towards becoming "me," though I think what that means exactly will always be redefined as life goes on.

What is your Every day Work Dress Code? 
Because I'm a teacher, there is a dress code but it's pretty relaxed.  You'll see work looks on my blog that range from chinos with a long sleeve tee, to skirts, dresses, and blazers. 

What Colors do you incorporate more in your wardrobe & which ones do you stay away from and why? 
I've recently been all about pink, which is a major change for me since I used to purposefully avoid the color.  I'm still not sure I can pull off too much orange or yellow because of my skin tone and hair color, though I've been playing around with pops of neon yellow and really like it!

What are some of your favorite accessories & how do you use/wear them? 
I've always been about necklaces, though I'm only just now getting more into statement necklaces, they can really change the entire feel of an outfit without a lot of effort!  I've only just recently discovered the same is true for scarves and I love how much fun you can have with color and prints with a scarf.

What is currently missing from your closet or what do you like to add to your closet & why? 
I've recently been thinking about summer (who hasn't, right?) and I know that I don't have very many great pieces for the warmer months.  I have a lot of plain tanks and tees but would like to add some more fun colors and prints to my short-sleeve and sleeveless tops for the summer.

Do you have a Monthly Budget, if so, how much is it?  Since September of 2012 (before I started blogging) I started to keep a record of my monthly purchases.  My budget is $150 per month. On occasion I'll make exceptions and won't even include it in my budget, like a dress for a special occasion or the new swimsuit I'm currently searching for.  I know that sometimes I need to go over my budget  a little in order to get a good quality piece.  But even for those individual pieces I try to set a reasonable limit for what I'd be willing to pay and put a lot of thought into the purchase.

What are some of your most favorite stores or brands, including shoes? 
You'll see that I wear a lot of clothes from Target, Old Navy, Gap outlet, and Loft outlet.  I will always do a pass through Forever 21 to see if I can get lucky.  I also like New York and Company or the Limited if I'm looking for something specifically for work.  For shoes, I like Famous Footwear but we recently had a DSW open nearby so that might become a new favorite!

What have you yet not done in your blog but you want to?
I really would like to include more recipes and diy projects.  I'm hoping to do some more of that in the summer when I have more time.  I haven't been feeling all that creative lately, but I do have to get dressed everyday so most of my posts have been about what I wear.  I've also been playing around with developing a blog schedule for myself.

How do you work into growing your blog? 
Right now, I realize that my blog is "young."  I visit and comment on other blogs and participate in quite a few link-ups throughout the week.  I've also done a few button swaps.  I'm enjoying the blogging community and working on building my blog to get it to where I'd like it to be. 

Below include 7-8 different outfits you have worn so far that you have loved & give some quick explanations for each.
These are some of my work outfits that I have loved.  I am really much more comfortable in pants than skirts but I've been working on it.  In the first and fourth outfits I stayed neutral with a pop of color (love these red shoes!).  And with the skirts in the middle, I love the bold colors and additions of patterns. (original posts 1/2/3/4)
I really love dressing more casually, which is why I've been working harder on my work style, because it's more difficult for me.  These casual looks are some of my favorites.  Again, you'll see more subdued outfits with fun pops of color as well as patterned tops. I love the bright flats in the first and last photos, my "nerdy lumberjack" look is one of my favorites because of it's simplicity, and my thrifted utility jacket looks great with some pattern mixing. (original posts 5/6/7/8)

What is one last thing you want to say to anyone who reads this?
First of all, thanks to Ada for featuring me!  I love "meeting" people through blogging and starting my blog has been so much fun, more than I was expecting.  I think it's amazing how supportive everyone is towards each other (from what I've experienced at least).  As a newer blogger, I'm also open to advice, suggestions, whatever! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you'll consider visiting me on This Ever Evolving Life!


  1. what a fun feature and I love Inge's blog! She is very sweet and I commend that she is a teacher. One of the hardest jobs out there (right next to being a mom)! Heather

    1. Thanks for liking the feature. I still think that being a Mom is the hardest, Most Challenging Job but the best one out there. Teachers are a close second. I commend her for it, also.

  2. Love Inge's blog, and what a great first feature! I really like all the looked she showed and I Lviv how cute she is when she's casual, I don't feel like I ave that skill...

  3. Great post Ada. so nice of you to feature Inge. I have added her blog to my bookmark. Love her style.

    Dont' forget about my link up today and enter my stella & dot giveaway.


    1. Thanks Agi. You can join the feature if you qualify. Thanks again.

  4. Aww, love Inge! Such a good feature on her + her blog. :)


    1. I know. She is a Great Girl with a Great Sense of Style. Thanks Ashley.

  5. What a great idea Ada , i will be checking Inge's blog -
    hugs from Switzerland.

    1. WOW you are in Switzerland - you are now closer to me than ever before. Gosh I envy your job. LOL

      Miss You. <3 Ada.


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